I Too Had A Girlfriend (Chapter-17)~ The Great Adventurw

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Heyaa people!
How are you all?
Hope everyone is doing good!
Finished writing with one exam and it went so well!
So here is a treat for you guys!
Here comes the next chapter you guys were waiting for!
Thank you guys for those lovely comments and appreciations and how can I forget you guys wishing me luck for my exam! Thanku so much all! Your wishes did spectacular things in my exam and I’m sure I will pass it with flying colours!
So without further delay here comes the next chapter!

(Note: the enitre ff will be in Kunj’s pov, if need be I’ll introduce twinkle’s pov later)


We headed towards Great Adventure!
It have the most scariest rides in the whole India and I was naughtily excited to have a GREAT ADVENTURE with Twinkle in great adventure!
It would take us another 15 minutes to reach there and to break the mere silence between us I tried starting a conversation between us!
Me: What would you like to do after this great adventure!

Twinkle: After this there is a surprise for you kunj!

Me: Surprise? Wow I like surprises! Cant we cancel the plan of great adventure and just go with the flow! I mean I want to see what surprise do you have for me!

Twinkle: Oh God! Not at all Kunj! More the later, more the better! Its said that the  fruit of bearing a long wait is sweet! So you have to wait for the surprise!

Me: I can’t wait for it! I’m so excited!

Twinkle: Calm down and keep this excitement for Later’s Baby!

Oh my she just called me baby! It felt so good to listen to that word from her! I felt I was in heaven! This sweet word from the more then sweetest girl on earth is world’s bestest combination ever!

I just smiled to her and there we were in great adventure! It looked so shitty scary and adventureous from outside but I’m sure it would be fun with Twinkle besides me!


I asked Twinkle to wait for me as I go and buy the tickets from the ticket counter!
There it was a very big line and I was just 3 people away from the ticket counter!
Behind me was a girl in her Twenties and she was just trying to seduce me!
My reaction was totally of what the hell! But she was so adament to let go off me! She suddenly touched me and held my arms!
The Girl: Hi hottie! I’m Alisha! What is your name?

Me: Excuse me! I’m here with a date!

Alisha: So what! Leave your date and just let us enjoy here!

Me: Excuse me Miss! I am already here with my lady love!

She seduced me by keeping her index finger on my chin and then through my jaw line!

Alisha: Oh Dear! Calm Down! See I’m so hot! Leave your so called Date and lets enjoy!

I suddenly saw red! Yes Twinkle was fuming standing there far away! Earlier when I told her to save me from this fevicol she was just giggling there but when she saw Alisha seducing me she started burning out of jealousy and anger!
Oh My God! Twinkle is being jealous and possessive for me!
My day can’t get any better!
Twinkle came towards where we’re standing and held me from my hands! We were standing there hand in hand in front of Alisha!
Twinkle spoke with a very calm composure but I knew how angry she was!

Twinkle: Excuse me Miss. GODZILA or whoever you are! Or I should say A wholesale shop of makeup! He is here with me! You dont try seduce my date and flaunt yourself in front of him! I have faith in him and I saw you just sticking to him like a fevicol! Do you have some self respect! If yes you may leave if no you may stay here for some more time to get yourself insulted! Thank You but No Thank You!

And we went away from there after taking the tickets while Alisha stood there fuming! I could see here face burning due to anger! I can’t even explain how funny does she look!

When we were going towards the rides I suddenly aksed twinkle out
Me: Someone was being possessive over there!

Twinkle: I’m not possessive types but what is mine is mine! End of story!

Me: Wooh I like this Twinkle more and I winked at her! ?

She smiled and asked to let go enjoy the rides!

(Note: I’ve chosen this song in this situation because it best suits Kunj’s situation! The song is Ik vaari by Ayushmann Khurana! The lyrics of the song goes well with what situation kunj is in now! Enjoy guys! Do listen this song please)

Ik vaari haan kehde mutiyare
Ik vaari haan kehde (x4)

( I had been thinking in mind what will be Twinkles asnwer to the proposal, I just wish she say Yes, please God! Please Twinkle Ik Vaari Haan kehde)

Baneya main tere layi aan
Jeenda main tere layi aan
Ravanga main tera banke sari umraan

(It felt like I’m made only for her, I exist only for, I have deeply and madly fell in love with her and I don’t know, I wont be able to bear a rejection from her! I can swear to god to always stay by her side, always pamper her, always shower my love on her, only the thing is that it all depends on her answer! Please Twinkle Ik vaari haan kehde)

Na tu jaavi mainu chhad
Main taan manna tenu Rabb
Tere bina o tu Heer meri rehna

(I was just thinking of the consequences that would lead if she say a No to my rejection, she has happened to be my life now! Her smile makes my day, her innocence is my favourite portrait while her laughter is my favourite music)

Ik vaari haan keh de mutiyaare
Ik vaari haan keh de, ik vari

Pehli mohabbat ka ehsaas hai tu
Bujh ke bhi bujh na payi
Woh pyaas hai tu (x2)

( It is the first time I had ever fallen in love with someone and I’m so glad that its Twinkle! She is the first ever girl that had come in my life and had filled it with happiness! I cant get enough of her! Listening to her, looking at her has turned out to be my favourite job everyday now)

Tu hi meri pehli khwahish
Tu hi akhiri hai
Meri zindagi hai
Meri har khushi hai
Meri rooh ne kabki tujhko
Haan kehdi hai

(Its that its my pure wish that she say a yes! She is the first ever girl in my life I have loved and I cant love anyone else then her! I promise that she would be the first and last girl in my life! She held a special place in my heart just beside where my parents reside! I’d already accepted her as my family member! While its her decision if she wants to increase my family! Please Twinkle Ik vaari haan kehde)

I was broken from my trance by twinkle!
It was our turn on the bizzaro ride! The name sounds adventerous just like the ride

(Note: Guys please see the pictures of the rides I’m going to mention yourself,I cant provide you with the links)

We went onto the ride! As the ride was about to start, twinkle held my hand and passed a nervous smile! I can sense out that she was scared! I just held her hands and told her not to worry as I’m beside her!

Me: Twinkle just dont worry! I’m just here beside you and just hold my jands tightly nothing would happen to us! Okay?

She just nodded her head in affirmation and I understood she was not in a situation to say anything!


The ride had started and it was for total 5 minutes!
While we returned to the place we started from, Twinkle had still held my hands but I can see a huge smile on her face! It means that she enjoyed it a lot! I could even hear her scream in joy during the whole ride! Once we were down from the ride I asked her!

Me: Did you enjoyed it?

Twinkle: I just loved it! It was amazing and wasn’t that scary!

Me: So lets go for another ride then!

Twinkle: Yes

Like this we took all the rides: King da Ka, Apoclypse, Dare Devil Dive, Bawting coaster, Crazy Cars, Elmer’s around the world in 80 seconds, Flying carousel, great chase, Roar, sky jumper, superman, jokers jinx, zydeco zinger, up up and away, nitro, eltoro, the joker, green lantern, rolling thunder, the dark knight coaster, sky screamer!

(Note: Do have a look at there pictures, these rides are amazing, I dont know if we can found it here in delhi but mostly such kind of rides are available in foreign countries)

Phew! It was totally an enjoyable,adventerous and a hectic day all together! But the point is I enjoyed it with twinkle by my side altogether!


We were heading back to the hotel as it was too late! It was already 10 in the night! While twinkle asked me to take a turn to the Aartha Kunj park in Delhi! Wooh the park is after my name!

Me: Why Twinkle?

Twinkle: I told you there is a surprise for you! It is there in the park!

Me: Oh yeah! I just totally forgot it! Wow I’m so excited!

We were there in the park and I can see no one there! It was all dark as well as strange for me! As Delhi is a metropolitan city and it is always crowdy! How come the park is so calm and silent and there is no light in the park?


Twinkle asked me to move inside the park and I followed as asked!
While I stepped inside the park, suddenly all the lights switched on and what I saw left me astonished!
It was a perfect date setup! It was beyond marvelous and flawless! The decorations were something no one can imagine of!

This was something beyond my imagination!
I looked around to find Twinkle but I could not find her! I started shouting out her name in worry when suddenly I heard her voice!
It was down there my feet!
When I looked down, What I saw left me speechless! Twinkle was siting down on her knees with a rose in her hand!

Twinkle: Mr. Kunj Sarna yesterday you purposed me and I told you that I do have some feelings for you but I was not sure whether it was love or not! I kept thinking over it the whole night and the symptoms proved that I’m in love with you! Yes I’m in love with you Mr. Kunj Sarna! When today I saw that girl being sticking like a fevicol to you I couldn’t bear it beacuse I LOVE YOU! And it is said that you are possessive for those who you love the most! I’m ready to be Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna for the rest of my life! Are you ready to accept this girl as your life partner and your future?

I couldn’t really form words! I was left speechless for the first time in my life!
This was something never expected from Twinkle I couldn’t help myself! A constant and a big smile playing on my lips! I was short of words at the moment! It felt really special! It felt beyong something that can’t be expressed and explained! It felt like the emotion of loving and being loved! It felt like finally the motive of my life is completed! Finally I can share my salaries with someone! Finally I could pamper someone! Finally I can shower all my love on someone! And yes FINALLY I CAN LOVE SOMEONE THE MOST!

Phew thats all for today!
Let Twinkle sit some more time on her knees for having kept kunj waited! ??
Next update will be posted in 2 to 3 days!

Precap: Kunj’s reaction and the secret behind date setup!

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