The girl he never noticed (Chapter-6)

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Hello everyone !
Apologies for a late update but couldn’t help it …Finals are on head
So here goes the next part
Naira’s Pov
After a hectic day we all were chilling out in the playground in the evening …And just then Vivaan came running to us
“Guys” he said though he was huffing badly but still managed to speak

“Relax Vivaan …aaram se” Gayu Di said and he too relaxed a bit

And finally when he got back to normal he continued again
“Agle teen dino ke liye koyi classes nhi hain …saare fresher’s night ki preparations mein busy hain ” We all stood there expressionless

“Ohh God Vivaan tum yeh batane ke liye bhaag kar yahaan aaye the? ” I said

“And yeh toh hume already pata hai ” Kartik said

“I know but poori baat toh sun lo ” Vivaan said and continued
“So hum log teen dino ke liye mere farm house jaaenge wahaan ka mausam bahut acha hai in dino thoda enjoy bhi kar lenge and fresher’s ki shopping bhi toh due hai ”

“Awesome yaar ….I am ready ” Aryan said full of excitement
“Bhai tu bhi aaega na please ” he said gesturing towards Kartik who was silent all this time

“No guys mein hostel mein hi theek hoon ” Kartik said

“Kyu chalo na sab chal rhe hain maza aaega and tum yahaan akele kya karooge ”
Gayu Di said while all nodded their heads in agreement…And Kartik remained unaffected by this

I don’t know why but I also wanted him to come with us and enjoy
“Come on Naira! why are you silent? Say it once and he’ll definitely agree ” shouted my heart
“No Naira don’t you know he’s Kartik Goenka … Don’t even dare to say a word because when he says no then it is a ‘no’ ” screamed my mind
And this time for the first time in so many years I did the opposite and listened to my heart
“Chalo na Mendak please” I said
He examined my face for a second ..Don’t know what goes on in that little mind of his and the next moment came as a mixture of shock and surprise for me
“Okay” he said and I stood there numb

Kartik’s Pov
I was really not interested in this trip …It’s not that I didn’t want to hangout with them …they are really nice people to be with but it’s just that I left all this long time back
“Chalo na Mendak please ” Naira’s voice echoed in my ears and then I realised that she was holding my arm …But soon when she realised she released it immediately
I don’t know but I just couldn’t say no to her …I examined her pretty face for a second and said “okay”
I could easily see it on her face that how much shocked and surprised she was

“Arrey waah Naira kya baat hai tum ne toh impossible ko possible kar diya ..
Kartik Goenka ko convince kar lia ” Aryan said interrupting my thoughts….I just gave him a tough glance but he remained unaffected …Naira’s face brightened up with a smile and I irresistibly kept adoring her
That’s how this girl was ‘Irresistible’
There’s something terribly wrong with me …I always feel so different whenever she’s around and the worst part she’s the first girl to make me feel that way
“You are falling for her my boy” whispered my heart and that hit me hard
‘Is it true? Am I falling for her? …I don’t know ‘ I thought

“Naira Gayu mere pass tumhare liye bhi kuch hai” Vivaan said
“Bolo” the sisters said in unison
“Mishti is also coming! ” Vivaan said …”She’ll be there tomorrow morning” he continued and I saw Naira’s smile getting more wider
She hugged Gayatri excitedly

“Wait Mishti ke saath kaun aa rha hai?” Gayatri asked
” Akeli aa rhi driver ke saath ..Don’t worry she’ll be safe ” Vivaan said assuring both of them
“Guys who’s this Mishti?” Aryan asked
“Humari choti behen hai …She’s just 7….Height mein hi choti hai bas ” Gayatri said
“Okay ..It will be fun meeting her” Aryan said
“Definitely ……Acha guys chalo packing kar lete hain and Vivaan I hope tumne permission le li hai ” Naira said and Vivaan nodded giving her a thumbs up
And then we all dispersed off to our rooms to pack our stuff
“So Mr. Kartik Goenka mendak kab bane? ” Aryan said while stuffing his things
I gave him a look but all in vain
“Kartik Goenka abhi bhi Kartik Goenka hi hai …I think tu bhul gya hai ruk mein yaad dilata hoon” I fired back and pulling my sleeves up ran behind him across the room
“Acha Bhai sorry….. mujhe yaad hai tu kaun hai anyways I am done with my packing mein sone jaa rha hoon” he said as he gave me a brotherly hug and left
I also finished my packing and dozed off to sleep

Naira’s Pov
The sunlight entered my room and there I was sleeping with my pillow peacefully when Gayu Di came in like a storm

“Naira uth jaa …jana nhi hai kya?” She said
“Di bas 2 minute aur” I said in my sleep and the next I knew was that the blanket was pulled away
“2 minute se kya ho jaaega..uth jaldi!” She said again and now even made me get up and pushed inside the washroom
After exactly 15 mins I was all set for the trip but Gayu Di was still struggling with her hair and makeup and then when she was done with her stuff he headed outside my room
As soon as we reached the main gate we came across two open jeeps one loaded with people and other filled with luggage and Kartik was on the driver’s seat
“Come on guys” Vivaan gestured us and we also smiled and walked up to his jeep….Gayu Di sat on the vacant seat before me
“Umm sorry Naira tumhe doosri jeep mein Jana hoga” Aryan said
I turned towards Kartik to find him already looking at me
“It’s okay no problem I’ll go there” I said giving him a smile as I walked towards Kartik’s jeep ….I was left with no option other than to sit on the passenger seat next to him and so I sat there
He gave me a exceptionally beautiful smile and so did I
He’s got a charming smile
‘So this is reason which makes every girl drool over him’ I thought but he smiled rarely like very rarely
And finally we started with off with journey
I just relaxed my self as I felt the cool breeze hit every part of my face

Kartik’s Pov
My heart unusually fluttered as Naira sat next to me
Though she did no efforts on herself but still looked pretty
She let herself relax a bit and allowed the breeze to caress her…Her hair flew in front of her face but she didn’t care …She was lost in her own world
There was a calm silence between us …None of us uttered a word but still I was quite happy to find her on my side
So finally love is blossoming
Once again a big sorry for the late update
I hope it’s worth ur wait
As a hint for the next part I would say
‘What happens when the past meets the present?’
Keep thinking people and do share ur views with me and trust me I love to read them…It’s like my support system
So keep supporting
Love u loads!

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