Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Asks Sai to Leave Chavan Nivas

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chavans shatter seeing Samrat’s body before performing his last rights. Ashwini cries saying she feels Virat will wake up and ask her to prepare his favorite food. Bhavani cries loudly and says it was her turn to die but instead Samrat lost his life, etc. Omkar says he is worried about Mansi as she lost her husband at an young age and now her son, he doens’t know she will control her emotions. Devyani also cries and asks Pulkit to revive her brother as he is a doctor. Pulkit says Samrat is one.

At home, Mansi’s condition deteriorates. Karishma asks Sai to leave as like Pakhi Mansi also thinks that she is responsible for Samrat’s death. Sai walks towards Mansi and requests her to wear the mask. Mani says she supported Sai, but Sai took her son’s life and insists her to go from there. Sai says its Samrat’s last wish that she takes care of his mother, so she should let her fulfill Samrat’s last wish. Mansi agrees and lets her fix nebulizer mask.

Virat performs Samrat’s last rights following Panditji’s instructions. He recalls the jolly moments spent with Samrat. Mohit and Sunny console him. Pakhi recalls her last meeting with Samrat before he left house and gets angry at Sai.

Family returns form last rights. Virat keeps Samrat’s big photo in the living room. Chavans sit in front of it for a peace meet. Mansi walks down and cries holding Samrat and Pakhi’s photo. Sai brings a garland for the photo. Pakhi warns her to dare not touch Samrat’s photo and says her face reminds her of losing Samrat, so Sai should get out of the house forever. Sai says she understands her anger, but.. Pakhi says she always returned home after leaving it, but this time she shouldn’t return. Sai recalls Samrat asking her to take care of Pakhi.

Pakhi pushes Sai and gets adamant. Virat stops her and says not only Pakhi lost her husband, he lost his Jeeva, Sai lost her Dada and feels guilty for Samrat’s death. He says Pakhi had called him and he asked her to call Samrat instead, Sai is pregnant and is going through physical and emotional changes, hence Pakhi cannot ask her to leave the house. Pakhi reminds him that he kicked Sai out of the house when Sai kidnapped Devi and got her married to Pulkit. Virat says Devi’s life changed for good because of that. Ashwini and Devi also say that its wrong to blame Sai for Samrat’s murder. Mohit and Shivani also say same. Bhavani asks them to stop supporting Sai and blames Sai for losing Samrat.

Precap: Pakhi pushes Samrat away and drags Sai towards the door. Bhavani stops her and says Sai is bearing Chavan family’s heir and hence she can’t sent Sai out the house.

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  1. Ye Pakhi toh maukke pe chauka maar rahi hai…She is now showing as if she cared for Samrat…But that the truth is that she must be feeling happy from within that she will be able to throw Sai out of the house by blaming her for Samrats death ..Just hate her …Makers should have killed her character instead

    1. I agree but i think eventualy the makers want palkhi to marry virat because she was engaged with him before Day came into the story otherwise why would terrible jagtap come back into sayi life because they most likely want sayi to marry jagtap what nobody understand because he is a criminal and a murder

  2. Master stroke by Bhavani.. certainly not something that Pakhi was looking out for

  3. Agree with Sairat n Diya! Pakhi is taking the advantage to drive Sai out of the house! Fortunately there is Bhavani to stop Pakhi! Maybe Virat n Sai both can leave the house if Pakhi insists tat Sai has to leave!!

    1. I agree again, sayi and virat should Both leave the house and build up a life of their own only terrible things are happening in that family up to now and much more problems and cumplications are ahead of us

    2. I agree but i think perhaps the real makers of the show are in real LIfe virat and palkhi and that is why the story is going this wat i dont like IT either hoe the show is going now it seemds that only crule and bad people have to lead the show now it indeed gives s negatieve Idea to people about idian family life

  4. This show immediately be banned, what the hell pakhas right to ask Sai to leave the house ,what massage disgusting makers r giving to society that how a pregnant DIL is treated in by in laws,how mental torture is being given to Sai when she is not at fault, on pretext of one or other she is always blamed, ashvrya is always given importance inspite of fact she is such an evil lady who is madly after her devar n worst part is elders of family support her,now pakhi is crying for samrat where was her fake love when poor samrat was alive,she was using him to remain near virat,virat has always favor pakhi being his real wife he is an arrogant,insecure,dominating lady we have seen in smart Jodi, the way virat tolerate humiliation of Sai a sensible man can never do that,neil n ashvrya are spoiling the show with the help of Makers, it’s v disgusting that how was Sai treated ruthlessly by in laws when she is on family way moreover in front of her husband, he v well know that his so called bhabhi never loved his’s heartbreaking samrat has left the show he was the only sensible character of the show,Kaku, pakhi role could have put to end these two r the worst characters of this show..this show is full of negativity giving wrong massages in society, it has spoiled the image of army people, police,medical people,in laws and above all they have spoiled graces of relationships which is not acceptable, we ve read many people r having complaints regarding this should be stopped at once…

  5. I agree but maybe pakhi and virat have such a happy marriage in real LIfe that they also want to be husband and wife in the story maybe the same goes for say and jagtap maybe in real LIfe they are also husband and wife and want to play in the story together but why as acriminal this is mixing up real LIfe with story life and that is not correct why not in the story let Dr thury not fall in love with palkhi then virat and say van be happy together the makers should think about ketting figures as palkhi jagtap Dr thury and all these heavy criminals including jagtap father start loosing because if they don’t people Will stop looking at the story because nobody likes it at the moment with the terrible episodes that are ahead of us such as Day kidnapping the lost of het baby palkhis preagnancy by virat and jagtap and his criminal gang keep winning we all would like to see jagtap and his gang including his father defeated killed OR in prison butnthat Will never happen they Will keep winning and what is so sad palkhi Will get preagnant for vrat whole Day had a miscariage Will not be able to have children anymore and palkhi Will end up with virat and say Will end up either by killing herself

  6. OR in a menthal hospital we would not like that as fans if Day kille Herselt OR ende up crazy of all the Bad things she experienced so makers of the story don’t let Day have a miscariage don’t let palkhi get preagnant by virat but send a new love for palkhi not virat and let jagtap and his gang and father finally loose then everybody Will be happy and the story can end

  7. Pakhi wan to drive Sai out of hux so that she can marry virat

  8. Omg Virat is married
    Pakhi agreed to marry Samrat when she lost touch with Virat it’s been a long time so why don’t they ask Pakhi to take the test snd catch her lying about her pregnancy and send her home to her parents snd let Sai and Virat to get on with their life can’t stand that Pakhi
    If they get Pakhi married to Virat why Sai is alive and having a baby I think this is rediculous.
    Pakhi get over it move on
    I won’t be watching this nonsense any more

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