Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: AJ gives Guddan 48 hours

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says I will never leave your hand. I can’t wait to take you home. We will punish that Vikrant. That house is empty without you. Guddan says in heart I can’t let an innocent suffer because of Alisha.
Guddan and AJ come home. AJ says thank God my Guddan came back home. She does her arti. Kishor throws the arti on the floor. He says because of Guddan Durga and my child are in jail. AJ says shut up. Guddan is my wife. Kishor says and Durga is my wife. Your criminal friend is still here because Guddan is supporting him? You know Alisha was wrong too. Punish everyone, why my wife only? AJ says I know what are you going through. Vikrant is here because Guddan was with him. But now Guddan knows the truth. Tell him Guddan. He is a criminal and can’t live here. Guddan says no AJ. I am still with virkan’s truth. Alisha is wrong here and Vikrant wont’ suffer because of her lie. I got Durga punished because she was wrong there. AJ says you have 48 hours to prove that he is innocent. Guddan says okay in next 48 hours I will prove his innocence.

Dadi gives Alisha a locket and says this for your protection. Thank God AJ and Guddan were there with you. Guddan saved you. AJ says she is safe till I am here. Alisha says thank you. AJ says thank Guddan, she risked her life to save you. She didn’t even wait for a moment to find you. Alisha says she saves me on one side and is with Vikrant on the other side? Does she even love me? AJ says she really does. She is just confued. Alisha says I know she is really nice. She never does wrong. I don’t like you fighting because of me. I feel like going away. AJ says you will always live with us. Alisha says in heart I will ruin Guddan’s life.

Scene 2
Vikrant writes a letter and confesses it. Guddan says why are you doing this? He says to save Alisha’s name. I don’t have any proof of my innocence. Your relationship is getting weaker because of all this. I won’t let AJ’s name be defamed. No one can save me in this case. Please let me suffer. Guddan tears his letter apart. Guddan says never say Guddan can’t do it. I will prove your innocence no matter what do you have to do.

Revati brings Perv in the room. He says I am sorry. I know I made a mistake. I was about to tell you. Saru says what are you doing? revati hugs Perv and says you made me proud. You did so well. You shoved Durga out of this house. Saru says yes, my brother is so talented. Do something to Laxmi as well. I will rule this house. Revati says we will rule this house. If Guddan can’t prove Vikran’s innocence, she will have to leave this house. Saru says then the whole house would be ours.

Scene 3
Alisha sees news of wanted thugs. Those are the same thugs Alisha hired. Guddan says scared? Imagine what would happen when police find these thugs. AJ would know your lies. He hates liars. Your anger would ruin your life. Truth comes out one day or another. I don’t want you to suffer. The world will question you. Please step back. AJ says who are you asking to step back? Alisha cries and says you want to save this criminal? You are forcing me to take the case back? AJ says I will ask you all questions after 48 hours Guddan. He leaves with Alisha.
Precap-Guddan says none of you believe me so I have to show you the truth. Alisha says what truth? Guddan turns on TV. Alisha asks the thugs to leave the country. The thug says our deal was only to get you those molestation pictures. We won’t leave the country.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    When will aj learn to trust his wife? Didnt he learn anything ftom d antra scenario? So many tings happened yet he blamed guddan and when d truth was exposed he begged for forgiveness and promised to always b on her side. It took her awhile to forgive him but still lesson wasnt learnt and theyre back to square one hmmmmm. Im sure dat revati or someone else has changed what guddan wants to show and now she will have to leave d house. Dadi is just as bad as aj and she should know better when she saw dat guddan was d only one trying to understand and accept alisha and had succeeded. So all of a sudden guddan is against alisha and on d side of a rapist? Kishore ur wife deserves her fate,she went against guddan even when guddan had proven no matter how bad dey are and what dey do she forgives them and only follows d truth. Instead she joined hands with pervert and ended up d disgraced one. Maybe guddan would find out d truth and set her free.

  2. So, this is the real Akshat Jindal😠😠
    Guddan was just discharged from hospital and already he is wagging that stupid finger in her face!
    This Alisha track MUST come to an end NOW..
    I hope Guddan gets Durga released from jail, otherwise, she is going to turn against her again…even if Durga did wrong.
    Akshat needs to wake up else he and Dadi will sit in that house all by themselves with all of Indore’s criminals…and they deserve it too…
    P.S..I have to say that I am disappointed in Nishant’s acting in this hospital scenes in comparison to the previous one…

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