A Girl named Naina….OS (Episode 4) part 1

Heyyyyyyy!!!!I am backkkkk!!!! With a bang!!!!!! Hehe jokes apart but seriously I know I took a lot of time to write the next episode but sorry but I was a little bit busy with school tuitions and all….Its tiring I tell u!! Anyway lets continue…Today I would like to present Karan and Naina as royal families.Hope u like it…Lets go!!….

A big beautiful Mansion is shown.A princess wearing a long blue dress(princess dress) comes down where thre is a crowd of people waiting for her.She smiles and goes to sit on the stage with the King and Queen.She is Naina(imagine ur naina in princess attire).The King takes a crown and dorns it on Naina’s head.Everyone clap and there is a feast as she is declared officially a Princess.Suddenly The King and The Queen get shot.Naina is shocked and rushes to them.They die.Naina shouts and cries.She sees someone running and runs behind him to catch him.She gets hold of the person’s bracelet but the latter escapes.She sees the bracelet and vows to take revenge from the person who did this to her parents.She comes back and breaks down seeing her parents lying dead in a pool of blood.

Next day,She travels in her Royal car.A prince’s car(Karan’s) stops before her.She gets a jerk and looks on.She comes out of the car and looks at Karan who was in a prince attire.They have an eyelock.

Karan:Kasht ke liye maafi chahta houn(I am sorry for the trouble).

Naina smiles.

Naina:No worries.Tell me what happened? U look from a Royal family.

Karan:Actually my bracelet is lost.I go to many Royal parties and yesterday I went in urs where u were crowned the Princess and I am sorry to hear about The king and Queen.I just wanted to know.If i lost the bracelet at ur place?

Naina opens the purse to call a servant.The bracelet falls down.Karan picks it and gets glad.He thanks her and says it is mine.Naina is shocked and looks on.She asks r u sure? He says yes and goes.Naina cries and thinks Did he kill My Parents.She gets angry seeing him leaving and swears to take revenge on him for the murder.She thinks to punish him slowly slowly.She gets back in her car and drives mansion.

After one week.Karan’s mansion is shown.Queen Nirmala and Prince Kunal are talking and laughing alongwith Karan.Queen Sandhya(Nirmala’s sautan) comes there.Nirmala gets upset seeing her and starts taunting her.A chief servant come there and show many shagun plates which is sent by Naina.

Nirmala:Who sent this?

Servant:Princess Naina.She sent a proposal for u son Karan.She wants to marry him.

Everyone is surprised and look on.Karan is shocked.Nirmala smiles and makes the servant accept the shagun and sends back more to Naina.Karan smiles and hugs Nirmala saying since long he wanted to tell her that he loves Naina but couldnt muster the courage.Nirmala and Kunal laugh and tease him.Sandhya looks on jealous.

Naina smiles seeing that Nirmala accepted the shagun and sent more back.She send the servants away and lights a matchstick and burns all the shaguns.

Naina:Jaise yeh shagun jal rahi hain na…waise hi meri aankhon mein badle ki aag jal rahi hain!!!(Just like this shagun is burning…Same way my eyes are also burning with flame of revenge.

Its marriage day,Naina is looking extremely pretty in a royal wedding gown while on the other side Karan is ready in a royal wedding suit and diamond Sehra.They both come downstair and look at each other.They sit in the mandap and the priest start the mantras. Karan thinks he will always keep her happy and will her live in peace.Naina thinks she will always keep him sad and will ruin his peace and harmony.They take pheras and exchange garlands.He makes her wear mangalsutra and Sindoor is put in her maang by Karan.Music plays…..They take blessings of elders.Naina comes at the door and turns to look back at the house.

Naina:Main apne maa baba ki memories le kar jaa rahi houn…Iss ghar ko chodke jaa rahi houn…Main apni dushman ki ghar jaa rahi houn aaj…Badla lene..Maine aaj sab kuch kho diya sirf Karan ki waje se par main janke hi rahoungi ke usne aisa kyun kiya?(I am taking my parent’s memories with me…I am leaving this house…And going to my enemy’s house to take revenge…I have lost everything today only because of Karan.I will have to know why he did this?).

She asks her cousins and aunts to take care of the house well.Karan forwards his hand to her.She holds his hand and they go in their car.

They arrive at Chauhan palace.Naina kicks the kalash and walks into the coloured water She steps inside the house and leaves her footprint thinking ruin is entering this house.She puts her hand inpression on the wall thinking these hands only will shake the foundation of this Mansion.She smiles and looks at everyone teary eyed and still angry thinking about her parents.She is taken to her room but Nirmala.She looks at the luxurious room and laughs.

Naina:Today Karan’s destroyal has entered his life and room!! Watch it only in real life.

She cries and laughs.

Karan comes there.She turns and looks at him with revengeful eyes.He comes closer to her and holds her waist and pulls her closer.He turns her and they dance on Ae dil hain mushkil.He then stops the music and bends in his knees.


Karan:shhh!! Aaj mujhe bolne do Naina.Main apne pyaar ka izhaar aaj tak nahi kar paaya.Par aaj main kehti houn…Main tumse bohat pyaar karti houn Naina.Jabse tumhe dekha hain.Bas tumhaari iss noorani chehre ko dimaag se hathaa hi nahi paaya..Jabse tumhaari awaz ko suna hain…uss dhun ko bhula nahi paaya hain.Aaj main tumse vaada karti houn ke tum jo maangon ge main dounga.Jannat tumhaare khadmon mein khara kar doun ga.Chand tumhaare samne tho palke jhoukaega kyunki tum itni khubsurat ho.Kuch bhi maangon Naina..Main tumhe dounga.Bas maangon tho sahi!!(Today Let me Speak Naina.Till now I couldnt tell u my feelings but today I tell u…I love u a lot a lot…Since I saw u I couldnt forget that blessed face of urs I couldnt remove it from my mind…Since I heard ur voice I couldnt forget that beautiful tune.Today I promise u that whatever u ask I will give u.I will get heaven in ur feet.Moon will bend infront of u because u r so beautiful..Ask me anything Naina…I will give u..but just ask…).

Naina is touched by his words and looks on teary eyed.She then remembers her revenge.

Naina:I want ur life.

Karan looks on

She laughs and says I want ur life to dwell with mine and form a new one..She cups his face and makes him get up.

She comes closer to him.She says she means she wants to feel his heartbeat,his love for her,his feelings,his nervousness,his happiness.Everything.She asks will u give me all that.He smiles and says yes.He hugs her.She is still remembering his words.He kisses her neck.She gets tensed.She tries to go.He holds her hand and pulls her closer.He lifts her and bring her to the bed.She stays tensed.She thinks why am i feeling a bit happy and nervousness..He kisses her and removes her jewellery. She stops him and gets tensed.He asks what happened?

Naina:Uhhh Karan actually I am still not ready to….take this relation a step ahead so… 

Karan smiles and cups her face.

Karan:My princess!! How could u think that I would be angry and got hesitant to tell me? I married because I love u and not ur body.I am in love with ur soul.Our union can happen anytime but what is important is our soul to unite.

Naina gets emotional by his answers and looks on.She hugs him.She cries and wonders if she is doing something wrong.Karan hugs her and they sleep.

Precap:Naina reveals to Karan that she married him to take revenge from him.Karan is hurt and looks on.Naina picks a rod and goes near him.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys this episode is long So I thought to make it into 2 parts…hope u dont mind and if u want me to put some ideas plzz tell me in the comments so that I can put it in the second part of the OS….Love u guys…plz coment how it was…hope u liked it…..

  1. Shruthy

    OH NO! You separated the OS in 2 parts.
    I was so excited to know what will happen next but it stopped.
    Koi nahin! I will be waiting eagerly for it. 🙂
    Storyline is sweet yet sad. Sad for what happened to Naina, and that she actually married Karan to take revenge, when I feel he is not the murderer of her parents. But still sweet as both have a different look, something royal ; Karan was always in love with Naina, and he was really happy to marry her. And even Naina is actually getting emotional with him.
    I can understand his pain knowing Naina’s real motives, at least she gets open and reveals the truth. But I am more excited to know what happens that she reveals him the truth. I mean I don’t think she would reveal like this when she feels sad for what she is going to do. Or maybe she realised he is not the culprit and reveals the truth, and he is actually sad that she doesn’t love him for real, and certainly not the way he does.
    But precap is still thrilling, like she is holding a rod and goes near him. What is going to happen? Please post the next part soon 🙂

  2. Awesome!! This was really something different from other ff’s and the intimate scene was awesome..the whole epi was SUPERB..really liked it..the royal NAIRAN was really suiting them ..and the negative naina..uff usne toh dil hi chura lia ….waiting for nxt OS…god bless u…kept writing

  3. Excellent….pls update soon ???

  4. Pratha

    OMG Heera u just stole my heart by this update. It was mind-blowing, you expressed emotions of Naina so beautifully….
    Karan’s love for naina was portrayed so pure…
    Post next part of it asap.
    Can’t wait to see their union,

  5. Hi…, sorry for not commenting on previous Os I loved the Os very much. ……. please post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer and can’t wait to read what naina will do with karan post soon

  6. it WS nice update .I think u should take mor Tim to reveal the Reveng truth..till then continue nairan romance dear.it WS js my suggestion dear ..rest ur wish dear however u wnt to write…we will lik

  7. plz put the next part of this as soon as possible…….

  8. I am eagerly waiting for second part of this os to come…..
    please update second part as soon as possible…..

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