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Azher considers love as the biggest religion, he argues with Maryam but Gia and others come to apologize her, they didn’t consider her consent. Isha says they don’t want to begin their start up with a false note, they have this house only because of her and Azher. Maryam says that only a sorry doesn’t make things right. Maryam looks towards Azher, then says she isn’t against anyone’s belief or religion, now she think they consider her sentiments. She will now arrange for a Quran Khwani for their success. After Quran Khwani Maryam announces an all the best to all of them, she would pray for them. After she has left, they were relieved. Tapasia takes a leave, Isha asks her to call Sahir to drop her. She calls Sahir who agrees at once, Isha watches this from the window. She slips at the door, Sahir laughs that this was deliberate.
Gia comes to Maryam questioning why she hates her so much. Maryam says Gia isn’t a good choice for Azher, still she wants to take this challenge on. Maryam was sure Azher would never leave her, Gia trusts her love completely. She walks back thinking she must collect the proofs tonight.
Tapasia comes to Sahir where he was dancing. He asks why she didn’t inform him. She asks if she had to such a hot vision then, Sahir forbids anymore flirting then notices the bag in her hand. It was food, she brings out candles then a pack of sushi. Sahir asks how she know about this, Tapasia tells him this is her favorite. She tells Sahir she never experiment with her food, but Japanese food is heaven. Tapasia wonders how people even eat salads mixing them with olive oil. Sahir asks if she also hates olive oil. Tapasia says absolutely. She makes a bad face while gulping one, as she recall Isha told her on phone that Sahir loves Sushi. Sahir notices her face, she insists she loves it.
At night, Gia enters Azher’s house from the window, she hear some servants speak that Azher and Maryam would be late. She hear a horn ring, then watches Maryam come to her room. As Maryam goes to washroom, Gia runs into another room. Azher comes out of the back, Gia watches him dress up and get to bed. She then jumps out of the wardrobe and goes out.
The next morning, Guru was serving breakfast. Rave comes out cheerful about the grand breakfast. She asks if this is for her, he nods. Rave hugs him. Gia and Isha come out of the room and cheer that they had a patch up. Guru shies that he had a strange feeling, he couldn’t live away from her for long. Rave holds her smile back. Shekhar comes in then, Rave goes towards him. Shekhar asks everyone if Rave told them about her US plan, he is aware it must be difficult for them but it’s important for their careers. He asks about continuing with the breakfast, Rave notices Guru walking inside.
In the studio, Sahir laugh what is she wearing such a traditional girlfriend. Tapasia asks what about laughing so much, he likes girls in Indian dresses. Sahir was touched and asks who told her about it. Tapasia walks away saying all boys like girls in Indian attire, it’s a bit hypocritical. Sahir says this isn’t hypocritical, some boys genuinely like this. Sahir sends Tapasia to get his CD, then check Tapasia’s phone wondering when their bonding got so good. He makes a call to Isha, Isha’s first question was if Indian look worked. Tapasia returns with CD, Sahir tells her to change and come out, they will dance outdoor as they need to take it to next level.
Gia and Nadia were together, Diana comes to question why Gia is seen with Nadia more than Azher. Nadia makes up that actually Diana brings her here, she leaves giving a flying kiss to Diana. Diana walks inside.
On the pool side, Tapasia reminds Sahir about their ligament problem. Sahir watches Isha in the mirror waving at Tapasia, then say he isn’t inhumane and know well how to treat her. He holds Tapasia close, Isha watches this with an upset mood. They jump into the pool, Isha almost cry watching them together. Sahir whispers in Tapasia’s ear that it was his biggest mistake to reject her proposal, no girl was equal her and he likes her a lot. They hug, Tapasia cheerful.

PRECAP: Tapasia and Sahir get cozy with each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Azhar is right that love is the biggest religion !!!! I think she only had a problem with G and not with other members of the group ???? I don’t know from which side is gia not prefect for azhar . Maryam is really crazy but I loved the way gia said she trusts her love ????? hhh so sahir came to know the truth but what is his plan next ??? ???? the way gia entered azhar’s house hahahahahahahahah ???????? kaala chasma ?????? but if maryam would see her then it would be a big problem but wait wait why did she go to azhar’s room she could directly to from the main door of May she wanted to see wat she was ?????? the way she was looking at him ?????? Diana and Nadia hahahahahahahahah OMG OMG ????

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