Gud Se Mitha Ishq 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev’s Daughter Noor Learns About Dev’s Marriage With Pari

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 19th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev rushes to Pari’s rescue when she starts scratching herself due to Nimrit’s conspiracy and guests bully her. He scolds guests and takes Pari to his room’s bathroom and makes her stand under a shower. Pari feels normal. He then applies her ointment and gives his clothes to wear. Pari says her clothes look lose. Dev says he gave his clothes as he couldn’t find her clothes. Pari thanks him. Dev’s daughter Noor walks in and is shocked to see a woman in Dev’s room.

Kajal and Neel’s romance continues. Neel gets ready to go out. Kajal asks where is he going. Neel says he wants to meet Pavitra and apologize her. Kaju says his intention is right, but Pavitra may not like it. Neel says Kajal will also accompany him. Kaju gets nervous and asks how can she. Neel says they both can convince Pavitra.

Noor runs to Nimrit and hugs her crying. Nimrit and Navjot ask her what happened. Dev rushes down and hugs Noor emotionally. Noor asks who is the woman in his room. Pari walks down and introduces herself Dev’s wife Pari Dev Shergill. Noor is shocked more adn asks Dev how can he marry someone without informing her. Dev tries to explain her. Noor says she thought mamma is wrong, but here he is wrong instead. She runs from there. Dev tries to stop Noor, but Navjot stops him.

Nimrit calls her sister Chandini and says her plan was successful, she sent Noor at the right time. Chandini says she will make Dev’s life a hell until Nimrit gives her money to maintain her lavish lifestyle. Dev tries to rush towards Noor, but Navjot doesn’t let him go. Pari says she will go convince Noor as she is her stepmother. Dev asks her to wait there and goes out. Nimrit and Navjot tell Pari that she has many postwedding rituals left. Pari says she doesn’t want to meet guests. Nimrit says she will get a lot of gifts. Pari happily agrees. Dev tries to calm down Noor. Noor says he is worst than his mother and leaves in her car, leaving Dev shattered.

Precap: Pari tells Dev that Noor is very sweet, she would have played with her and befriended her. Nimrit conspires against Pari. Neel learns a secret about Kaju.

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