Gud Se Mitha Ishq 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Phool Singh Captivates Neel

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 16th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal cries looking at Neel’s jacket. She hugs it and thinks he shouldn’t break his promise made to her. Neel continues to drive towards Uttarakhand and thinks he will not let anything wrong happen to Kaju. In Delhi, Pari sings an old Beeti Na Bitayi Raina.. song with Dev. Family enjoys the song, and Dadaji praises it. Dhruv tells Bhoomi that she is thinking wrong about Pari and Dev as Dev is just Pari’s teacher. Bhoomi says she can see the romance which they all don’t want to see.

Chavi notices Satyakam tensed and asks reason. He says he is amazed to see a girl’s life being ruined and all villagers being a silent spectators. He says he is talking about Pallavi’s daughter who took decoration contact in Bhoomi’s marriage. Chavi asks him to think bout Bhoomi and not Kajal. Satyakam says Bhoomi is settled now, even Kajal is like their daughter. Chavi asks him not to compare their daughter to others. Satyakam says Pallavi contacts her for small issues, but she didn’t when its a question of her daughter’s life. Chavi recalls Pallavi coming home to seek Satyakam’s help and she alleging Pallavi that her daughter is also having an illegitimate affair like her and is an illegitimate child born out of wedlock, this is just a beginning.

Pallavi warns her to stop and says she knows Kajal very well and knows what her daughter is up to. Chavi asks why did she come here then. Pallavi says because they are sisters. Chavi says she doesn’t have any relationship with a woman who had an illegitimate affair. Pallavi says Surya was her husband who left her, but that doesn’t make Kajal as illegitimate; she thought her sister would support her being a mother. She reminds that Chavi betrayed her instead and her relationship will tarnish if she reveals truth.

Out of flashback, Chavi asks Satyakam not to involve himself in this issue as he travels most of the time for his business commitments. Satyakam asks if she would have said same if their daughter Bhoomi was also in the same situation. He calls Pallavi and suggests her to file a police complaint that she and her daughter don’t have any connection with the video and her daughter is forced by villagers to marry Phool Singh. Pallavi refuses to file police complaint fearing for Kajal’s life.

Neel’s car breaks down. Phool Singh notices him and trashes him brutally. Neel accepts that he was in the video with Kajal and warns Phool that he will not let him ruin Kajal’s life. Phool says he knew it from before and misused the opportunity to marry Kajal. His men beat Neel again. In Delhi, Pari feels uneasy and realizes Neel is in trouble. She panics and says she wants to meet Neel right now. Dev tries to calm her down. JD recalls Pari realizing about Neel’s trouble even earlier and gets tensed. Neel escapes from goons and knocks Kajal’s house door. Kajal feels happy hearing his voice and opens door to find no one there. Phool and his goon captivate Neel and takes him away. Pallavi warns Kajal to either marry Phool in the morning or consume poison. Neel fights with goons. Phool hits him behind his head. He collapses. Pari also collapses in Delhi.

Precap: Kajal’s wedding rituals start. Neel escapes from Phool’s den and heads towards wedding venue.

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