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Isha and Gia hush Azher and Sahir. Guard tells Mr. Mathew the veiled lady came here, they won’t open the door. Inside, they fight with the veil while it get up on the furnace. Isha takes Sahir to hide, while Gia takes the veil off and help Azher with it. Sahir and Azher were stuck in the curtain. Azher tells Gia this veil is difficult to wear, Gia anyway brings them to shower area and lock them inside.
Isha opens the door, Mr. Mathew asks if some veiled woman came here. Isha asks if he won’t allow any veiled woman inside, isn’t it discrimination. Mr. Mathew asks about checking in their home. Gia and Isha goes to save the washroom door. The girls tell Mr. Mathew Rave is bathing inside, Mr. Mathew insists to check inside. Gia and Isha calls Rave inside, that Mr. Mathew wants to come inside. Azher speaks from inside in a girl’s voice calling him names and demands Gia and Isha to call police. Mr. Mathew leaves. Azher and Sahir come out, Gia says she must not watch his film. Isha wonders how they will now go out. Sahir suggests about giving another flat’s address and flee. Gia says it’s risky for them to come here in future. Azher suggests about another plan, so that he can meet Gia without media’s interruption.
Sahir explains to Azher this is a small room, Azher says its middle class but it’s amazing. Sahir asks if he would really be able to manage. Azher says he would manage, if one has clarity in life about what one needs to achieve, then coming out of one’s comfort zone is easy. Sahir warns Azher to keep his reputation in this society, and not let anyone know about his presence here. He tells Azher he was kicked out of four societies before because of girls. Azher gets that Isha changed him. Sahir offers Azher to go and change. The next morning, Sahir watches the whole house stuffed with boxes of makeup and hair products. There is a door bell, Sahir opens the door to a bearded, capped young man. He removes his cap and glasses for Sahir to give way, and tells him he went for jogging. Sahir asks if with beard, Azher says he has no other option. Gia and Isha come inside, Gia watches Azher removing his beard. Isha confirms if they settled here? Both say yes. Azher asks for their help, if they have come here. Isha and Gia head to set all the boxes.
Gia comes to office and watches coffee on her table. Gia brings it to Diana saying may be someone forgot this on her table. Diana says she left them there for Gia. She inquires Gia about secret girl friend, if she thought about signing the offer? Gia denies signing.
Sahir cooks while Isha was with him. He asks if Azher eats eggs? Isha doesn’t know. Sahir shares with her that Azher is really different, he won’t ever use so many products in life. Isha smiles finally. Sahir was relieved. Isha was worried she would leave her job in sixteen days. She has no ideas, Sahir assures it will click. She must be positive, then notices the break he was cooking had burnt. He burns his hand in quest of saving it.
Diana curtly asks Gia how dare she said a no to her? If no signing, or with some other news. Gia says no signing or interviews with anyone. She insists she is a normal girl, she lives a simple life and doesn’t want any fame. Diana says alright, then where are her scoops? Gia denies. Diana suggests her to do Sahir and Shreya’s interview. Gia calls it a fake story, no one’s interested. Diana shows her the video and comments about Sahir and Shreya. She shouts at her to get her the interview as fans don’t lie. Gia and Guru come to production house. Isha says may be Mumbai Masala has no scoop, they come for an interview on a daily basis. Guru asks about Rave, Isha says she is again late. UC comes to ask Isha about Raveti. Gia was sure Rave must be in the way. Isha says she is sure she must have come for Sahir and Shreya’s interview, she was curt at UC. Gia says no one gave money for this interview, it’s a demand of Sahir and Shreya’s fans. Girls are crazy after them, girls are worshipping them already. Isha was upset.

PRECAP: Rave comes asking how dare she bang the door at her? Isha argues she doesn’t want to talk to her. Rave complains how she did it in front of all those people. There, UC asks Rave to look at him and not Isha, she can’t help. Isha leaves.

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