Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: The woman was AJ’s brother

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ recalls what Guddan said. Perv says you are two steps ahead of me. I thought you re home person but see. Let me take your blessings. AJ is angry. Perv says don’t be angry. Not much difference between you and me. You have such young and beautiful wife still have other women.

Guddan lits candle on Antra’s photo. She says you are ggreat that you spent so many years with AJ. Please help me understand whats’s going on. AJ comes to his room. He takes something from closet and leaves.

AJ gives money to the woman he brought home. He says give this money to her. Guddan overhears. She says I knew this was no that woman.
Guddan follows that girl. She comes to a place. Guddan sees her giving injection to the woman Guddan says what is happening.

She tries to open the door. Guddan comes in.

Scene 2
Dadi is doing pooja with DILs. Dadi says God I hope everything is like it used to be. Guddan says Go heard you dadi. Dadi says who si she? She says we will all know but I want AJ to be here. She says AJ come and see here who’s here. She is the one I saw you with. AJ says enough of spying. Guddan says I did what I should have. Weren’t you with her? Guddan takes off her veil. Everyone is dazed. Guddan says tell us who is she. Why would you meet her in secret? You always say truth. He says this says this is my brother Angat. Dadi is in tears. AJ hugs Angat.

He is dressed like a woman. Everyone is confused. He says who changed my clothes? I must have done something. I am only normal until i am on meds. I try to act normal but I always do wrong. AJ hugs him and says I am with you don’t worry. Come rest. He takes Angat to room.
AJ says this is your new room. Rest here. Your brother is always with you.

Guddan says dadi is that your son? She says yes. Durga says why didn’t we know about him? We only knew he is dead. DAdi says he lost his mental balance. He lost his love he lost mental balance. Dadi says because of the same reason antra was dead. AJ comes and says no he has no hand n Antra’s death. I have tried hiding him from everyone. But Guddan you.. You have to act like a spy all the time. Dadi says can’t we keep him home? AJ says doctor said we can’t keep him with people. I can be dangerous. No one should be seen around his room specially Guddan.
Dadi says I will always have to live away from him. We can’t let him stay here in this house.

Precap-Angat hits the daughter in laws and Guddan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks for the update atiba
    So finally secret is revealed
    This perv will never change he is getting used to get beaten by Aj…

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Now one truth is out, second will be antra death and in process saru and perv truth and finally Angad will fall in love with Guddan… 😐😐😐😐
    Why I have a feeling that Angad even fell in love with antra (though she was his bhabhi and antra always loved akshat) and due to jealousy angad got killed antra and act as mad, as he doesn’t seem like he is mad….

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Since this is a hindi show it will surely happen, love triangle between a girl and two brothers 😕 but if this show doesn’t show a love triangle then i will say this is indeed a unique show. I really wish Angad n Guddan will have just a devar bhabi bond. Most of the shows r so offensive to devar bhabi bond. Like why does both the brother have to freaking fall for the same girl!
      I don’t understand one thing. According to initial episodes Antra died 15 years back, but in this episode it is showing 12 years back. It’s kinda confusing.

  3. Yes Shraddha maybe you’re right.

  4. Precap:Angad strangles Saru. Durga comes to defend and gets strangled against wall too.He taunts them if she will betray him(I guess he refers to females as he was betrayed by a girl)
    People from mental hospital/asylum come and drag Angad to take him away.Daadi is crying inconsolably, Durga is stopping Daadi😡. Angad struggles to free himself and asking them to leave him, calls bhai(Akshat)
    Guddan comes from back and asks the men to stop.

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Good twist tho! Glad this ghoongat lady isnt either Antra or Akshat having an extra martial affair it would been so typical then. If there wasn’t spoilers for this show would have made a shocking twist. I hope AJ’s brother is just innocent n mentally unstable. Not a psycho. This show already has too many psychos. I dont want this Angad guy to fall for Guddan, will spoil this show entirely

  6. Yes guy’s you are right. I hope that this show has no triangle love and I hope that this writer shall learn us good things and how it use to be in a marriage life

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