The great wall of Shivaay – ep 11

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Ep 11:
Om looked tense and Chulbul tried to cheer him up. Om who was feeling guilty ignored Chulbul and went to the bed. Chulbul was worried and then decided to let him be. She also finally went to sleep. It didnt last for long though…

Prinku’s room:
All were sleeping peacefully, or so that was what Priyanka thought. Priyanka was wide awake. She was wondering how she started to fake smile and fake laugh these days, so that her family will not find out about her sufferings. That was the reason she started to spend time more with Lavitra who don’t know the real Priyanka. Her phone ringed suddenly. She woke up to saw Ranveer calling her. She went to the balcony to answer the call.

Ranveer: If you love your brothers you better listen like I say. Don’t forget that I have the video of Shivaay driving over 3 people and I knowyou and Om were the reason that I don’t have my sister anymore.
Priyanka: Please Ranveer. I will do whatever you want. Please leave my brothers.
Ranveer: You have to be punished for your deeds. I will marry you and torture you. I already told you, all I want is your suffering…
Priyanka: Fine! As you say…

Ranveer: I already spoke to your father about our marriage and he is fine with it. When Shivaay asks about marrying me, tell him you love me…
Priyanka: I will tell Shivaay bhaiya I am ready to marry you ACP Ranveer.
Ranveer: Tell him you love me… So that for your happiness he will agree for the marriage…
Priyanka: I will tell him I love you. Happy?
All she got was the call being cut without any word.

‘I was happy for a day and looks like it is sin! God punished me by giving tears to me… I don’t deserve to be happy any way… all this is a drama for my family… Sooner he marries me, sooner I can stop lying to the family…’ she muttered to herself. She stood there for a long time thinking how her mistake ruined her brother Om’s life and now it is ruining her life. She knows her brothers will protect her from anything even if the fault is on her. But she should not let them know about it. It was her sin and she should get punished. With tears running down her cheeks she didn’t even realise how long she was sitting there. When the cold wind started to hit her strong she stood up and went in. She saw only two ladies were sleeping. She panicked not seeing Lavitra in the bed. Priyanka went out to check on Lavitra.

In the dining table, Lavitra was sitting with Chulbul and Jaanvy. They were having hot chocolate. Priyanka made her way towards them and sat next to Jaanvy. Jaanvy pat her daughters head affectionately. Both Chulbul and Lavitra looked away as they missed their mother.
Priyanka looked at Lavitra who gave her a genuine smile. Priyanka breathed in relief that Lavitra didn’t listen to the conversation between her and Ranveer. Didn’t thought that Lavitra can be manipulative. After finishing the hot chocolate, everyone went to their bed room.
Jaanvy pat Chulbul on the back before going to the room…

Apart from Lavitra no one noticed the subtle look given by Jaanvy to Lavitra…
Lavitra: Prinku, I have to go to my room for a work. Will be back in a minute.
Prinku: I will come with you di!
Lavi: Okay Prinku…
Lavitra went to her room. She opened a draw and placed something inside. Priyanka didn’t saw what it was as Lavitra was standing in a way to hide her view. Priyanka felt something weird but left it.
They both also went back to Prinku’s room. Prinku slept next to Lavitra.
But sleep was far away for Chulbul.
‘Shankar ji! What kind of trouble you got me in today! But thankfully you saved me also. Should I trust this Lavitra? I have no other choice as my mother is staying with her.’ With that she thought back on what happened earlier. She rubbed her neck unconsciously were Lavitra held her tightly…
Flash back:
Chulbul got a call from Svetlana to meet her in the hall. Chulbul left…
Svetlana: What is Om doing? Does he kows anything about Dr. Dang?
Chulbul: No mam ji. He is still trying but he don’t know anything…
Svetlana: Don’t forget that you are working here because of me and the work I gave you is to keep an eye on Om and tell me everything.
Chulbul: ji madamji… I know!
Svetlana: better! I am going to sleep now!

With that Svetlana left the hall and Chulbul made a way to her room…
Chulbul prayed to Shankar ji to save Omkara ji from Svetlana…
All of sudden the thin chulbul was pulled behind a pillar by a forceful hand.
“My! My! My! The loyal employ is betraying her employer! That too when he considers you as a best buddy?” the person mocked her.

Continuation of the flash back…
Deal between Jaanvy and Lavitra…

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