Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan out of danger

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Combined episode of Yeh Teri Galiyan and Guddan Tumse Naa Hopaye Ga

Scene 1
Kajol saves Krishi and Alisha. Krishi says, mama. Alisha says Guddan? What is happening here? Guddan says to the masked man what do you want? You got the money. Kajol says such a complicated problem but there must be a solution. Her partner says she has a solution for everything. The masked says she can’t have a solution. Kajol says you tie with rope but what if there’s no rope. This is a riddle. Perv says where do all these problems come from in my life. Guddan and Asmita try to break the ropes. They free their hands. Kajol fights Perv. Asmita and Guddan save Krishi. Perv shoots in the air. He says don’t dare moving forward I will shoot you both. Guddan says please let us go. Shan and AJ come there. They hit all the goons. Per runs from there. Gudadn says Alisha are you okay? Perv brings in the police. He says arrest them. They tried to kidnap our daughters. Guddan, AJ, Shan, and Asmita thank Kajol.

AJ says I found this phone here. It must be of the kidnapper. He dialed into some boss all day. AJ dials the number. Durga’s phone rings. Everyone is shocked. Perv says Durga you? Guddan slaps AJ. Guddan says how dare you? Durga says I only did this to get not let you win the competition. I didn’t do anything wrong. Guddan says how could you stoop so low. Durga says I got to know Alisha’s truth and she got a taste of her medicine. Guddan says she is my daughter. How dare you? AJ says to prove your point you risked Alsha’s life? And Krishi, she is a 6 years old kid. Durga says I made a mistake. I didn’t do anything wrong with them. This Perv.. Perv says me? AJ says don’t try to hide behind his name. Everything is clear. Durga says please.. Guddan says enough. You have lost every right. I wish I could stop myself. I wish you didn’t do such a sin. Two mothers can’t forgive you. You will be punished. Aj says to arrest her. Durga says I didn’t do anything wrong. Please don’t do this.

Dadi says I can’t believe Durga did this. Our own family did this. AJ and Guddan could win this battle too. Guddan says we have to win the competition now. Guddan and Asmita dance on the stage. Dadi and everyone is happy. The host says there are two mothers who stood out today. It’s a tie. Welcome our winners, Asmita and Guddan. Everyone claps. Guddan and Asmita go on the stage to collect the prize. The minster gives them a trophy. Asmita says thank you Guddan. You invited me. Guddan says you’re the best mom. Asmita says you are an amazing mom too. Kirshi is my blood but Alisha.. Guddan says a mother is never step. Guddan sees a bomb inside the trophy. She is shocked. Nandani says in heart, Asmita you thought I would let you become the best mom? Guddan runs out with the trophy. Everyone is shocked. The bomb blasts.

Scene 2
AJ rushes Guddan to the hospital. He says Guddan you can’t leave me. Please open your eyes Guddan. AJ says to the doctor please save my Guddan. I will give you my everything.

Laxmi slaps Alisha and says shame on you. Guddan loves you so much. How can you do this? Alisha says I didn’t do this. Laxmi says I saw your video. I know how evil you are. You can’t fool me. I know you planned all that. Alisha throttles her and says I am not a killer like her. Don’t dare to accuse me. Dadi says what is happening here? Guddan’s life is at risk and you two are fighting here? Shame on you. Pray from God for her life. Kishor says dadi where is Durga? Durga comes in with the police. Kishor says what is this? Dadi says the price of her sins. Kishor says what do you mean? Laxmi says I will tell you everything.

AJ says I need the name inspector. Who did this? Inspector says there’s one person who knows who is behind the blast. Perv comes and says I know who is behind this. AJ says what is this drama? AJ says I will kill the person who did this. Perv shows him a video. He says inspector find out who this person is? Inspector says we will find this person. AJ says I will kill him. Perv says in heart I will make you all suffer.

Guddan’s treatment is being done. AJ is in tears. Perv says what a game did I play.
Kishor says you trusted Alisha over Durga? durga won’t go to jail. She has done so much for this family. Dadi says but this is true. She has made a mistake. Kishor says she won’t go to jail. Dadi says you think we don’t love Durga? You know that very well. But a sinner has no place in this family. Kishor says if someone has to leave this family it would be Alisha. Dadi says leave her hand. Alisha won’t go anywhere. Durga made a mistake. She says to the inspector nothing is more important than the health of Durga and her baby. He says don’t worry we will take care of her. Kishor says no. Durga says I deserve to go to jail. She says in heart I trusted him and made this mistake. Guddan’s life is at risk because of me.

Scene 3
Guddan’s condition gets critical. AJ says would my Guddan be okay? The doctor says you can pray. We are trying our best. AJ comes to the temple. He says you like to make me suffer? I never begged you for anything. You made me small right? I can only trust you right now. I bow down to you and beg you for Guddan’s life God. Please give me my Guddan back. I am not broken. I won’t even let you take my Guddan for me. She made me a human. My house is home with her. You have to save her. you have to give her life back. I am not giving you an option. I want Guddan back. AJ puts a dia on his head. Guddan is being treated. The doctors give her CPR. The nurse comes and says Guddan is conscious. Her life is out of danger. AJ runs to her.

Alisha says to inspector I want to talk to Durga. She says see what your Guddan did to you. You’re going to jail with your baby. See what happened to you. You helped Guddan, now suffer. She only thinks about herself. She didn’t even think about herself. I think all kids of this house go to jail. Like me and your child now. Guddan will rule the house and you would be in jail.

AJ comes to Guddan. He holds her hand. Guddan says I scared you? He says a lot. I felt like I lost you. Guddan says your love will always save me. I diffused the bomb. AJ says it wasn’t a good joke. Guddan says I will be fine. AJ says I won’t leave the person who did this to you. Get well and come home with me.
Precap-AJ gives Guddan 48 hours to choose between Alisha and the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Even alisha chapter is dragging just like antra drama…. Boring

  2. Yes Shraddha, I wish it would come to an end now…..
    But so much melodrama in one maha episode?

  3. Hi Shraddha and Nur how are you guys.
    the makers of the show make the show very ridiculous. They’re dragging the show

  4. Hi Geeta👋. I’m just glad that finally the rest of the Jindals realised that they also have a voice…e.g. Kishore standing up for Durga.
    Durga was wrong in her actions and in trusting Parv, but she did put Krishi’s life at risk as well
    Why is Kishore mad at Guddan, I don’t understand?

  5. They make Durga a bad person again .. How can a teenager create and have so much hatred when she knows practically nothing? Why she does not have as much hatred for Antra who entrusted her to a center .. In short .. The series shows the shame on the young of our society that breeds only hatred .. They ignore the feelings and respect of the elders let alone insult the relationship of a stepdaughter and stepmother .. DURGA may have made mistakes but she knew how to be forgiven and improve her behavior .. But seeing alisha changes everything .. With her revenge she destroys what guddan put to build .. The worst is that it is a teenager who handles all this crime .. Shame to resume showing this. and what a message of disappointment for young people now .. Is this the message that want to show CV to the youth of tomorrow .. No respect for the elders .. What hate crime lie .. How to believe in humanity. In short, very disappointed

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