Gud Se Mitha Ishq 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Pari Agrees To Marry Dev

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 9th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari asks family to call Dev back home. Soniya asks why would he come when she physically and verbally abused him. Nutan says any girl would love to marry Dev, he will teach singing to only his wife and she will sing on stage. Pari says she will not let anyone else sing than her. Daadi says Dev will teach singing only her if she marries him. Pari asks Kaju to convince Dev and bring him here. Nutan asks if Kaju can tell that she is ready to marry Dev. Pari shyingly nods yes.

Neel tries to calm down Neel saying he always supported Pari and understands her well, so he shouldn’t feel bad with Pari’s behavior. Kaju calls Neel and informs him about Pari’s decision. Neel brings Dev home. Pari says she wants to marry twice Neel also married twice. Family stands shocked and says she shouldn’t say that. Dev says let her explain. Pari says just like Dev had a feast and wore new clothes on his wedding already once and will do same again, she wants to enjoy twice. Dev says he will also marry thrice or fourth time. She asks whom he will marry. He says he will marry only her repeatedly.
Pari feels happy and asks family dance as its her marriage. Family dances with her.

Dev visits his house and notices his SIL giving money to his brother and warning that she will not give him more money. Brother leaves. SIL feels happy seeing him and says he will not leave the house again. Dev says he can’t and has to return. She asks if he is still angry on them because her sister divorced him. He says he wouldn’t have come to share a good news if he was still angry on them and reveals that he is going to start afresh and remarrying. She feels happy and asks who is the girl. He describes about Pari and invites her and her family for wedding tomorrow. She promises to attend his wedding and once he leaves frowns showing her wickedness.

Kaju brings sherwani to Neel’s room. Neel asks he to keep it side. She bends and her veil loosens. He notices her hairline without sindhoor and questions her. She asks him not to bother about her and move on in life with Pavitra. She runs out of his room crying and prays god to help her continue her lie and let Neel move on. Her mother Pallavi visits her. She hugs her mother. Pallavi says she brought all her favorite stuff and since villagers were also missing her, she brought even them. She notices Kaju not having sindhoor in her harline and tries to apply sindhoor asking her to never keep it empty. Bhoomi notices her and asks what is she doing here and why she applying sindhoor to Kaju. Pallavi says even Bhoomi hasn’t applied sindhoor and tries to apply it in her hairline. Bhoomi stops her and says she is not yet ready but applies sindhoor daily, Kaju cannot apply sindhoor as she is not married.

Precap: Pallavi confronts Neel that he married Kaju in front of whole village. Jaidev says he doesn’t consider Kaju as Neel’s wife. Pallavi says legally Kaju and Neel are husband and wife.

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