My Gorgeous Bride (RagLak-SS)- SHOT 2

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Recap : ragini meets with accident. Sanskar truth out. Ragsan emotional convo. Sanskar love for ragini. Swalak engagagement. Ragini pain

Ragini goes to swara room and is shocked to find the scene in front of her. Swara was lying on the bed in unconscious mode. Ragini runs to her and tries to wake her but swara seems still unconscious. She kept blabbering something in her half conscious mode. She kept saying “ I love you rajat. I’m doing this for you. Please don’t leave me”
When ragini looked confused about her behavior she finds a syringe besides swara. She took it and find that it is “DRUGS” ragini gets teary eyed and scolds swara and tries to wake her up but in vain. Everyone downstairs are waiting eagerly for the bride while panditji shouts that muhurth time is ending. Everyone looks confused about what is taking them so long . sumi after losing her patience herself goes upstairs to bring swaragini. Ragini gets tensed and doesn’t know what to do. She sees swara’s engagement dress near the table and thinks of an idea. She immediately locks the door before sumi reaches it . sumi who found the door locked from inside called out for swaragini.
Sumi : beta , what happened? Y r u both taking so long? Come fast . muhurth time is running out
Rag : wo ma.. swa..swara applied some new face pack but she got allergic of it and her face is not looking good today. That’s y she is embarrassed to come in front of everyone.

Sumi : god… this girl na… who the hell asked her to try new facepack. Everyone is waiting downstairs for the bride and here she is creating all such dramas. First open the door let me see her.
Rag : maa swara is very embarassed to show her face to anyone so let’s do onething. Let’s cover her face with gunghat so that no one can see her face. Most of the people present here are marwaris so if they ask for the reason for gunghat we will just say that it’s an ritual in your Bengali tradition. K maa?
Sumi : whatever ragini just send her out fast everyone is waiting
Rag : k maa I’ll send her out / you take her downstairs. I’ll clean the room as she has made it a mess. After completing cleaning I’ll join u.
Sumi : k ragini just send her out.
After sometime the door gets opened and ragini steps out of it in disguise of swara with a gunhat on her head. Sumi takes her downstairs while everyone looks confused about why the bride is covered with gunghat. Before anyone could question her sumi herself said that it’s a tradition of their Bengali and everyone agreed it confused but let it go. Sanskar who is searching for ragini doesn’t know where did she go.
Ring ceremony starts and laksh extends his hand for her while ragini felt guilty and doesn’t know what to do. After a long battle between her heart and mind she slides the ring into his finger while laksh also does the same. Everyone claps for swalak (raglak) engagement while ragini stood teary eyed.

After the ceremony the maheswaris bid farewell to gadodiyas but sanskar’s eyes are still searching for ragini. meantime ragini who is in the disguise of the bride reaches swaragini room and locks the door and tries to wake swara but she is still unconscious.
After sometime swara gained consciousness and looked around herself confused. Just then she looks at ragini who was sitting in bridal attire with furious red eyes. Swara doesn’t inderstand anything and holds her head tightly. She stood up from the bed struggling and goes near ragini and asks,
Swa : ragini what is this? Y r u in my bridal attire? What happened to my engage..
Before she could complete ragini slapped her hard while swara falls on the floor shocked
Rag : how dare you swara? How dare you to have the habit of drugs ? did u for once think about our family reputation? How could you do this to us that too on your engagement day? Did u for once thought about our dignity? What if everyone came to know about your condition.
Saying so she said what all she has done to hide swara’s mistake.
Rag : why swara? Y did u do this? How did u get this habit? What if something happened to you? Ragini clutching swara’s arm tightly and says,
Rag : answer me swara answer me
Swara stood there teary eyed and after sometime broke down hugging ragini while consoled her confused.

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