Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan changes her name to Antra

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says how can I leave you. Where does she come with such things? Guddan says you think a lot. She got her stubbornness from you. Calm down and drink water. AJ says how do you even put up with all this? Guddan says because I know you love me. AJ says she doesn’t understand no matter what I do. I only see hate in her eyes. I feel like a failure. Guddan says your eyes have a love for her only. This time will pass. Alisha will see and accept your love. He says I can’t wait this long. Guddan says we can give her Antra. AJ says she has passed away. Guddan says I have an idea.

Durga sits with Alisha. Alisha says you’re here for a lecture too? Durga says I have something for you. Alisha says is this from AJ’s childhood. Durga says I hated Guddan like you. But then I saw her reality. How she cared about this family. Alisha Antra is my mom only. Durga says Antra wasn’t what you think. She was such a.. Alisha throttles her. She says don’t dare to say a word against my mom. Durga says are you crazy? Alisha says my time won’t move until Guddan is here. She throws the watch in the pool.

Guddan calls everyone for Arti. Alisha says stop it. What is happening here? Guddan says we are doing what you wanted. Read this paper. Alisah reads the paper. She says what is it? Guddan says my name is Antra from now. We have taken legal permissions to change my name. Now we are doing a naming ceremony for you. I will become Antra. AJ says Guddan is even ready to sacrifice her name for you. Alisha says did I ask her? Stop it. She throws water on pooja. Alisha says don’t try to be my mom. You can never be Antra. Alisha shoves Guddan. Dadi slaps Alisha. Dadi says you crossed all limits. I wanted to love you with these hands. AJ can’t leave either of you. Guddan never insulted you. She decided to take up the name that ruined her life. Your heart is full of hate. Antra created this hate. You are our daughter. When kids make a mistake, they are punished. We can’t ignore and let you go on wrong path. Guddan is my DIL and AJ’s wife. You can’t insult her. Alisha leaves.

Revati says Perv, I was thinking you should take this ice to Alisha. Perv says are you crazy? She is AJ’s daughter. Revati says do what I ask. Perv says I can’t do this. Revati says you fooled me. Go fool Alisha too. He says what we get? Revati says Guddan would be really angry. Go now. Go give her a shoulder to cry on. She should fall for you. Saru says do you think this would work Revati? Revati says AJ and Guddan would die when they see Alisha with Perv. Saru says this Revati is such an evil. Daughter on one side and sister on one.

Perv comes to Alisa. He says take this ice. It would heal you. Alisha says get lost. Perv says you are just like Antra. I know you want to take revenge. You are suffering like I am. They misbehave with me too. He ices Alisha’s face. She says trying to trap me? He says no, just to heal you.
AJ puts medicine on Guddan’s bruise. AJ says why do you tolerate all this? Guddan says it is difficult for her to accept me as a mother. I felt the same way when I had stepmom. But this word creates the difference. One day Alisha will love me like her real mom. AJ says but she gives you pain. Guddan says there is so much work left. AJ says I can help you. AJ picks her up and says where do you want to go? She says wherever you take me. Guddan says are you happy? He says a moment with you is happier than years without you Guddan.
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Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Whoever wrote this story seems to be allergic to the romantic scenes between the two protagonists, always a few minutes to then plunge us into the hatred of the antagonists, let us dream a moment with AJ and Guddan Uffa!!

  2. Yes, Elisa, writers in India don’t know what happiness is.. ..
    I would prefer seeing them deal with parenthood from scratch, but at this rate…..Guddan is never going to know what it is like to have her own child! So once a year they get intimate?? only when they away from home, because Dadi and Laxmi is forever interrupting them. Also the female lead always leaves and returns after giving birth….

    As for Guddan changing her name to Antara! What a stupid sacrifice to make….that b*t*h tortured her for months, killed Angad…..really thank you Dadi for slapping that brat!!

  3. This track with Alisha should end brining a good serial down why didn’t antara reveal there is a daughter when she tried every trick to stay at jindal house even pretending to be pregnant highly …… Hope she turns out to be fake planted by Saru

  4. Imagine having a step-daughter you own age.

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