Gud Se Mitha Ishq 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kajal Lands Up In A Human Trafficking Scam

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 25th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari continues to play with the color papers when Khurana family barges in to her room. JD panics seeing his client’s 5 lakhs worth bail documents spoilt by Pari. He vents out his anger on Pari and tries to hit her. Family stops him, and Nutan says she will fix the papers. He says nothing can be done now and rushes behind Pari. Bhoomi grins seeing her plan successful.

Lady takes Kajal to a suspicious house and says they will stay here before going to NGO. She asks her to give all her jewelry to keep it safely and asks her aide Rano to show a room to Kajal and bring something for her to eat. Kajal thanks her for her help and says she doesn’t know how to clear her debt. Lady says she will collect all her debt, she means she is gaining virtue by helping helpless girls. Rano rudely behaves with Kajal and forcefully drags her to the room.

JD catches Pari and asks why did she touch his file. Family requests him to spare Pari. JD says there was 5 lakhs worth stamp affixed on the papers which Pari spoilt. He tongue lashes Dadaji for wrongly supporting Pari always and making him incur huge loss and even threat from a dangerous client. He asks Pari why did she do that. Pari says Bhoomi gave her the file. Pari denies and says she didn’t give her file but just saw Pari taking the file up. Pari says Bhoomi is lying and gave her papers. Bhoomi says Pari is having grudge on her since she came into this house. Pari shouts she is a liar. JD angrily tries to slap Pari, but Dev enters and protects Pari.

Rano throws Kajal in a room. Kajal resists and says she doesn’t want to stay here. Lady walks in and slaps Kajal, leaving Kajal in a shock. She says she will sne Kajal with other girls out of the court and reveals she was acting as helping her and is a human trafficker. On the other side, Pavitra expresses her jealous towards Kajal seeing Neel’s extra attention towards Kajal. Neel says Kajal is just his friend. Pavitra says she wants him to worry even for her. He says he will. She asks if he informed his family that they want to shift to Canada. He says he will soon.

Dev supports Pari and confronts JD. JD says he incured 5 lakhs rs loss because of Pari. Pari takes god’s promise and says Bhoomi gave her those papers. Dev says its okay and tries to calm her down. Bhoomi tongue lashes Dev for supporting Pari in her acting and says Pari is mentally sharp and is troubling her since day one. Pari mocks her. Bhoomi says she is making fun of her. Pari pulls Bhoomi’s hair. Family rescues Bhoomi. Pari says he didn’t lie and pulls Bhoomi’s hair again. Bhoomi acts as falling on the chair and injuring herself.

Kajal pleads for help. Lady returns and threatens her with knife to stop shouting during her business hours. Kajal sits crying.

Precap: Bhoomi threatens family that either she or Pari will stay in the house. JD says they cannot keep Pari at home. Pari runs from home. Kajal also escapes from goons and runs on street. Neela and Dev search for Pari.

Update Credit to: MA

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