Girls On Top 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 22nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nadia and Gia were sitting together, Diana comes in wondering if she has given a job to her. Nadia turns to leave, Diana push her back saying she know why she came here. Nadia says she came for story narration, but she is getting a little late. Diana insists on her to keep sitting as this time she want to hear the complete story. Nadia tells Diana that there is a confusion in a scene, there is a conflict between mother in law say M and Gia G; M has a dark past, G know about it and is trying to dig proofs, but the problem is that G told M she know about her past. Nadia shares they aren’t getting what story should be. Diana thinks for a while, then suggests G must get out of sight for some time. Then hope M has forgotten about the incident, before reappearing after some tie later. The girls cheer, calling Diana the best.
Sahir comes to confront Isha, she informs there are no meetings. Sahir smiles, then asks her to come with him, he has to show that he and Taps has prepared a dance act which she must approve. Isha makes up she is really busy. Sahir asks why she is running away. Isha approves the act, Sahir asks Isha why she approved the act without watching it, is it because he and Taps are in it. Isha agrees to go.
In Gia’s office, Gia’s colleagues demand her to play Azher’s trailer. They were all discussing Azher’s looks. Diana asks Gia if she has seen Shola’s trailer, its trending on social media. She wants Gia to review this trailer, Gia asks how she can. Diana says she want her readers to know what a girlfriend think about the trailer.
Sahir and Isha come downstairs, he was excited and informs Tapasia Isha is really excited to see their new routine. Isha gives Tapasia a thumbs up. They settle to dance. After the dance, Sahir takes two minutes from them and asks Isha to stay here. Tapasia comes to hug Isha, thanking that its because of her Sahir got close to her. She accepts that manipulating Sahir seems wrong, Isha qualifies everything is fair in love and war.
At home, Rave was packing. Guru asks for some help. Guru apologizes, and accepts he is an idiot, a jerk. Rave asks if he know the meaning of jerk, Guru accepts he doesn’t know. Rave insists he is also an idiot and stupid, she was really angry. Guru apologizes. Rave explains to Guru that Isha and Gia aren’t stopping her from going, because they understanding she has strived all her life for this break. Guru tells Rave that the mind understands, but heart would take some time. Rave gets weepy that he would keep on apologizing, and hugs him.
Sahir comes behind Isha and questions if she is thinking how to play cupid again? Isha takes a leave, Sahir stops her asking if she isn’t helping Taps? He warns her not to dare lie. Isha insists that Tapasia is a good girl, he will be happy with her. Sahir asks if she wants him to move on, has Isha moved on. Isha says she has moved on, she knew Tapasia was going to propose him still she came to the party. Sahir asks if Tapasia is the right girl for him, then what about him? He comes close to Isha reminding how bad he is, then turns away to leave.
At night, Gia sat in Diana’s office. Diana asks who has written this, if Gia the girlfriend or Gia the journalist. Shola, the best trailer of this year. She asks if Gia actually, Gia think this is the best trailer of the recent times. Gia accepts this article was written by Gia, the girlfriend. Diana scolds that she had hired a much intelligent girl. Gia promises to write the article again.
Shekhar arrives at Guru’s room, and takes his permission to come inside. He asks Guru to be happy, Guru says he is happy Rave’s career is being made. But he isn’t happy as she is going with him. Shekhar assures Rave would mail him all the photos and videos of their outings. Guru tells Shekhar he really respect Rave, but not her likings. Shekhar laughs at Guru that he think there is something between him and Rave, but actually there is nothing. Actually, Rave is very difficult and stubborn, one has to play a big game to win her over. Guru punches Shekhar. Shekhar still taunts that Guru can’t do anything else, he wants Rave to stay around her so that finally Rave accepts he is her dream prince. Rave only wandered in weddings being with him, but he is developing her career. Rave heard this all from outside.
The next morning, Maryam shows Azher the review. She comes to Azher asking if he now understood Gia is only a Bollywood journalist who use him as source of news.

PRECAP: Sahir tells Tapasia he doesn’t love her and doesn’t want to be her biggest mistake. Gia explains to Azher she already didn’t like Shola script, it’s a typical Bollywood movie. Azher asks what is she doing with them then, and walks away from her. Gia even slips behind but he doesn’t turn around. Sahir dances in front of Tapasia.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. G and M story was just epic ????? but I don’t think maryam will forget ??? I would like to say again that coz of isha and sahir they both are hurting taps feelings ??? sholaa hahahaha ????????sholaa???? seriously ??? salute to guru ???? I could never understand shekhar’s character but now I understood he such big evil ??? good that rave heard everything but now God knows how she’ll take it ???? maryam is ever ready to talk bad about gia . Idiot ????
    Precap- OMG OMG was is azhia’s breakup? ????? The way azhar went ohhhhh nooooo

  2. oohh…what a precap-sahir look so sweet

  3. kisi ko ea episode accha na hi laga???!!

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