Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS-Episode 6

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Abhay:[Abhay asked Ranveer to have seat Oberoi brothers notice Ranveer]Have a seat I’ll get water for you[Abhay walks into the kitchen]

Shivaay:[Oberoi brothers came near Ranveer and Shivaay asked]What brings you here,Ranveer?[Abhay came back with a glass of water and handed it to Ranveer]

Abhay:[Abhay noticed Ranveer was wearing civilian clothes so he asks]You are wearing civilian clothes so is this casual visit or official one? And by the way congratulations for your promotion ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa[Ranveer smiled at Abhay]

Ranveer:honestly I didn’t thought that I would have got back this position this sooner after whatever stunts I pulled with Oberois[Abhay interrupted him]

Abhay:[Abhay said with a joyful voice]and here we are again a dashing ACP and a rookie lawyer

Rudra:[Rudra was confused]wait a minute I thought you were ACP then what’s this promotion back story [Abhay answered Rudra as he thought that it would have been difficult for Ranveer to answer this]

Abhay:[Abhay sat  beside Ranveer on sofa opposite to which Oberoi brothers were sitting and said]After Ranveer’s fake marriage drama and the Daksh things were gone public DGP set an inquiry on him by the time enquiry completed investigation Ranveer managed to prove his innocence and was transferred and when he was transferred back here he was promoted[Abhay looks at Ranveer and says]why are here but you should be celebrating your promotion[Ranveer chuckled at Abhay’s words]

Ranveer:[Ranveer looks at Abhay and says]I got a day off today so I thought that I should check on you[Ranveer looks at Shivaay and says]and that’s why I am here but didn’t expected you to drop by but it’s good that we met here.Saved me a visit to Oberoi mansion.[Abhay got confused Ranveer looked at everyone’s faces one by one and said]Roop is dead[Shivaay,Omkara and Rudra were shocked where as Abhay was feeling little guilty]

Abhay:[Abhay asked in low voice]when did she died?

Ranveer:[Ranveer hesitated for moment as he wasn’t allowed to give full details about it but he thought what harm could it do telling all present there]her body was found this morning.She hanged herself from the ceiling three of the inmates confirm that she did it herself[Abhay interrupted]

Abhay:[he said with heavy sarcasm in his tone]and you believed in the fairy tale they told you I thought you were smarter than this[Ranveer defends himself ]

Ranveer:[Ranveer in obvious voice]what else I was suppose to do? I know Roop would never commit suicide but jailer has already submitted the report file is closed[Omkara interrupted Ranveer]

Omkara:[Omkara said with doubtful tone]you mean to say that she was murdered[Omkara looked at Ranveer and Ranveer looked at Abhay]

Abhay:[Abhay leaned forward keeping his elbows on his knees]where do you think Roop got all the money to buy that bunglow where she arranged a marriage,all of those security

Omkara:[Omkara tried to sound positive but he was not]maybe she must’ve taken it from Dad and chote papa

Abhay:[Abhay nodded in negative and said]she knew a lot of secrets of a lot of important people but she blackmailed them[Ranveer completed the rest of part for Oberoi brothers]

Ranveer:[Ranveer said in deep voice]Roop being jail means she would have let out all those secrets and just to avoid that someone murdered her in jail[Ranveer looked at Abhay with little amazement]

Shivaay:[All the Oberoi brothers stand up] I think we should leave now[Omkara,Rudra and Shivaay left from there]

Abhay:[as soon as Oberoi brothers left Abhay turned to Ranveer and said]  I want to talk to you about Kapadia murder case[Ranveer was shocked,because no one was supposed to know until tomorrow that Kapadia murder case was assigned to Ranveer]

[son of a politician murdered Mr.Kapadia’s son that case was first case Ranveer was assigned after his recent promotion and Abhay wanted to fight that case because the Defence lawyer i.e., lawyer of politician’s son was Khurana.Khurana defeated Abhay in case where Abhay’s client was innocent and Khurana manipulated the evidence and won the case Abhay swore that he would Khurana pay to let an innocent bear punishment for a crime that he never committed]

Ranveer:[Ranveer asked Abhay surprised tone]how the hell do you know about it?I was assigned the case just yesterday[Abhay had no interest in answering Ranveer]

Abhay:[Abhay called Amaya who was on upper floor and asked her to bring a file down to him Amaya brought the file handed it to Abhay]


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