Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Antra gives AJ poison

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan wears her earring and gets ready. AJ texts I am waiting for you outside. See you soon.
Antra boils milk. Dadi comes and says you could have burned your hands. She says life gave me enough burns. Antra says ma are you mad at me for that night? Dadi says you are my daughter. How can I be mad at you. Antra says can I cook for AJ and everyone before I leave? Dadi says you have right on this house Guddan took your place but you still are part of this house. You can do what you want.
Antra asks Durga did you do what I asked? Durga says are you sure? She says yes I am sure. I will ruin their love story. If nothing is left, how would she take my place.

Guddan comes to the decorated balcony. AJ says you have become my weakness. I am so scared to lose you.

AJ reads you taught me how to fought. You are my strength. Guddan reads hi other note, you always read my heart. You always know what’s in my heart. Your wiseness is my strength. Guddan says I know the drama you do to pretend to be strict. but I have seen the innocent kid in you. Guddan reads, I love it when you get mad. AJ reads, you alwasy fix my mood. I love it. Guddan reads, your niceness makes me love you. I really like you. AJ reads, I really like you too AJ. They both smile. They both come in room. Lights turn on and it says I love you. AJ takes off the curtain and reads I love you written. AJ comes to Guddan. Guddan hugs him.

AJ and Guddan come downstairs. Everyone smiles. Laxmi hugs Guddan. Antra says I made the food for everyone. First time I should cook for you all. Guddan says first and last time. Antra says I made kheer that AJ loves too. Guddan says let me help Antra. Guddan comes to kitchen adn sees ANtra adding poison to the food. Antra says this would be the last time. They will all die with my right. Antra doesn’t know guddan is standing behind.

Antra serves the kheer to everyoen. guddan says you made such good kheer. You must be very tired. Let me serve everyone. Come you eat too. Antra says let me get pickle. Guddan says let me help her find it. Guddan says to Antra you can’t fool me again. I know how you are. I can’t trust you again. You tried well but some people never learn. I saw you and saw what you mixed in the kheer. There was nothing in the bottle. Then I tasted it. You thought I would create drama and come off as a liar. Antra says you are not as smart. You were seeing me and I was seeing you. You couldn’t see the bowl that had the poison. It is in AJ”s hand. Guddan says you are lying. Antra says if AJ couldn’t be mine, he won’t be yours. I will destroy everything. Guddan runs and stops AJ from eating the kheer. AJ says what happened? Guddan says it is poisoned. She wants to kill you. ANtra says how can you say that? You know AJ I can never harm you. Everyone had kheer. Guddan says you said you mixed poison in it. ANtra says okay Guddan is right. I mixed poison, let me eat it. She eats it. Antra fains. AJ says antra.. Guddan says call the doctor.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what does the writer do with this serial. it started so nicely and now it is not going in the right direction with the show.but can anyone tell me if this is really life in india.

  2. I rlly dot kw wat did flim is Turning 2 I hp d writer will nt twist d flim 2 sumtyn


    Kya tha aur kya hogaya.. very disappointing Guddan tumse na hopayega is now a bakwas show looks like writers aren’t convinced to end the track soon.. Antara is cunning witch and Guddan thought she changed.. But she will soon say she is pregnant.. Guddan might even leave for delhi and all this convincing..

  4. I don’t understand these writers…This whole series is about Guddan being the youngest saas, then how can they send her packing to Delhi? Utter bakwaas!!! They might as well end the series…..because even Akshat is working on my nerves!! As much as what I want to see him and Guddan remain happily married, he definitely don’t deserve her!! If and when this Antara crap ends, Guddan should not easily forgive him or Dadi for not trusting her or helping her….it took Rawat less time to believe Guddan and help her, while AJ who supposedly loves Guddan can’t and won’t. It is as if he wants to marry that b*t*h..I’m am so #&@ mad at this show now…..

  5. Just saw latest promo… the 19th July Guddan fans is going to be heartbroken… that COWARD AJ is going to take the engagement ring from Guddan and put it on Antara’s finger……

  6. Yes But even I saw d this promo. It seems there’s gonna be a separation track in which AJ will marry Antara n Guddan will leave Jindal house n Indore n move to Delhi . There is gonna be a baby aswel ind show. Now I have lost complete hope of going back to watch this serial. I had decided that I will start watching it after Antara’s track gets over. But alas that is not to be.

  7. But on Instagram some fans r saying that it cud be AJ n Guddan’s plan. AJ somehow has got wind of Antara’s evil intentions. They will pretend to fight n AJ will lick Guddan out of Jindal Bhavan n ask for divorce. Guddan on d other hand say that she will sign divorce papers if AJ gives her all d property n wealth. To which AJ will agree. But Antara will not like that n she will eventually reveal her true colors as she was doing all this for AJ’s property. Don’t know if this is true but hoping for it.

  8. I really hope it is an act, if not who will have baby? Unless Antara came to Jindal house pregnant…because we know Akshat did nothing to her…I’m hoping Rawat finds out what she has been up to for the last 15 years….I’m sure she got married and has a husband hiding somewhere in her past. He must be careful that she does not kill him for helping Guddan…She is mad enough to do so…This would be my preferred storyline…on the wedding day as Akshat and Antara gets ready to do their rounds, the door opens, wind blows and Guddan walks in with Antara’s husband and child….(Rawat is in hospital after Antara tried to have him killed, but he manages to give Guddan a copy of the pen drive that Durga stole). Everyone is shocked to see Guddan esp after Akshat had thrown her out of the house 2days earlier…Antara more so when she sees her husband with Guddan. All is revealed as Guddan plays the pen drive and Antara’s husband confirms that he is still married to Antara and that she left him 2 months ago….Akshat throws wedding shawl into fire, and slaps Antara. The police handcuffs Antara…..Durga starts worrying about herself and she and Antara start blaming each other…Dadi slaps Durga, Kishore turns his back to Durga nd walks away…Guddan in the meantime goes upstairs and stands in front of her mother’s picture where she bursts into tears and cries uncontrollably as she recalls all that has happened to her since Antara’ s return. She takes her mother’s picture off the wall and slowly walks down the stairs….ignoring everyone, she walks out the door without looking back. Dadi call out to Guddan…….but she is gone. Akshat falls to his knees …….

    That should fill one episode….

    1. @Nur Ahmed…you did a better job than the show’s writers!

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