Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th December 2018 Written Episode Update: AJ brings Guddan’s mangalsutra back

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan is tying noose on fan and says I cant even do it. Dadi comes there and screams, Guddan falls down. Dadi says why are you doing it? I will give keys to you, dont do it. Guddan says you are wrong, I was so happy to give keys, I was making swing using this rope. Dadi asks where is here jewelry and mangalsutra? Guddan recalls how she sold it and thinks I cant tell her. Guddan says I saw Antara’s painting in market, man said that he is ill and wants money for his family so I gave him jewelry to get it. Dadi says you gave mangalsutra? Guddan says man wanted to gift mangalsutra to his wife otherwise she would leave him so I gave my mangalsutra to him, I did the right thing? She leaves. Dadi says she lies to hide her pain.

AJ smiles at Antara’s picture.

Dadi comes there and says you see loneliness of house but dont you see empty hands of Guddan? She gave her everything to bring this picture. AJ says I will bring another mangalsutra, its nothing. Dadi says I cant bear my daughter in law to remain without mangalsutra, dont know why she had to give it, you cant see anything infront of Antara’s photo, you care for it but think about living person too as she is your wife, Dadi leaves. AJ looks on.

Parv comes to room and says its great that you are here love, show your face. Kuashalia takes off blanket and says you cant meet her till you get married. Parv says I was just joking. Kaushalia says if you try to do anything with my daughter before marriage then I wont spare you, she leaves. Parv says just see how I will make her mine even before marriage.

Guddan is starting pooja but Dadi says you dont have mangalsutra but you are married, its not right, I will do it. She is about to light diya but AJ comes there with mangalsutra and says its needed right? He gives it to Guddan. Dadi says you brought it. AJ says I brought other things too. He calls police with jeweler who blackmailed Guddan for photo. AJ says Guddan was wrong, this man buys things that are stolen, he bought all our things. He says now he will tell who sold all our things to him. He looks at Saru but she hints him to remain silent. Seller says we just buy everything. AJ says how dare you ask for a mangalsutra from a woman? Durga says its about our respect and now I am handling house so.. AJ says it all happened with Guddan so she will punish him. Guddan says you are right, he insulted me so I will punish him, become hen. AJ says give him strict punishment so he learns his lesson. Guddan says you are right, he thinks its just a jewelry but its my identity, you made me strip of it so take off your clothes and then you will realize how it feels, all are shocked, AJ says start. Man takes off his clothes and is about to take off his shorts but Guddan says stop, he says sorry, police takes him away. Guddan smiles at mangalsutra.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Precap: Akshat refuses to tie Mangalsutra around Gudden neck, Durga bring Gudden sorry notes and ask her write Gudden Tumse na Ho paayega…

    1. After soooo long time, lakeerein song played hua????

    2. Bhool na jana dur na jana music too, after long time…???

    3. Saraswati trusted Parv????????????, the most untrusted person???????????

    4. Though Akshat always stood for wrong, but slowly he is siding Gudden as well, he is realising Gudden presence in his life…

    5. I hope before Gudden, Akshat should realise his love for Gudden?????

    6. Punishment was funny as well as embrassing??????, but Gudden taught that man a good lesson??

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Atiba plz update shows fast, and if you are busy let other team members do it… As you update tooo late almost next day

  3. Ooshi

    I doesn’t even know that it released on 15 too by the way thanks for the updates Atiba.

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