Guddan actress Kanika Mann tested positive for COVID-19


COVID is once again gripping the nation and the cases are on a rise once again. With the scare everywhere, there is no way that our entertainment industry is spared. Government has issued a fresh set of rules which included a partial lockdown on weekends and a night curfew on weekdays. However, with this coming into affect only recently, many are still in the vicinity of large crowds and continue to get infected.

Actor Kanika Mann, who is best known for her role in Guddan: Tumse Na Ho Payega too has tested positive for COVID-19. While she isn’t in the best, she confirmed it with a leading entertainment portal and said, “The cases of COVID-19 are on the rise once again, and we must all be more careful than ever! Owing to my working conditions, I have to travel back and forth, and have been feeling under the weather for the last few days. Unfortunately, I have tested positive for COVID yesterday.

I have isolated myself at home under the advice of doctors and am currently under home quarantine. I’ll be back to work soon! Until then, I’d appreciate it if I’m given some time in solitude to recuperate and heal.

Please keep me in your prayers and please take care of yourselves and your families. Please wear your masks, wash your hands and keep your surroundings sanitized.”

We wish the actor a speedy recovery.

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