Girls On Top 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha was crying at home. Gia reminds her about being very strong, Rave assures their support to her.
Sahir was enraged and says this is typical Isha, why can’t he stay beside her. Guru tries to calm him down. Sahir gets on the floor, saying he really wants to be with her. She is in such a big trouble, and she wants him to stay away. He was frustrated about her attitude to handle everything fine. Azher qualifies he know Yuvraj (the celebrity) for a long time, he is a decent guy.
Isha insists that Gia must write an article against Yuvraj, this will make Diana happy as well. They girls get ready at once, Gia then thinks about Azher and says Yuvraj and Azher are colleagues, she has to discuss it with him as well. Isha questions if she doesn’t trust her. Gia insists this is an international newspaper, she can’t be biased. Isha shouts if she has to see how Shreya provoked Yuvraj? Gia says Yuvraj came to the set because of Azher, if they have to fight they have not to appear immature. Isha asks when they have begun to take their professional decisions with the consent of their boyfriends. Gia argues that for once she needs to speak to Azher about it, not about taking his permission.
The next morning, the boss wanders around the conference room. He questions Isha why she behaved immature. Isha argues that Yuvraj was molesting Shreya, she had to hit him. UC comes to inform boss Yuvraj was going to sue the company if they don’t apologize. The boss insists on Isha to apologize, she just saw him holding Shreya not molesting her. UC comes to ask Isha if she saw him molesting Shreya. Isha insists on UC that he was holding Shreya, and she had been crying. She entered the room at her scream. UC qualifies it may be any scream of excitement rather than fear. UC blames Shreya’s character. Isha says he can’t blame a girl’s character for personal favor. The producers remind Isha she has no proof against Yuvraj, and he is a great celebrity. Everyone speak at once and insists on Isha that they can’t go against Yuvraj. The boss shuts them all up, UC shouts that Isha never took this company serious. The boss announces that Isha has a single day, till then she must give a public apology.
There, Gia was in Diana’s office. Diana arrives and inquires her about her own review. Gia says she will give it by herself, she accepts she understood the real meaning of being a boss. Giving orders is easy, but holding the job is a previledge that she hasn’t earned yet. She discuss with Diana about the story. She warns Gia that Yuvraj’s can be badly affected, so she must discuss Azher about it. Azher and Yuvraj are really close, it may affect their relationship negatively.
Sahir comes to Isha and was about to keep a hand over her shoulder. She tells him she doesn’t need any sympathies. Sahir says he heard about the apology issue and it’s a big decision. He tells Isha that Yuvraj is a powerful celebrity, he has powerful friends and fan following, his reputation is at stake so she must take any decision after thinking well about it. Isha was enraged. Sahir argues that Isha’s problem is that she doesn’t let him speak. Sahir accepts being a chauvinist and leaves the room.
Azher was tensed, Gia insists on Azher that Diana also thinks the same. Azher says he sent Yuvraj just for her. If she writes an article against him, the whole industry would go against him. It will be a small set back for him, but Yuvraj’s career would be destroyed. Gia insists that he is guilty. Azher allows her to go on and write a letter, but whatever the consequences be, Gia won’t come for sympathy to him.
Gia sat tensed, Sahir comes to her and asks if she talked to Isha. Gia insists that Isha is Isha, she is emotional and never takes a practical decision. Sahir tells Gia that if Isha takes a decision emotionally, not only they but the whole society would go against her. Gia says Azher also said the same. She shares with Sahir that Isha was already tensed because of her father. Sahir inquires what tension because of him. Gia says a few days ago, her father warned her if she is an associate after 6 months he will take her back. Sahir gets the problem and leaves for a task. Gia was upset that the world drags us behind when we are trying to move ahead.
Isha’s time had ended, everyone awaited Isha. Ashima wonders what she would have done if she was in Isha’s position. Isha comes downstairs, Rave hugs her and tells her not to worry. Isha gives a look to Sahir and walks inside. In the conference hall, Isha walks inside where UC and the boss were waiting along with producers. The producer demands Isha for an apology and finish the matter. Isha says she is sorry, but she won’t apologize. UC shouts that she has to apologize, what an ego she has about. Isha insists there was a molestation of a girl, and he is asking about her egos? The boss calms UC down, Isha denies the boss for an apology. The boss insists he must fire her, this will make her career end all at once. She will lose her new dance reality show as well, why she wants a career suicide. Isha thinks about her father’s warning.

PRECAP: Sahir tells UC that as a contestant of the show he quit. UC warns a legal action against him. Gia and Guru arrive at the office to see a strike.

Update Credit to: Sona

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