Gud Se Mitha Ishq 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev Expresses His Wish to Marry Pari


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 6th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev tells Khuranas that he doesn’t mind Kaju staying in his house as he considers Kaju as his sister, but outsiders won’t think so and hence is requesting them to keep Kajal in their house. Bhoomi asks him not to worry as they will shift Kaju to a PG accommodation. Daadi scolds her and says Khuranas are kind hearted and can keep anyone at home. She tells Kaju that she can peacefully stay here. Kaju says she will stay here only with a condition that she will take care of Pari, looking at Neel. Nutal says she is thinking of other’s happiness even now and accepts Kajal’s condition.

Pari panics recalling Dev and Kaju getting Madhur arrested. Neel walks to Kajal and says he wants to tell her something. Kaju says she knows he wants to thank her, but she doesn’t like whole family thanking her. Neel asks her to relax as he didn’t come to thank her. Kaju asks then what he wants to say. He says he never saw such a cute sardar in his life and wants Kaju to disguise as sardarji forever. She feels shy hearing that. He drops a plate trying to get near her. She nervously says he will go and give juice to Pari.

Pari falls asleep holding her bridal dress. Kaju enters her room with juice and wakes her up. Pari starts hitting her and strangulates her shouting she is not her best friend. Dev and Neel rush to Kajal’s rescue and try to control Pari. Nutan rushes in and scolds Pari for hurting Kaju who saved her life. Kaju shouts Kaju got her Raju arrested, who will marry her. Dev tries to control her and tries to explain her that marriage is life’s important event and the cannot marry anyone just like that. Pari continues shouting that she wants to marry and leave her parental house. Dev promises to get her married on the same selected wedding date. Pari shouts where is the groom, who will marry her. Dev says he will marry her. Family is shocked to hear that.

Dev says he understands Pari well and is ready to marry her, rest is up to the family. Nutan and Rajinder stand silently. Neel asks why are shocked even after knowing Dev since years. He tells Pari that he trusts Dev completely and knows Dev will not leave her hand at any cost. Kaju asks Dev if he really wants to marry Pari. Dev says if they all accept it. Nutan says they will discuss it with other family members and informs Jaidev and Nutan about it. Jaidev says he doesn’t know what to say as one alliance broke just now.

Neel asks him how can he doubt Dev who understands Pari since years. Dev says Jaidev is right as they all know him only as Pari’s teacher and nothing else. Pari walks down. Dev promises her that he will fulfill her dream day. Soniya asks if Dev’s family will accept her. Dev says Pari will stay with his family like she stays here. Rajinder asks if he has an extended family, why he stays alone. Dev says he is already married once.

Precap: Nutan tells Pari that Madhur will not return. Daadi and Kajal suggest Pari to marry Dev.

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