Girls On Top 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahir Basin comes to perform for his finale, he dedicates his song to Isha. Everyone hoots at the lyrics, Isha was moved. After the song, Sahir expresses himself on stage that the things which make him angry are the ones he love. He asks her to accept his love, they all cheer but Isha leaves. The anchor comes to Sahir. Ashima stops Sahir as he walks down the stage, and sends him up on stage. The anchor announces that Shreya was the first member who is going to the band. The second one was Amee, the final member was being announced. Isha watched through the window, as Sahir’s name was announced. Everyone come on stage to congratulate.
The next morning, Gia and Rave were talking with Sahir. The waiter comes to Rae to complain about her pending bill. Rave was ashamed in front of Sahir, Gia assures to pay her bill with a tip in a few days. Rave appreciates Gia’s quality of swinging her mood from anger to getting sweet. Sahir turns to leave, but Gia and Rave stop him and assures him that they will sort his matter. Isha will begin talking him again. Sahir says from now on, Isha must do whatever she needs to.
At home, Isha was complaining Guru and Azher that Sahir put her personal life in public. Now people would again begin talking about them. Azher says it wasn’t easy for Sahir but he did it to impress her. Isha argues that it’s a misconception of boys than girls like larger than life gestures. The boys insist that this time Isha is wrong, but she doesn’t accept.
Gia argues Azher about not understanding Isha’s point of view this time. There, Guru tells Rave that this time Isha was wrong. Azher says Isha insulted Sahir, she should have clearly told him she isn’t interested so that he won’t try. Both Gia and Rave denies accepting it in front of Azher and Guru respectively. Azher doesn’t agree with Gia, she goes to get a magazine behind on the couch while Azher stares at her. He turns to face her and offers to narrate her the story of a new film. Gia cheers. Rave leaves the café, the waitress brings Guru a bill of more than 7 thousands. Guru was about to pay when Rave returns and makes the payment. She questions Guru why he was paying her bill while he was upset. Guru clarifies he is upset by their point of view, not them. Rave hugs him calling him as her real friend.
Isha was in the kitchen when Gia comes to her, she asks to talk to her but Isha doesn’t respond. Gia asks why is she avoiding her and turns her to herself. Isha qualifies she is ignoring her as she doesn’t want to talk about anything. Gia calms her down and offers about talking about something else. Rave comes to announce a good news, Isha asks if it’s serious then no. Gia tells them about Azher’s new film, his character in it is so so so so trashy as it’s a typical Bollywood film. They hear the story intently. Gia confess she lied to him that it’s a nice film. Rave tells them that Guru is really a sweet heart, Gia suggests her to date him. Isha seconds her. Rave gets a call from her mother to tell her that Shikhar is back, he took Rave’s address from her as he wants to meet her first. Rave cheers if he is so interested to see her. Her mother tells her to take care of him if he arrives. Rave announces in excitement that Shikhar is back, Isha and Gia visibly dislike and makes up about some busy schedule. Rave heads to clean her room, Guru dropped the vegetable bag on door. Gia and Isha watch him silently as he leaves keeping the bag in the kitchen. Gia tells Isha they need to do something serious, and makes a call.
Azher was cleaning the house and tells Sahir that Gia is coming. The doorbell rings, Gia and Isha enter. Sahir turns to leave, but Gia stops him. Gia tells them that Shikhar is back in Rave’s life, they brought her out of her past shell with much difficulty, they need their help to reveal the his real face to Rave. Azher qualifies that they must do something for Guru and for love. Sahir taunts love, do they even know its meaning. Gia gets offensive, but Azher explains it wasn’t for her. Isha comes to tell Sahir she had her reasons, Sahir wasn’t ready to listen and they get in an argument. Gia shouts at them to stop it, Azher says it’s time to be together as it’s not about them. Azher says they need to deal this situation together, it’s for Rave and Guru. Isha apologizes, Sahir follows. Gia asks to focus Shikhar and Rave. Gia asks their help, Sahir nods at Azher. They begin Mission Shikhar.

PRECAP: There is a door bell, Rave opens the door to Shekhar in excitement. He stood with the bouquet and bottle. She hugs him. Azher urges Guru to go and fight Shikhar. Isha curses the boys, Sahir leaves asking Isha to look at things coming out of her self-created bubble.

Update Credit to: Sona

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