Girls On Top 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The girls dance around on bed, then head to get ready. Gia sits to clear all the pillow stuffing from inside it. Guru joins her, Gia gives him the good news that Rave isn’t going with Shekhar.
Sahir arrives at the underground dance area and stands silently, Tapasia was clearing around and hits him with her back. She smiles asking if he had been checking her out for so long. Sahir laughs he didn’t get if she was working on a single leg or dancing. He gives her the breakfast he brought for her. She rubs his forehead and takes a chance to kiss. They share a moment.
Gia and Isha arrive, Gia insists on Isha he is just making up. Gia’s phone bell rings, she cheers showing her the caller. Azher asks Gia to come out, he wanted to clear something with her before beginning the work. He asks her to come to same spot they had their first official kiss.
Gia wipes her tears watching Azher and runs to kiss him from the back. Azher hugs her back. Gia says I am sorry, Azher apologizes her as well. He blamed her without knowing the reality, he over reacted and got angry over her. Gia apologizes for not thinking over the consequences of this article of their relation. Azher was upset after whatever happened, his mother would never accept them. He tells Gia they both are important for him, she needs to understand what he is going through. Gia assures her side with him, always. Azher kiss the back of her hand, and promises each other to share what bothers each of them. There is a love confession and they kiss each other.
Guru talks to Isha who was lost with Sahir and Tapasia talking to each other. Guru shares an idea of surprise plan with her which she doesn’t hear. Sahir cheer watching Azher and Gia enter together, Tapasia welcomes the love birds. They all work over setting the place. Gia calls Nadia to tell her everything has gone fine with him and inquires about Maryam’s schedule. Nadia tells her she has to attend a party at night.
In the evening, Isha comes behind to see Sahir and Tapasia leave together. Gia comes out and ask if she talked to Sahir. Isha says he left with Tapasia already. Gia suggests may be he did this to make her jealous, she suggests her to go to Sahir’s house as she is sure he must have dropped Tapasia on the next stop, and going his home would prove she is ready to take their relation to next level. Azher joins them asking about Guru. Isha tells them that they must go home late today, as Guru is about to give Rave a susprise.
At home, Rave was frustrated and scolds Guru for arranging this all. She clarifies over him to get away from him, she needs a lot of space and has no space for Shekhar or Guru. She gets inside the room. Sahir and Tapasia were watching the dance video together. Tapasia goes to get coffee, but brings beer for them both. Sahir takes a sip. Tapasia feels it would take a whole night to select. Sahir suggests her to stay here, Tapasia shares she has noticed he has changed a lot in the last few days. Sahir accepts it feels nice and comfortable whenever they are together. Tapasia asks if she kiss him, would he kiss her back. Sahir says yes, Tapasia allows him not to kiss her back if he doesn’t feel like. They share an eye lock. Sahir assures she has got a place for herself in his heart, she would rule is soon. Tapasia cheers as its really romantic. Tapasia says I love you, while Sahir kiss her forehead saying I like you.
At home, Isha was practicing in front of mirror to speak to Sahir that I love you, please forgive me. Rave hears this practice, she suggests her to go and kiss him and he would forgive her. Isha cheers this isn’t a bad idea, Rave begins to tell her a better idea but she wasn’t interested. Gia comes in black veil, they inquire but she promises to share every detail later. The girls wish her luck.
Riffat Bi and Faisal were worried outside that it would be really difficult if someone figures out something. Gia comes out, Faisal hands her all the letters. Gia thanks them before turning to leave. Azher had been spying on her veiled face with a torch light from the roof. Gia sat on the floor, then spots Azher upstairs.

PRECAP: Sahir and Tapasia share some intimate time together.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. such a hell episode… hate it…. sahir nd taps hate tht relation….. hate it.. plz stop this damm hating story line.. hate it..

  2. Dis episodes such a hell sahir and taps not looks gud together sahir and isha amzing and crazy chemistry plz un dono ko paas lao not taps

  3. We want to watch sahi n esha love not tapas say she is like kabab me haddi

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