Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Prav and Kaushalya Join hands

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prav and Kaushalya Join hands

Saraswati ask we asked for 5 dancers💃🏻.. Gudden say I am here… Akshat think about gudden saying that you are seeing my face for last time…. Lady inspector try to arrest kaushalya, but prav ask her to go.. Prav say that where are gifts and money💵 she got from Jindal house? Kaushalya say I have kept 20,000💵 aside I shall bring… Prav say we should make 20,000 💵into 20 lacs💵… Kaushalya doesn’t understand and ask what do you mean?
Dancers💃🏻 dance on ghummer🎼🎼.. Gudden is soo nervous, and think how to get save, she is about to fall on haldi… Durga, Laxmi and saraswati scold her… Boss thinks 🤔gudden can’t do anything really..
Prav ask kaushalya to make Gudden marry

Akshat.. Kaushalya get happy😁…
Gudden start dance💃🏻 again and take rounds.. Akshay watches her. …. Everyone claps👏🏼 and they all take their gunghat up, with all waiting to see gudden face… She shove her dancer and try to go but hand keep on haldi.. She is about to slip when Akshat stop her and both fall in haldi water with haldi on their faces and have face lock😍😍…DIL’s say gudden.. Dadi think and smile🙂 that How akshat promised her to do all rasam with his would be wife…and think panditji words about best muhurat.. Dadi stop DILs from saying anything..

Gudden say before scolding me, just listen to me I never wanted to come here, but decided to earn money💵, ask my boss I asked him about location but he never told me.. Durga say you ruined our would be MIL haldi at too on muhurat..and both you have haldi.. Dadi smiles🙂… Akshat ring bell and give towel and ask gudden to go… Both goes in washroom… Lakreein full song played…. Yeh ishq mukamlam hi nhi skta… 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 Both try hard to wash haldi applied to each other.

Prav think 🤔how to do everything.. How to make gudden and akshat marry? Kaushalya say but why akshat will marry gudden, he insulted her and marrying shewta.. Prav scold Kaushalya and say no questions… Just follow me.. We shall swap brides.. We will make gudden marry in place of shewta.. Kaushalya say but how?? Prav say just bring Gudden at marriage mandap.. And both talk silently… Kaushalya says done, for my reviti I shall do anything…

Precap: Goons trouble gudden, she hide near durga maa mandap.. Akshat is ready for marriage… Bride face is covered.. Voiceover says will gudden be saved by akshat or he will marry someone else or will gudden become India’s youngest Mother in law…

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Full song and haldi part was my fvt today…..Now, we all need to wait for 70 hours that is 2 days 22 hours…see you all viewers on monday… But writers be little fast…

  2. I like the chemistry of this couple but the story goes slowly I hope he will not wait for episode 100 for aj to fall in love with guddan

  3. The serial was interesting but i have stopped watchcing now because the story is tooooo slow. Its boring.

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