Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan and AJ confess their love

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says come let’s become friends. The kids run. Guddan cries. The kids comes to her and see if she’s fine. The kids ask why are you crying? Guddan says don’t I have a heart? I took so much care of myself to become an actress. The kids say don’t like. Guddan says let me show you my talents. She reads some dialogues. The kids say act like Amitabh Bachan.

They say okay but you can’t be Sunny Deol. Guddan says I can be. The kids say why do AJ call you witch then? Guddan says he is a bad man. The kids say he isn’t. He is our parents. He gets us toys and everything. This is his NGO. He spends days and nightswith us. Guddan recalls dadi saying she doesn’t know where AJ spends her day. AJ says what are you doing here? The kids say Guddan auntie is very nice. Guddan says I am going. AJ says you’re kidnapped here. The kids say if you want to catch her catch her with blindfold. AJ blindfolds and looks for Guddan. He holds her. A girl says is she your girlfriend?

Kaushaliya says how can AJ abduct Guddan. Revati says she is safe with him don’t worry. Kaushaliya says he’s drunk all the time. Rvati says she has no harm from him. Bhushan slaps her nd says don’t you remember how he kicked her out and didn’t even ask if she is alive. Guddan was brave and moved on. This is more than enough. AJ can’t always do what he likes.
AJ says this is all because of you. Guddan says it’s your NGO. It’s not my fault if the kids are teasing you. Guddan says this is your NGO. AJ says you have to act like my GF now in front of them. Guddan says what do you like about me? AJ says there’s nothing bad about you. Guddan says you have specified. AJ says this isn’t a restaurant meny. The kids say they are so boring. AJ it’s Valentine’s day. If you love us, talk about romantic things. AJ says I can’t. The girl says don’t you love us? AJ says I do. But before saying anything I want Guddan to wear headphones. The kids say why. A kid says Guddan please wear them. AJ is stubborn. They get Guddan headphones.

“AJ says what I said was right. I love everything about you. I like Guddan as a whole. I had never seen a girl like her. Your face enlightens my day. You weren’t part of my life, you were my life. Then you left me. I felt like my life stopped. I was so heartbroken. There was nothing more painful. I can’t tolerate this pain anymore. I can’t stay in the house I used to live with you in. Everything was over in my life. I don’t like to meet anyone. I don’t even like to cook now. You took my life with you. I like you. He says take off the headphones.

The kids ask Guddan to say things. Guddan says he has to wear headphones now. Guddan says for people he’s angry, punctual AJ. For me he was my Jindal. She recalls her moments with AJ. Guddan says I thought I would see you after four years and ask you so many questions. But I ran out of words. When I went away from you, nothing was the same except for your love for me. I couldn’t be strong like you. I have cried a lot for you in these four years. It wasn’t easy at all. Your love kept me strong. The kids say you both acted very well. It was fun. ”

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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