Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update: AJ and Guddan die


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saru says please give me your hand. Guddan holds AJ’s hand and says I will go with you. AJ says we have to go one by one. Guddan says give me your hand. They both trip. Guddan says give me your hand. They both fall down. AJ holds Guddan. They land on a mid cliff. AJ hugs Guddan. Laxmi says please give us your hand. AJ says careful please. Guddan hugs AJ and says we will come up together only. Do you remember our first meeting. It was exactly like that. Laxmi says Sasu ma, you save us that day. We will save you today. Laxmi says let me get inspector here. AJ says Guddan calm down and breathe. It’s all fine. Guddan says you rule my breaths. AJ says hold my hand and let’s go.

Guddan says we are together. we will die together today. AJ says no, we have to live for our Choti. You can do anything. Guddan says time runs with you. This Guddan became yours the day I met you smashed that cake on your face. It was a connection. I will have nothing without that connection. AJ says we have to live for our Choti. Please try. Go up. Guddan says I can’t do this. I can’t save my love today. Guddan cries. AJ says calm down. He hugs her and says don’t worry. We will both go to Choti. Go up, I will come after you. Guddan says how can I leave you alone here? Guddan says I can’t do anything without you. Your love made me who I am. I couldn’t do anything without you. You stood by me as my support. Guddan says I want to make this love immortal. AJ says your love changed me. You made an angry man a romantic person. AJ says I love you.

AJ says I will save you and hug you and then shout to the whole world, I love you Guddan. AJ kisses her. Guddan says this time your Guddan can’t do it. AJ says i wanted to grow old with you. Guddan says I got a few white hair already. They look at the sky. AJ says the moon isn’t beautiful in front of you. AJ holds her and kisses her.

Durga brings the inspector. Laxmi says we will save you. Inspector calls the rescue team. Guddan says I can’t do this. Please promise me you will give all this love to Choti. Durga says what are you saying. Guddan says love him like Aarav. Saru says I will never do anything wrong again. Laxmi says Dadi is waiting for you. AJ says tell her we couldn’t make it this time. Tell her whatever I am is because of her. Tell her I love her the most. Take care of my mom and daughter. Durga, you are the AJ of this house from today. Take care of everyone and don’t forget us. The cliff breaks.

Choti cries. AJ holds Guddan. The cliff is breaking. Guddan cries. Guddan says keep us alive in Choti’s life. Tell her how much we loved her. Guddan and AJ look at each other. AJ says time to go now. Let’s go to the skies. Guddan says I love you. I love you. AJ says third? Guddan says I will tell you in next life.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. very sad for me to see akshat leaving the show anyway. i wonder what the show will be like now. akshat i will miss you very much

  2. I will really miss Akshat and Guddan’s jodi. This is the only serial which I loved so much! I don’t know whats next, but I hope for the best.

  3. Damn pretty heartbreaking as a finale !!!!
    I just can’t imagine the continuation without Aj and without half of the cast !!
    We hope that the change is up to par and does not spoil the whole story !!!

  4. No yaar not fair they can’t die make them alive otherwise no one will love watching this serial now🙏😭😭

  5. This so unfair why these shows can never hav an happy ending

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