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Guys , i am was going mad over devakshi’s hug , here is a os on continuation of the 26th april 2017 epi
Dev asks Sona why did she protect his family. He troubled her so much and broke her heart repeatedly, but she was on his side always and protected him and his family. She says his family is her family, then says they are all her dear ones. Dev expresses his love for her and hugs her. GKB watches them hiding and fumes in jealousy.
Dev is about to go , sona holds his hand and stops him . dev gets surprised
Dev says ghar chale ? sona holds dev’s hands and stops him
She hugs him

dev gets surprised (kuch rang pyae ke bgm plays in bg) . he returns her hug . she says dev do u think we got seperated because we hated each other? No , i loved u and u loved me and i know u still love me dev
Dev : yes, it was all a misunderstanding , u did not have belief in me and i did not have belief in u
Sona : now i have belief in u dev , i can never hate u . a person who cares so much for his family , a person who can love his daughter so much . how will he keep his wife . she will be his queen
Dev says i was the reason for all the fight , i always could not manage between my mom and u .
Sona says whatever is over is over dev , forget it dev . will u accept me as ur wife again
Dev smiles and says sona , r u serious , r u ready to accept this obodro as ur husband again
Sonasays if u r ready to accept this kargosh as ur wife again , with all means i am ready to accept u

Dev extends his arms . sona hugs him (krpkab title song plays in bg)
After some days ishwari returns and breaks down after she gets to know that dev knows khatri’s truth .
She accepts sona as her bahu and apologises to her
Ishwari: i am sorry sonakshi , i thought u always gave dev only worries . pls forgive me .
Sona : ma , it was all a misunderstanding , but i will forgive u on one condition , u should accept me as ur daughter not ur bahu
Ish hugs her and says why did i do so many bad things to such a nice girl like u .
Ish: u got seperated in front of the whole world , i think u should also get married in front of the whole world .
Dev : but ma we r already united now
Ish : chup raho aur apni ma ki bat mano dev

After some days…..
Soha ties the ghatbandhan of devakshi . devakshi smiles .
Dev ties mangalsutra and applies sindoor on sona’s forhead . sonakshi gets emotional and teary eyed .
Soha hugs them
Devakshi were united and became one again , dev was back wid a bang to his business . gkb and Vicky could not do anything except to get jealous of dev and sonakshi

After 1 year
Dev and ishwari r waiting outside a room in a hospital . a doctor comes and says congratulations mr . dixit , u r blessed with a son
Dev lifts golu and tells , golu see u told u wanted a brother and got one. Soha says papa u hugged golu first not me . dev says ok baba and hugs both of them . he says ur never ending fights too . u both know i love u both a lot and u two love each other too then why do u both fight always . golu and soha smile and say because we like fighting . dev says mumma se mile ?soha says yes
Dev and dixit family enter . ishwari sees sona and says thanks a lot for bringing a rajkumar for my family . ishwari says bacchon bahar chale . chalo and takes all of them
Dev and sonakshi were left alone

Dev says i got everything in my life sona , a caring mother ,a loving life ,a plotting villain , a daughter like a princess and now i have a son like a prince , but why did we get separated in the middle , isstill a question mark to me
Sona : because we got separated to get united for ever
Dev kisses sona on her forehead (krpkab song plays in bg) . soha comes there and says ek family selfie ho jaye ?

Dev says sure and the complete family of devakshi take a selfie , gkb makes faces . mama ji says u look like a cow ,now , make ur face alright ?
They all including devakshi’s son laugh and dev clicks the selfie


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  1. Heshine

    Wow…Varshini.. This was amazing dear.. ! Wish it would have happened in the show..!
    ❤❤??????Great work ..!

  2. Akshita

    Awwwww this is soo cute even I want son to conceive again??? so that Dev could relive the moments again as he was not there during sona’s first pregnancy
    such anot awesome os???
    Loved it
    Come back again with such cute os?

  3. Darshana

    How I wish it happens in the lovely it would have been na?????…
    your is was super duper cute and lovely..loved it!
    keep coming up…with such cute so
    loads of love??

  4. Dessertqueen

    Lovely OS.. 🙂 Varshini.. 🙂

  5. V.V.harshita

    Awesome varshini…cm bak with another one ????

  6. Aarti32

    Aww..So sweet OS

  7. Awesome

  8. superb varshini …i wish krpkab ki reality hi yeh ho….post next episode soon…

  9. Yvonne Codner

    Super duper…Awesome!!

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