Girls On Top 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahir and Azher play video game, Azher tells Sahir that in real life he is going to lose as he heard a lot about Sahir’s anger. Sahir laughs at his reputation, he tells Azher he hit a lot of men but with reasons. Azher advices him to take care of his anger, reputation matters. Sahir says he wonders if he changes a lot, nature would also question him. Azher warns him to be left a single angry young man; he says they are both same, just their style of expressing is different. Sahir goes to kitchen to cook something, he demands Azher why he wants Gia to go to party when Gia doesn’t like this all. Azher says he wants Gia to understand and get introduced to the new world, this way she may be able to take her decision easily. He calls Sahir happy that he and Isha belong to same world.
Rave comes to flat and asks Guru what the hell this is, she hugs him saying she was crazy finding him. She tells Guru she was really afraid that he left Mumbai. Guru was shocked, then confirms if she was really looking for him? Rave asks the details? Guru tells her that his house’s lease finished, and the landlord didn’t let him stay for a single minute. He takes her permission to keep his luggage at her flat. Rave says sure and takes him inside. She inquires where he is going to stay. Guru says he can stay at a station may be. Rave decided he is staying here.
Ashima and the designer appreciates Shreya’s body to be perfect. Shreya calls it a treasure saying boys wander behind body of girls. Isha looks behind at herself in the mirror, then leaves. UV gets Isha and Rave’s message about not being unwell, he compliments both girls got unwell together. The girls hurry to Gia, she was worried for party. Isha says only six days are left for her contract, and Gia is after her party. Gia shares her worry for clothes, the girls set for shopping. At the end of the day, they were left upset for not finding a dress. They come to studio, thinking UC must have gone. Ashima comes in, Isha informs the girls that since they can’t afford the dress they will get first copy. The designer shows them the dress, they all like it. Gia cheers that it almost looks real. Gia looks in her bag for her facewash and goes to get ready.
Sahir calls Isha that where should Azher pick Gia up. Isha tells him to come to set. Azher comes draped in bearded costume. Sahir suggests him to either go just in time or late as girls take time to get ready. Azher compliments his understanding of girls. Isha and girls compliment Gia to be looking lovely. Sahir calls Isha that they have reached. Sahir says that Azher’s disguise have a benefit that they can go out. Rave, Ashima and Isha hold Gia hidden behind them and tease Azher. They finally reveal Gia, Azher looks towards her, then walks and compliments her to be looking gorgeous. He gifts her with a bouquet of white flowers. Rave suggests about hiding them both, Azher tells her their photo will come in tomorrow’s paper so no point in hiding. They go arm in arm towards the car.
Rave looks towards them, then says atleast Sahir won’t do this for Isha. She asks if he know about chivalry, being gentleman. Sahir says no, Rave says its dead in their generation. They all bid Gia a good bye. Rave and Ashima go inside to get their phones. Sahir asks where Isha is lost, Isha tells him this moment isn’t as happy as it looks. The world Gia is entering is really fake, she wonder what would happen now.

PRECAP: Azher and Gia come together. Azher goes to meet girls, a lady warns Gia to be careful. This industry looks charming, her prince charming would appear to be arriving at a white horse, but it is actually black.

Update Credit to: Sona

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