Gud Se Mitha Ishq 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev and Pari’s Marriage

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 12th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neel asks Kaju if she will wear sindhoor or shall he marry Pavitra. Kaju says he shall marry Pavitra. Pallavi tells Kaju that sindhoor is her right and she should wear Neel’s named sindhoor. Soniya says Neel already told that there is no relationship between him and Kaju, then why is Pallavi hellbent to consider Kaju as Neel’s wife. Pavitra asks Neel to divorce Kaju and send her away. Bhoomi asks Pallavi to take Kaju from there as they don’t consider Kaju as Neel’s wife. Pallavi says Kaju is legally Neel’s wife and sindhoor is her right. Neel angrily fills Kaju’s hairline with sindhoor and asks if she is happy now. Everyone are shocked to see that. Pavitra shouts at Neel how dare he is to fill Kaju’s hairline again with sindhoor and give her right to Kaju. She asks Soniya if she realized that Neel married Kaju again.

Dev sings Rhim Jhim Gire with Pari. Navdeep likes their tuning and tells Dev that he was right that Kaju is unique, Pari is good, he is happy for Dev. Nimrit frowns hearing that. Dev and Pari marry in a gurdwara with both their families’ present. Pari rejoices after her marriage. Bhoomi thinks she wanted Pari to go from Khurana house.

During farewell/bidayi ritual, Pari says she saw family crying and hence even they should cry. Nutan gets emotional and says she always considered Pari as a small kid and never realized when she grew up so big. Pari asks her not to touch her room and she wants it same when she visits them next time. She hugs each family member and cries. Kaju stands aside. She calls Kaju and cries hugging even her. She then hugs Neel and cries. Dev asks Dev not to take care of Pari so much that she doesn’t wish to meet them. Pari asks if she can go now and leaves waving them goodbye.

Pallavi tells Neel that she knows he thinks she did wrong with him, but she just performed a mother’s duty. She promises that Kaju will always stand by him as his wife and will follow a wife’s duty. She makes Kaju stand next to him and says relationships are set by god or else Neel wouldn’t have visited their village and married her, even she coming here and confronting Neel is a part of Mahadev’s plan. She blesses Neel and Kaju and leaves. Neel tells Kaju that he is going to sleep in Pari’s room and walks away with pillow and bedsheet. Kaju thinks she wasn’t feeling alone even when the whole family was against her, she doesn’t have anyone in this house except Neel and Pari.

Precap: Pari kicks rice bowl on Nimrit and injures her forehead during graha pravesh ritual.

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