Girls On Top 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rave calls Guru to get a face wash for Gia, Gia stood with a face pack. Isha lay in the bed upset, they come to her saying Isha must be feeling bad watching Tapasia and Sahir together. Gia questions Isha why is she sulking when she herself sent Tapasia near Sahir. Isha insists that Tapasia is the right choice for Sahir, then warns Gia to be careful in her mystery plan against Maryam.
Sahir hears Tapasia thanking Isha, as it has been possible because of her. Isha says she know Sahir is desperate, Tapasia thanks Isha for giving her Sahir’s intimate details.
Gia insists the cook to let her help, the old lady asks Gia to go away as this isn’t her place. Gia asks Iffat Bi about this house. Iffat Bi allows her to ask what she want to know, Maryam comes calling her and was shocked watching her in the kitchen. She was about to scold Gia when Azher comes in. Iffat Bi tells them Gia was insisting to cook something for them. Maryam allows her to cook the whole food today, she counters Iffat that she is going to be a part of their family. Maryam announces Gia will cook for tonight, without any help and leave. Azher confirms if Gia would be able to do everything alone, she replies yeah. Maryam calls Azher outside, Iffat Bi confirms if Gia would do it alone? Gia truly replies, she doesn’t know.
Sahir knocks the door, then says he didn’t know Tapasia wasn’t alone here. Isha stops him as she is about to leave. Sahir brings Tapasia a gift, she cheers and goes to open it. Sahir stops Isha, speaking about the video tapes, then about the boss. Isha takes a leave. Tapasia opens up the red dress by then calling it super s*xy, Sahir stops Isha asking her consent if Tapasia would look s*xy in it? Tapasia goes to try it, he jerks Isha’s hand leaving it. Sahir invites Tapasia his place at 9.30. They hug.
Rave and Shekhar come to office asking about Gia. Guru tells them that Gia isn’t here. Rave cheerfully tells him that Shekhar suggested about publishing an ad in the magazine about their company. Guru clearly tells Shekhar that they have a whole team to decide what is good for their company, they don’t need Shekhar’s advices.
Gia was working in the kitchen, Azher comes to hug her from behind. Gia was irritated, Azher wonders since when she got so short tempered. Gia insists on him to understand she is really busy. Azher says his kitchen fantasy is going to get true. Gia tells Azher that his mother dislikes her, so their wish about getting the family closer won’t be fulfilled. Azher tells Gia to give his mother a chance. Gia understands, about to give her a chance. Azher gets close to Gia when Nadia interferes. He informs Azher about an interview lined up, Azher leaves. Nadia comes to Gia wondering why she is involving him in all this negativity. Nadia tells Gia she has a plan for dinner tonight. In the kitchen, Guru, Rave and Isha were hurriedly cooking. They transport the dishes from the window to Azher’s house. On the dinner table, Azher was getting restless about the dinner. Maryam stares at Gia.
At Sahir’s house, Tapasia arrive wearing the outfit he had gifted. She turns to him to tie the knot, hugging him as they both get intimate. Tapasia looks into his eyes romantically, sharing she loves his passion. She push him down on bed and lay besides him. Sahir sits up saying they both must know each other well, before jumping into something. Tapasia says she respect that. Sahir tries to stand up and hurt her leg, she screams. He holds it in concern, apologizing. Tapasia smiles towards him while Sahir gets a cold pack. Tapasia asks him to be honest, he hasn’t still commented how she looks. Sahir calls her beautiful. Tapasia says 99% boys say s*xy, he chose beautiful. She fell on the bed backwards, saying she is in love. Sahir laughs.
Gia serves Azher with some food, Maryam only stares. She apologizes Azher for the morning, Azher was alright with it, and he likes her anger. Maryam demands if she has fallen so downtrodden that she would go to such an extent. Gia responds if she accepted the challenge, she must have the guts to face defeat as well. Maryam says she hates her guts, Gia replies Maryam’s personality is hateful. She blackmails her loved ones, the way she played with her husband is worth hateful. Maryam stands up in rage, how dare she discussed about her husband. Gia tells her she will bring to front her letters one day, it would be in Maryam’s benefit if she stop playing games between her and Azher.

PRECAP: Isha was upset watching Sahir and Tapasia dance intimately. Guru slaps Shekhar hard. Maryam tells Azher that Gia only came close to him for stories.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Ok I really liked today’s episode!!!!!! I don’t know why gia was so mad to help the cook I think to find some information ??? but wait our darling maryam hahahahaha she gave her the responsibility to cook the dinner for everyone ????? I was like bhot shock tha na help kar na ka liya ab karo ????? bechara azhar babu had come again for some romance but he got to see gia’s anger ???? but wait the plan to save gis was epic !!!! Rave?? but at last way am epic fight between maryam OMG typical sassa bahu fight ????? taps and sahir ???? I feel sahir is playing with taps feelings ????
    Precap – why did guru slap shekhar ??? I knew that now maryam will do this .

    1. Wat a **

    2. What a *

  2. what a episode yaar…. y cnt this isha nd sahir be together. so bad… for us…. hmm whn r they going to be together…

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