The girl he never noticed (Chapter-8)

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Hello everyone
I am on cloud nine right now seeing how much u guys love my work and support me it just makes my day
A big big thank u to all my readers for standing there with me ….I love u guys alot
Day by day now I am trying to write the best for u
So here goes the next part
Kartik’s Pov

Finally we reached the farmhouse …As soon as the jeep came to an halt I immediately took Naira in my arms bridal style and ran inside …I didn’t even care to inform the security guard out there and just rushed inside.
I gently laid her down on the bed as the others joined me …The doctor had already arrived and asked all of us to move out as she had to examine Naira
” No doctor mein nhi jaaonga aapko please Jo karna hai karo mein disturb nhi karoonga ” I said but she insisted me to go out and the others too supported her

I half heartedly went outside and saw Gayatri sitting on a bench and sobbing hard …She had buried her head in her hands. I went towards her and Aryan too joined me …We both sat on her either side and kept our hands on her shoulder.
She lifted her head a little and focused her gaze at the ground
“Gayu Naira theek ho jaaegi …Usse kuch nhi hoga” Aryan said consoling her
“History repeats itself” was all that Gayatri uttered at that time leaving both of us confused

“Matlab? ” I asked her …She still had her gaze fixed on the ground
“Naira aisi nhi thi ….Meri behen kabhi bhi aisi nhi thi” Gayatri said
“Gayatri tum Hume bata Sakti ho” I asked as soft as possible

“Naira ko bachpan se hi sajne sawarne ka bahut shauk tha …Jab bhi hum kisi party yaan function mein jaate woh sabse best lagti thi ….Meri behen bahar se hi nhi andar se bhi bahut sundar thi …Dance uska passion tha…jab woh dance karti thi toh rukti hi nhi thi and humesha hasti rehti thi …Bacho ke saath baarish mein khelna masti karna usse bahut pasand tha par phir uss din …..” Gayatri stopped while speaking as I encouraged her to speak

“Uss din uske saath party ke baad kuch ladko ne misbehave kiya …uski photos li aur logon ne usse kya kuch nhi kaha ‘characterless’ ‘ugly’ …uss din woh Mom Dad
ke saath Rishikesh humesha ke liya chodh ke Udaipur aa gyi …uss din humne apna ghar hi nhi Naira ko bhi kho diya tha ….uske baad na toh kabhi woh khul ke hasi aur naahi zyada kisi se baat karti hai ….usne dance tak karna chodh dia….yeh woh Naira nhi hai jisse mein bachpan se jaanti thi …Woh Naira jahaan jaati thi sabko apna bana leti thi aur yeh Naira sabke saath hoke bhi akeli hai ….Aaj tak woh khud se ladh rhi hai
Woh bahar se dikhati zaroor hai ki woh strong hai but andhar se ek dum toot gyi hai ”

She started sobbing again while Aryan tried to console her
I was so shocked to listen about Naira’s past
I could feel tears flowing down my eyes ..I didn’t stop them rather allowed them to flow
That girl had went through so much and that too alone
At that time I just wanted to protect her …comfort her …console her and make her feel that she was beautiful inside out in her own pretty way

She is the strongest girl I have ever known …To smile with so much pain is a task in it self. Everybody can’t do it but Naira can and she’s been doing this for so many years.
But not anymore as long as I am alive she’ll never be alone
I am with her forever and even beyond that
I know she has lost her true self but I want her to just be ‘her’ and I want to make her fall in love with herself
And then I saw doctor coming out of the room…I gestured Aryan to take care of Gayatri and myself ran inside
As soon as I reached the entrance I bombarded the doctor with questions
“She’s absolutely fine …Mental trauma mein hai so make sure she’s not stressed out about anything …Keep her happy and I have done the dressing once rest of the description I have already written in this…Take care” The doctor said as she handed me a piece of paper and left
I entered the room to find Naira laying there pale and lifeless…Tear strains were still there on that innocent face of hers
I and sat next to her …gently caressed her hair as I held her hand
Gayatri’s words kept playing in my head continuously as tears flowed down from my eyes seeing her like that

‘Kartik why are you feeling so much pain?? …Why are you crying? …You did not shed a tear in the worst then why now?…Why is this affecting you so much?’ I questioned myself as I sat their in that silence that was eating me from inside
I couldn’t take it anymore …I wanted to feel her presence around me
I adjusted her close to my heart securing her in my arms and sat on the bed with her
I could feel heartbeat clearly ..I kept moving my fingers in her wavy hair
I craved to listen to her voice but she was there unconscious in my arms

And then suddenly I started sobbing I couldn’t control it anymore
“Naira I’ll never leave you ..Mein tumhe aise nhi dekh sakta please wake and say something ….Tumhe nhi pata mein kaisa feel kar rha hoon..And tumhe pata hai you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met…..Plz jaldi theek ho jaao this mendak wants you because he lo…..” I suddenly realised what I was about to say
‘I love her?’ I thought
All moments flashed inside my head …Our first meeting …that lecture our talks her smile …her dance …. everything now made sense to me .
I love her or not I don’t know but does have a special place in my heart which only belongs to her and will always no matter what

Still I just laid her down on the bed gently and covered her with the blanket and was about to leave when suddenly I was pulled back
I turned around to find Naira holding my hand still unconcious ..I tried to free my hand but couldn’t as she had gripped it tightly
“Please mat jao” she murmured in her sleep
“Never baby girl!” I whispered back and sat on the chair next to her
I watched her sleeping like a baby ….Her innocent face looked more angelic while sleeping

I just kept adoring her and interwined our fingers together and didn’t know when dozed off to sleep
So finally the big time realisation moment is there!
I am not giving any precap for this as I want u all to think what would be coming next

Think! Think! Think! lovely people and don’t forget to share ur thoughts
I love u all to the moon and back!
Keep smiling ☺

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