Golden flies: A tale of cool students SamAina FF Part 7

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Golden flies:A tale of cool students Part 7

Not updating pics due to poor response

Dedicated to Vidrev who wants Navratri celebration in this FF

Riya went to see Golden flies.It made them angry.

Sameer:How dare you come to see us?

Swati:Are you not fed up of seeing us in the classroom?

RIYA:I know that you all are angry with Ali for loving Golden flies’ rival.But now I am not your rival.Ali’s friends are not my enemies.

Naina:Stop lying.We know that it’s your trick.You are still planning something against us.

Preeti:So you snatched Ali from us.

Riya stared at Preeti:Preeti,why are you angry with Ali for loving me?Ali realized that only I can love him.He understood my importance and accepted me.

Preeti lost her control:Don’t talk to me like this Riya.Get out.

NAINA:Get out.

Naina pushed her out of the room.

NAINA:Because of you only we lost our friend.

Naina closed the door.Riya was burning with anger.Suhail laughed seeing it.He ridiculed her.

S:You slapped me for Golden flies.Now they ill treated you.How funny!

Riya stared at Suhail and went near Ali who was shedding tears.

RIYA:Ali,don’t be sad.Just forget them.If they don’t want you just ignore them.

Ali lost his control:No Riya.No.For me my friends are more important.I want them back.

Riya was angry and sad at the same time.

Ali rushed to Golden flies’ meeting room.They were shocked to see him.

Sameer:How dare you enter this room?This room is only for Golden flies.

Ali was hurt.

ALI:Please listen to me once.

Manoj:We don’t want to hear anything.

ALI:You all have to know the truth.Like you all think I don’t love Riya.I am just pretending to be in love with her.I swear.

They were shocked.

Sameer:What are you saying?

Preeti:Are you faking love to defeat her?Wow!

All the Golden flies were happy.

ALI:Not to defeat her,but to save her wipe her parents’ tears by helping them.


Ali told them everything.They were shocked.


ALI:Now tell me.Did I commit any mistake?Golden flies have always helped others.Right?

Sameer hugged him.

Sameer:Sorry Ali.No words can heal your wound.I hurt you that much.I even restricted our friends from talking to you.I don’t deserve pardon for doubting my best friend.I did’nt even think once that Ali can’t do this without any strong reason.But please forgive me.

The other Golden flies:Not only Sameer..we too misunderstood you.Please forgive us yaar.

Ali was in tears:Why are you guys talking this?We all are friends na?Friends fight and reconcile.

Ali hugged all of them.

All Golden flies were in tears.They got their friend back.It was the most emotional moment for them.

Riya came.She was surprised to see them together.Naina held her hand.

NAINA:Now onwards you are our friend.

Riya was very excited:Really?
Riya:I am so happy.
Naina,Swati and Preeti hugged her.

Shilpa who passed by saw it with a smile.She clapped hands.
Shilpa:So finally like everyone expected and wished for Golden flies united and formed new friendships too.Golden flies can even make the rivals their friends.

They smiled.
Sameer:Yes Ma’am.Because we will always be together and we will never get separated.
They all stood close to each other.
Shilpa smiled:So nice to see you all together like this.Be always together like this.God bless you all.
They said:Thank you Ma’am.
Sameer:In this happiness we all should rock the Navratri function.
Shilpa:Why not?The Principal Ma’am has allowed you all to wear colour dress for the Navratri function.
They all jumped with joy:Wow…
Shilpa:Ok ok..I know you all are excited.But don’t scream too much.
Naina:Sorry Ma’am.
Shilpa:Principal Ma’am has given the last hour of this week for Dandiya practice.So do practice well and perform Dandiya well.
They all were very happy.
Manoj:Wow…we are getting time too for practice.We will rock Ma’am.
Shilpa:One more thing.You have to be extra superb this time as a chief guest is coming.Our Singer Kumar Sanu.
They all were surprised.
Pandit:Kumar Sanu!
Shilpa:Ya.So make sure that you all impress him.
Ali:Sure Ma’am.

They practised Dandiya really well.

Navratri …..

The teachers and the students had a small Navratri puja in school.

While moving out Pandit and Preeti bumped into each other and their forehead hit each others.
Pandit:Oh no…
Preeti giggled:Are you crying out of pain cry baby?
He looked at her:No yaar.But’s paining.
Preeti:You are not at all strong.That’s why a silly thing can hurt you.
Preeti caressed his forehead.
Pandit:Preeti..your hands are magical.It’s so soothing.Now my pain has vanished.
Preeti joked:Really?Why did’nt you tell me before?If so,I would have made preparations to become a doctor instead of an Engineer.

They both giggled.

Then they got ready for the Navratri function.
All were dressed in traditional clothes for Navratri.
Sameer was lost in Naina’s look.She blushed.
Naina:If you stare at me like this your frog eyes will fall down.It’s already bulging.
Sameer:What?My eyes are frog eyes?
Naina:Till now I had’nt felt so.But seeing how you are staring at me now I feel so.

Sameer was embarrassed.
He thought:How will i tell Naina that she looks so pretty that my eyes got automatically stuck to her.

The Principal,Shilpa and the students welcomed Kumar Sanu.

All the students cheered up for him.
The Principal and Shilpa gave welcome speech.
Kumar Sanu took the mike:I am overwhelmed seeing the love you all showered upon me.
I am extremely happy for inviting me here to be a part of the Navratri function.Now I am reminded of my childhood days where I celebrated Navratri in my school with the teachers and friends.I feel I am reliving those days now seeing you all here.
Principal:We are very happy to know that our school reminded you of your school.Please sing a song for us in this happy occasion.

The students said…
Kumar Sanu:Sure.But you all have to dance.
Everyone smiled.

Shilpa:Sure Sir.Our students are excellent dancers and they are here to present their beautiful Dandiya.

Principal:Please allow the singers of our college to join you in singing.
Kumar Sanu:Why not?
Arjun Pandit Preeti and Shefali came.
Arjun:We can’t express our happiness.Getting an opportunity to sing with a legend like you is a like getting a golden trophy.
Shefali:Thank you so much Sir.

Kumar Sanu:I should thank all of you for giving me a chance to enjoy with you all.
Preeti:So humble.
Pandit:Down to earth.

Kumar Sanu sang with Pandit,Arjun,Preeti and Shefali.

Sameer Naina,Ali Riya,Manoj Swati played Dandiya.

Sanan sanan..
Sanan sanan..
Sanan sanan..
Dholida dholida
Dhol hayya ma vaage vage dholida
Dolida dolida
Dhol hayya ma vaage vage dholida

Sanan sanan jaaye re jiya garbe ki raath mein
Chudi khankai tune aathi hi baath mein
Sanan sanan jaaye re jiya garbe ki raath mein
Chudi khankai tune aathi hi baath mein
Garbe ki raath piya dhadke mera jiya
Keh de na aaj tu hai mere saat mein

Dholida dhol vaage, vaage vaage re
Dholida dhol vaage, vaage vaage re
Hayya maa vaage vage, dhol vaage re
Hayya maa vaage vage, dhol vaage re
Dolida dolida
Dhol hayya ma vaage vaage dholida
Dholida dholida
Dhol hayya ma vaage vaage dholida
Gir gir gir ke aayi barish barsaath ma
Udey udey udey jiya gori tere saath ma

Ghir ghir ghir ke aayi barish barsaath maa
Udey udey udey jiya gori tere saat maa
Naino ki dori se haaye
Kheenche kyun chori se haaye
Naino ki dori se, kinche kyon chori se
Aise muje tadpaye haaye

Garbe ki raat piya dhadke mera jiya
Keh de na aaj tu hai mere saat mein
Dholida dhol vage, vage vage re
Dholida dhol vage, vage vage re
Hayya ma vage vage, dhol vage re
Hayya ma vage vage, dhol vage re

The teachers too did Dandiya dance.

Dholida dholida
Dolida dolida
Dholi dholi dholi vaage dholida
Dolida vaage dolida
Dholida dholida

Dhol hayya ma vage vage dholida
Dholida dholida
Dhol hayya ma vage vage dholida

(Loveyatri )

Kumar Sanu:You all made this evening so colourful.
Principal:You made our evening very grand.Thank you for coming here Sir.
They took photographs with Kumar Sanu.

After some days…

Naina threw a birthday bash for her friends….

All were enjoying the party while Sameer Arjun were busy gazing at Naina who
has worn a cute frock.Sameer and Arjun could’nt take their eyes off her. look beautiful.
Naina blushed.

The others called Sameer and he went with them.Arjun went near Naina.
Arjun:You look pretty Naina.

Naina:Thank you Arjun.

Manoj was lost in Swati’s stylish look.
Manoj:Wah Swati.You look like a Bollywood Diva.
Swati posed like a model:Really?
Manoj:Ya Swati.Absolutely stunning.

But why are you posing as if a photographer is going to click your pictures.
Swati:Since you said that I look like a Bollywood Diva I thought you will take my photographs.
Swati showed a puppy face.
Manoj:Oh really?No problem.I will do that now.
He took his phone.Swati’s face blossomed like a flower and she posed for photographs.

Naina cut the cake and fed Sameer.
Sameer held her closer and they had a cute side hug.

Arjun became jealous.Then she fed all other Golden flies.

NAINA:Sameer…where is my birthday gift?

He smiled:Here is your favourite birthday gift.The birthday gift you want from me every year…

He took the guitar and started singing looking at her.

‘Chaand sitare phool aur khushboo ye to saare puraane hain
Taaza taaza kali khili hai hum uske deewne hain
Arre kaali ghatayein barkha saawan
O kaali ghatayein barkha saawan
Ye to sab afsane hain
Taaza taaza kali khili hai hum uske deewne hain

Andaz hai uske naye naye, hai naya naya deewanapan
Andaz hai uske naye naye, hai naya naya deewanapan
Pehnane taj jawaani ka hanske laut gaya bachpan
Geet ghazal sab kal ki baatein
O geet ghazal sab kal ki baatein
Uske naye taraane hain
Taaza taaza kali khili hai hum uske deewne hain

Naina ‘s eyes were completely on him.She was smiling through out while Sameer’s eyes were fixed on Naina while singing.

Hai roop mein itna saadapan, to kitna sundar hoga mann
Hai roop mein itna saadapan, to kitna sundar hoga mann
Bin gahnein aur singaar bina vo to lagti hai dulhan
Kaajal bindiya kangan jhumke
O kaajal bindiya kangan jhumke
Ye to guzare zamane hain
Taaza taaza kali khili hai hum uske deewne hain

Chaand sitare phool aur khushboo ye to saare puraane hain
Taaza taaza kali khili hai hum uske deewne hain
Arre kali ghatayein barkha saawan
Ye to sab afsane hain
Taaza taaza kali khili hai hum uske deewne hain(Kaho na pyar ha).

The song got over and everyone clapped their hands.Naina could not stop clapping hands even after everyone stopped it.She came back to senses and became shy.Sameer smiled.
Sameer:Are you happy now Naina?

Naina:I am really happy Sameer.You gave me the best birthday gift today also.I always get costly gifts on my birthday.But I got such priceless gifts only from my friends.
They all smiled.

Shefali went near Sameer:Shall we dance together Sameer?


They both started dancing.Naina became uncomfortable.Arjun was relieved as Sameer was with Shefali.He went towards Naina:Shall we dance?

She nodded her head.He became happy.They started dancing together.

‘Kahin To.. Kahin To.
Hogi Woh
Duniya Jahan Tu Mere Saaath Hain

Sameer and Naina’s eyes followed each other unknowingly while their dance partners were deeply engrossed in their dance.Sameer and Naina were feeling uncomfortable seeing each other with some one else.They did’nt know why.

Chaha Mein Chaha Tu
Aur Jaan Bas Tere Mere Zajbaat Hain
Hogi Jahan Saba Teri
Palkon Ki Kirano Mein
Lori Jahan Chand Ki
Sune Teri Bahon Mein…

Riya pulled Ali for a dance.Ali started dancing with her with discomfort while Riya was enjoying her dance with Ali.

( Jane Na Kahan Woh Duniya Hai
Jane Na Woh Hai Bhi Ya Nahi
Jahan Meri Zindagi Mujhse
Inti Kafa Nahi ) (2)

Sameer Naina imagined dancing with each other.

Saasein Kho Gai Hai Kiski Aahon Mein
Mein Kho Gai Hoon Jane Kiski Baahon Mein
Manzilon Se Rahe Dhondte Chali

Aur Kho Gai Hai Manzil Kahin Rahon Mein
Kahin To Kahin To Hai Nasha
Teri Meri Har Mulakat Mein ..’{Jaane tu ya jaane na).

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