Girls On Top 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The manager shout at Isha, Isha argued with him. The judges came in the conference hall, the manager says there is no point in wasting time. He says they are youngsters and don’t agree. The judges say they must add Sahil’s name in the list and move on, they have seen his audition and he is a great talent. They give Ashima a USB to play. The manager listens to Sahil’s performance. He asks which audition it is. Ashima turns to him, he says the audition he had seen was different. He tells the judges that this is good. Isha cheers outside, she laughs at using her brain and gets to her table. She got a call from her dad, he asked if she found an apartment. She says she got him, possession will also be according to their desire. Her dad says he was really tensed, actually the clients need possession in three days. Ishaa spits her tea out of her mouth, then says it will be done. Her dad says he always knew she keeps her life in her control. Isha texts the three to meet. She tells them she had to lie, Gia says no point sulking. Rave says she has lined up six flats, she is going to see them. They cheer. Govinder shows his friends Raveti coming to them. She shakes hands with Govinder’s friend. They take her to show her the flat. She sends pics to the girls, they keep on rejecting. For one flat, Rave says it is really a good one but the girls say this is really expensive. The search keeps on going.
Gia was more tensed about scoop. She rings the bell, a waiter asks if she is Gia? She says yes, he takes her inside to the pool side. She looks at the setting there, takes her cell phone and makes a recording that she is at the pool side of Azher Khan and there is a mini theatre setting which means there must be other dates here too, she just have to find who that date is. She was still recording, when her cell phone rings. The recorder fell in the swimming pool. She couldn’t think about anything else but to jump in, before Azher knew about her real intention. She dives in the pool and looks for her recording cell phone. She comes out of the water to find Azher sitting by the pool side smiling at him. She says hi to him, she was confused and says she is fine. Azher says she liked his pool, but doesn’t she think the dress isn’t good for swimming. There can be two reasons of swimming, either one fells in the pool accidently and second one that she is trying to hide something. She reaches the phone with her foot then, and says the second one. She corrects herself, but Azher says first vibe is always correct. Gia says what is more funny is that an actor is talking about psychology. Azher says more funny is that a journalist is swimming in full clothes. Gia says she fell down, then she thought about experiencing about his pool parties, it must really be fun. He just looks at her. She asks how his pool parties are. He says he couldn’t get to know how his pool parties are. He says she is testing him again. She says he passed his last one too. He says the teacher had a crush on him, she says more like the teacher pitied him. He says today, that teacher is like a student. She wonders if she must come out of the pool or stay in, maybe she is afraid to ask him come in. Gia says she is never afraid, he asks if this is an invitation. Gia holds her cell phone with her foot. Gia asks him about his pool parties. Azher says in his pool people only come in swim wears, she says alright she has to change. He says she will get her requirements in the changing room. He leaves the pool side. Gia holds her phone first, then comes out of the pool.
Azher was in pool when Gia comes there draped in towel, and opens up to be wearing swim wear. She sits besides him in the pool and asks about his parties, who come there. He says friends, co actors. She asks if actresses. He says she is asking questions as if he has called her to date her. She says if he thinks this is a s*xy romantic date on which there are competition, she has no such intention. Azher says there are no competitions on date and swims around. She swims behind him calling him cheater. He smiles and drags her leg in the pool. She fell down, they play in water. He holds her hand, then leaves them. Gia fights him again with water. At home, Gia was still lost about it.
They go to see the flat. Rave come to see a flat. She agrees on it saying she likes it. Govinder’s friend cheers, Rave informs the girls about it. They all like it. Isha says it is amazing, when they can shift and what is the deposit. They say two lacs, it was done. The girls cheer, jumps and dances. Rave writes them a cheque.
Ashima tells Isha in office that profile shoot of contestants is ready, she says Isha must attend Himanshu, she will do Sahil. Isha takes Sahil saying she saw his profile. Sahil comes to hug her, she backs up. She asks if he is nervous. He says no. she says he looks so, she says they can have a moment with each other and sends the men out. She gives him a flying kiss and smiles at him. She tells him about the new flat. He says if he sees her next time in panic, he is going to keep her at his home. She says not without Gia and Rave, he says he has no problem with her tom and jerry. They look at each other, Isha calls the team inside.
They shift into their new flat, happy and cheery. They cheers their drinks. Raveti’s phone rings, it was Govinder. He tells Rave he is down their house, can she come down. She says no, Govinder says there is something wrong. Rave takes five minutes from girls with difficulty. Govinder watches Rave bare legged. He asks Rave how much money she has? She says it is around 2.5 lacs. Govinder says her cheque bounced, the man isn’t ready to give them flat. Rave was upset. Govinder says he will try to do something, but Rave walks away silently. In the house, the girls were dancing when Raveti tells them the situation. They get on floor, holding their heads in tension.

PRECAP: Rave says they will ask help from their parents. But everyone said no to them.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Azhar gia are the best!!!!! Love u guyzzzzz
    Yuvi n barkha rocksss… Love u soooooooooooooo much yuvi!!!!!!!!!!!
    Girls on top is awesome!!!

  2. It was grt…. bt esha n sahir part has scope for improvement…. although they r really good at their characters it lacks charm…. luv u barkha… u r the best

  3. UV….uffff…awesome

  4. There was no epi yest?? 🙁
    I could not watch.. any1 plz say if thr ws any epi yest.. or its just mon-thur like our kyy was??
    Anyways yuvi is killing me daily with his looks n his acting n him!! Love ya soo much cutie!!! U r srsly a package yuvi.. Mr. Perfect!!
    Barkha is doin an awesome job!!
    Shantanu the sweetheart!! Be sweet always 🙂
    Cant speak abt othrs.. need to watch more..
    Goin well GOT 😀

    1. yes plumpyy… it airs mon-thurs

    2. Thanks zaya☺

  5. thanku sona for update …i didnt watch bcz of exam

  6. yeah even Iam having my exams..But no matter,I will never forget to watch GOT..I actually really love the chemistry between Gia and Rave..They r so funny..

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