Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS-Episode 10

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[It’s been a week days since Amaya is living at Abhay’s house she didn’t come back Shivaay and other family members tried to talk to her but in vain.Abhay met her and tried to reason with her that there is nothing to be angry about whatever happened between them but Amaya was stubborn.Shivaay and Anika had visited Dr.Anju,who told Anika about her pregnancy complications and explained Shivaay and Anika both how to take care of both child and mother.Anika was nervous and afraid about everything going on]


Anika:[Anika was sitting on bed with her legs folded and Shivaay sitting in front of her] Shivaay,are you not afraid?[Shivaay gave her a confused look]about what the doctors are saying. I am afraid.I am afraid that I’m not gonna be good mother[Anika had tear drop trickle down her face]or I am not gonna be mother at all

Shivaay:[Shivaay said in stern voice]Anika[Shivaay kept his hands on Anika’s cheeks and said]you said it today but from this moment you will never even think of anything like that [Anika put her face down but Shivaay lifted her face and said]Anika it’s just a small complication with enough care we can go through it and you are gonna be a wonderful mom [Shivaay said in playful voice]but then I have to be strict father I will have to do all the scolding and shouting[Anika’s expression changed and she went along with Shivaay’s little argument]

Anika:[Anika said taking Shivaay’s hands down from her cheeks]No Shivaay I am warning you if you even dare scold my baby I will make you regret it[Shivaay looked at Anika’s stomach]

Shivaay:[Shivaay kept hand on Anika’s stomach and said]look at your mom baby she has decided to give all of her love to you and nothing for poor old papa[Shivaay pretended to be sad]

Anika:[Anika removed Shivaay’s hand and chuckled at Shivaay’s antics]Shivaay you know what Rudy should have seen this whenever he tells you that you’re getting old you hit him and now finally you accepted that you are getting old[Shivaay was happy to see Anika laugh for him Anika was more important than anything.Shivaay wanted Anika to enjoy every moment of her pregnancy so he decided that Anika is going to have best 8 months of her life]


[Abhay was on call with Devansh.Devansh was trying hard to patch up between Amaya and Abhay since past few days.]

Abhay:[Abhay standing near window and holding phone to his right ear]Dev I can’t believe that she asked you to stand down and you are still defending her you are impossible

Devansh:[Devansh was driving his car the call was going on through car’s smart system and Devansh was with Aakriti.Abhay was not aware of her being in car as she was sleeping Devansh didn’t wanted to wake her so he talked in low tone]God you siblings are same when I talk to her about you she says I am defending you and it’s viceversa with you why can’t you people just talk like grown ups.Okay,here is the thing she asked me to stand down from proposal so I did there is no need for you to be angry on her for my decision[Abhay interrupted Devansh]

Abhay:[Abhay speaked in a little bit loud voice]Dev, I am not angry because she asked you to wait I am angry because she did it because she wants me to marry first and i fail to see that how does it matters to her or to anyone that I marry or not[Aakriti was awake due to Abhay’s voice she heard what Abhay said]

Aakriti:[Aakriti felt she needs to make Abhay realize that his action affect people who care about him she saw Abhay’s name onscreen and said]Okay,Abhay.I am Aakriti look Abhay it’s none my business but still as an experienced person I would like to tell you that maybe you don’t care for your sister but your sister cares for you and that is why it matters to her that she leaves you with a life partner to take care of you and not alone just to be some lonely person got it try thinking over what I said and instead of talking to her on phone talk to her face to face[she disconnects the call and says to Devansh]I didn’t knew that you proposed Amaya since when did you started hiding things from me

Devansh:[Devansh replied while looking at road]right from when you started hiding things from me[there was silence in car for all while and both were looking at the road in front]


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