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Girls On Top 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rave comes outside, they explain to Rave that Sahir wants a chance with Isha, Azher says actually Isha wants a chance with Sahir. Both Isha and Sahir were offensive. Rave wasn’t interested, she asks how she is looking. Sahir recognizes it as Isha’s dress, Rave agrees and asks them to wish her luck. Isha and Gia were upset, Rave explains she has a feeling that Shekhar has changed. Sahir asks Rave to make it clear to Guru if she is serious about Shekhar. Rave looks towards them all.
There, Guru walked on road listening to music alone, thinking about Rave. He cries sitting on the beach.
Rave asks Shekhar about boys’ night out, Shekhar says its fine. Shekhar tells Rave that her hairstyle isnt working, with this hairstyle no one would consider her as a DJ. He asks to order something and calls the waiter to bring two salads. Rave says she won’t have salad, she isn’t a bed rest. Shekhar place his hand over hers asking if she can’t do this. Rave asks the waiter to put on mayo sauce, but Shekhar forbids as it is unhealthy and Rave has already put on wait.
Azher was practicing his lines in an open restaurant, Gia hid her face behind a book. The waiter brings their order, Azher repeats his sentence to him. The waiter apologizes but Azher asks him to keep the tray and leave. Gia wasn’t comfortable with the dialogues of Azher’s new film, Azher tells Gia that there is a difference between the dialogues of a film and magazine writing. Gia day dreams about a scene in which Azher comes in police attire, puts on glasses, cracks her fingers then assures the prisoner he is a follower of Gandhi. He will teach him to make baskets but won’t hit him. Gia stands up cheerfully, she suggests Azher to bring a shift to the character and make him a non-violent one. Azher tells her that the script has been locked, and he won’t break the rules to change it now.
There, Ashima comes to tell Isha that Sahir is packing his bags to leave somewhere. Isha hurries behind him and calls him on stairs. He doesn’t stop, she questions how he can go on a leave without informing her; their new show is about to start. Sahir shows her the permission letter. Isha asks how he can leave her alone, if he ever thought how she will manage it all alone. Sahir demands if she ever thinks about him? Isha calls it strictly professional. Sahir reminds her that its only because of him he was dragged in this stupid commitment. He can’t pose there is everything normal between them. Isha wonders how he can he be so immature. Sahir accepts he is immature, disloyal and irresponsible. Isha argues this isn’t them, Sahir says he has no patience to bear this relationship anymore; he is done with her. Isha was upset.
At night, Gia and Isha were in café. Gia asks Isha if Rave must be as friendly with Guru as she is. Isha suggests that Rave should leave him alone. Gia qualifies she isn’t either with Sahir or is leaving him. If they don’t have any personal reason why is she upset? This time she needs to give Sahir a chance, he had no mistake this time. Isha accepts that it’s her mistake this time, she has been hurting him. Gia says that love needs communication, she must communicate Sahir that she loves him. Isha thinks about all the times Sahir expressed his love.
The next morning, Isha hurries to Sahir’s house. She realized it was time to take tough road with love and clear everything with Sahir. Sahir was packing his bag when the doorbell rings. He asks Isha what she is doing here, Isha enters and closes the door behind. She hugs him crying that I love you so much. She says I am sorry, Sahir cups her face. Isha accepts her mistake. He smiles, then leaves her and tells her to go. Isha requests him as she has realized it was all her mistake. Sahir says she was again forget about it, he is fed up. Sahir demands how many times he must trust her, he feels scared now that today she is saying a yes and tomorrow he won’t be a part of her life. He was frustrated and says he can’t do it anymore. Sahir demands her to move in with him, and give him another chance. Isha asks if this is a condition.

PRECAP: Azher tells Isha that Sahir has left somewhere. Isha asks what in disbelief.

Update Credit to: Sona

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