Gud Se Mitha Ishq 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kajal Saves Neel’s Life

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 4th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neel’s condition deteriorates while treeking. Kajal gets worried for him and offers him water. He feels suffocated and removes his warm clothes. She asks him not to do that. He nose starts bleeding. She cover him with warm clothes and seeks help, but nobody is around. She tries to rub his hands and warm him, but body temperature continues to drop. She thinks she needs to perform mouth-to-mouth breathing to save him and performs his CPR. Ishq Bina Kya Jeena Yaara.. song plays in the background. After two to three tries, Neel gets back to normal and notices Kajal. Kajal says she was trying to pump oxygen in him and asks him to keep breathing and have some water.

Kanajl feels nervous for what she did. Neel says he knows what she did, its to save his life and she didn’t do anything wrong. He promises her to go to any extent to help her whenever she is in need. He slips. She holds his hand. He asks if she promises him. She nods yes. They fill gangajal and walk down.

Phool Singh waits for her till she return home and misbehaves with her. She tries to free herself. He pushes her inside her house, locks the door from inside, and tries to molest her asking if she went to meet Neel. Kajal recalls Neel encouraging her to fight back Phool Singh and pushes him away. Neel sits shocked. Kajal thanks Neel for encouraging her and tries to run away. Phool Singh catches her again. She slaps him. Neighbor knocks the door. Kajal opens it. Phool Singh leaves. Neighbor asks Kaju if she is fine. She nods yes.

Neel shows gangajal to Daadi over video call and says he was about to die trying to get gangajal, but a true friend saved him. Daadi asks if he thanked his true friend. Kajal recalls Phool Singh’s misbehavior and calls Pallavi to inform her about it, but Pallavi says she will return home after 2-3 hours and speak to her.

Phool Singh standing in market frowns thinking how could Kajal slap him. Neel notices him and ignoring him heads towards Kajal’s house. Kajal locks house and leaves for a temple. Neel reaches her house and finding it locked asks neighbor and heads towards temple. Kajal enters temple. Neel searches for her in temple. Kajal prays god that she was trying to save Neel’s life and doesn’t have any bad intention in her mind, she requests to give her courage to handle the guilty. Neel notices her and says god accepted her prayers. She walks out of temple. He stops her and says whatever she is thinking, he is thinking he same; he wants to clear his point before returning to Delhi. He says they will be friends forever and puts a flower garland in her neck as a token of their friendship. He then gets a call and smilingly leaves telling Kajal that they will soon meet again. He takes Kajal’s scarf along as a gift Kajal thinks if Neel likes her.

Precap: Kajal’s friends shows her video of Kajal giving CPR to Neel. Pallavi scolds Kajal for losing her dignity. Phool Singh returns to Kajal. Neel tells his sister that a special friend gifted him a scarf.

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