Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Samrat Blames Virat

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat tells Pakhi that he will do whatever it takes to save Sai. He continues that he took her responsibilities, their differences creeped up, Sai will never understand his love, he couldn’t fulfill promise made to Kamal. He prays Bappa to save Sai and asks Pakhi to leave him alone at this time. She says she is just a friend for him, but he is very special for her and she cannot see him in pain; he shouldn’t forget that he has many other people in his life than Sai. He says Sai is most important to him at this time and he fears losing her. She asks not to think bad at this time, doctors and Pulkit are trying their best to save Sai. She asks him to have something in cafeteria. He says he can’t. She insists and says at least he can have his favorite green tea. He remembers cafe incident and asks if she is mad to think of same even now. She holds his hand and insists to accompany her to cafeteria. He frees his hand.

Ninad gets worried for Sai and asks Mansi what if something bad happens to her. Bhavani asks not to say that and says they scold Sai often and irk Sai, hence she must have left home. Karishma signals Sonali and says Sai left home as she and Virat always fight after returning from Mahabaleshwar trip; Virat planned a big surprise for Sai, but Sai acted as if he did a big sin. Sonali fuels her provocation and says she is lucky to have Karishma as bahu, Mohit doesn’t pay her much attention, but she doesn’t show her anger, stubbornness, and arrogance like Sai. Bhavani says Sai has those defects. Sonali smirks hearing that. Bhavani says Sai is not a bad person though and is very good at heart. Sonali provokes her that she is right, but a person’s behavior is important, Sai’s behavior is really bad and she is unbearable; when they try to correct her one mistake, she shows their 100 mistakes; she is very arrogant and overproud of her medical studies. Ninad asks her to stop as this is not a time to discuss all this when Sai is fighting for life in hospital. Sonali taunts that she can’t understand who changes their sides.

Virat asks Pakhi if she thinks he has changed after Sai’s arrival, and even if he has, what is her problem. Pakhi says she is not stone hearted and wants him to be calm and courageous. He asks to seeing Sai’s condition, holds her hand tightly and requests her to pray Bappa to save Sai. He cries vigorously. Samrat returns to hospital after buying medicines for Sai and seeing that says this was the last one to see. Pakhi notices Samrat and alerts Virat. Virat leaves her hand. Samrat asks Pakhi why she is looking tensed and why Virat is shedding tears holding Pakhi’s hands. Virat says he wants Samrat to do what he said to Pakhi and he knows his importance in his life. Samrat says now he doesn’t trust him. Virat says he truly means it. Samrat says whatever he saw now is true. Pakhi says Virat was feeling helpless and she was consoling him. He says she was crying in cafe and he was holding her hadn and consoling her and here he was crying and she was holding his hand and consoling him. Pakhi (trying hard to get some expressions on her face) says this is not a right time to compare things, he should see how tensed Virat is for Sai and was asking her to pray god for Sai, even he should console Sai. Samrat says Virat doesn’t have right to think about Sai, asks didn’t Virat hear Sai’s friends and Devi’s confront, he signed a consent form and should leave now, Sai was helplessly living with him since a year and decided to leave house for her better life, and when her life is at stake, why is he showing his concern, etc. Virat with folded hands asks not to misunderstand him as he just wants Sai’s safety.

Sai’s surgery continues. Pulkit walks to Samrat and says they need to arrange bllood for Sai as only they both are her family and her condition is very critical. Virat asks him how is Sai, he is worried for her life. Pulkit says his worries are a drama as he easily said that he won’t be surprised if Sai leaves home, even they are not surprised but shocked, why he considers only himself as important; he had already warned him that when Sai will leave home, it will affect everyone; people who love Sai are very concerned and he is responsible for Sai’s condition.

Precap: Virat says Sai came out of dead bed, he will stay away from her for her safety. Ashwini asks him to look at Sai at least from a distance. He feels remorseful for his act. Sai opens eyes.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Atlast Bhavani kaku is having a change of heart
    Sonali and Karishma is so disgusting…Why can’t they mind their own business

  2. It isn’t always good to ignore mistakes of female lead.
    Sai has never acknowledged Virat’s efforts to help her. From the start, she has been misunderstanding and bashing him on the basis of her judgements.

    1. On first meet, she talked rudely and disrespected Virat on the stage on basic of her assumption that Virat is manner less due to mud incident while it wasn’t his mistake, neither he was driving (and Sai saw it)

    2. She always blamed Virat for not getting VRS but it was her Aaba who wanted to catch Jagtap before going (Even after Virat sanctioned his VRS).

    3. Yes, her Aaba saved Virat’s life but his life was in danger because Her Aaba didn’t follow the plan hatched by plan.
    But still she blamed Virat even after her chacha told her the truth.

    4. The anniversary celebration where she just blatantly insulted all his efforts which he was doing during the whole trip.
    She could have said her thing without disrespecting his efforts.
    And if that was not enough, after Samrat returned, she accused him of not being happy with his brother’s return and being a two-timer. (Both of which are wrong)
    Just because Virat doesn’t run and got into an accident, that doesn’t mean his character assassination by Sai doesn’t hurt him.

    5. Virat was already hurt and wanted a transfer because he needed space to be normal. But Sai stopped transfer without knowing his reasons and just assuming things showing/using her rights of a wife(for a marriage she called a deal and ruined anniversary surprise 2 days ago). Her excuse was she wanted Virat to stay with family.
    But when Virat wanted her to sit with Puja in family and stopped her going from college by locking her(obviously it was wrong) , she found it insulting and felt being caged.
    But she did the same thing with Virat. Only difference was she caged Virat in a City for some days and Virat caged her in a room for some hours.

    6. Yes, Sai has done a lot for His family. But that’s her equation with the members. Even those members loves and support Sai unconditionally like the way she does them. Like Aai, Devi tai, Mohit , Shivani.
    Virat being very nice with Sai’ Usha Mausi and indifferent towards Sai won’t be tolerated by any of her fans.

    There maybe many more examples which I can’t recollect as of now. Sai’s all mistakes can be forgiven given she did those out of her unawareness, immaturity and without any evil intentions. She has a really pure heart and has has gone through much.

    But point is not that. Point is she has never accepted and apologized for her mistakes till now except for asking punishment for cancelling his transfer (though she still thought she did right).

    Yes, Virat has done mistakes and much bigger than Sai. But like Sai, even he did those out of unawareness and without any evil intentions. But the difference is, after realizing, he has apologized, always.

    1. well said……
      as sunny said it’s just some misunderstandings between both of them
      they should have talked privately and cleared their misunderstandings…

    2. When Virat brought Pawar to Kamal sir so that the latter could give him charge, Sai misunderstood him, taunted him but didn’t apologize.

      When Virat came to Sai’s college to teach a lesson to that guy, Sai talked with him so rudely in front of everyone and misunderstood him but didn’t apologize.

      When Virat stopped Sai from going to Pulkit’s place for lunch and misbehaved with her, later on he apologized to her but Sai didn’t apologize to him for her rude and demeaning talks about him and Pakhi (though it was true but she should’ve apologized when Virat apologized to her).

      She wasn’t even thankful to Virat when he saved her from Jagtap. Instead, she blamed him. But what she didn’t know was that her Aaba hadn’t informed Virat the moment he came to know about Sai’s kidnapping. Had he done that, Sai would’ve been saved earlier.

      Also, Sai’s very impulsive as well.

    3. When Virat had brought Inspector Pawar to Kamal sir to provide him charge, Sai misunderstood and taunted him but didn’t apologize.

      When Virat came to Sai’s college to teach a lesson to that guy, Sai talked with him so rudely and misunderstood him but never apologized. How can she disrespect her husband in front of outsiders?

      When Virat misbehaved with Sai when she was going to Pulkit’s house for lunch, he had apologized for his misbehavior but Sai didn’t (she had said such demeaning things about him and Pakhi. Though those facts were true but she should’ve apologized when he apologized).

      When the Ladakh trip got cancelled, Sai put all the blame on Virat. Though it’s true that Virat was convincing her to come but he didn’t force her for which Sai was blaming him. When he said that he’ll feel good if she comes (He said that very honestly) then Sai agreed happily to come with him. Though he was at fault partially for the whole incident but Sai poured out all the frustration and anger on him and even then he planned to surprise her and apologize to her. The very next morning, she mistakenly spilled hot tea on his hand but didn’t apologize properly and didn’t feel bad about it. She simply went away. Wasn’t that rude? How can you be so insensitive while being angry?

      I’m not a VirAkhi fan but people should see everything from an unbiased perspective and the truth is Sai’s impulsive in nature.

      All the 3 leads have flaws in them but Sai’s flaws are never highlighted.

    4. Very true!
      Pakhi maybe on a different line since her intentions aren’t good. But Virat and Sai both have good intentions for their acts. Hence, Sai’s mistakes shouldn’t be ignored just because Virat did mistake and vice versa. Mistakes of both should be highlighted.

    5. Your explanations are absolutely correct. I don’t understand why the story line keeps moving for that girl Sayee condoning many of her misdeeds and keep blaming Viraat. It is quite unfair. All the serials want to show women in good light. Nothing wrong. But, this girl also met with an accident because she wanted to help a kid. How Virat be responsible for that? I just don’t understand the psychology at all.

    6. 100 percent i agree with you.virat be like this because of problem at come sai ruin evsrything and say about this marriage just a fact she can celebrate and say thank you for appreciate what virat do.

      In good side yes sai is independent girl outspoken and brave but bad side is she always think what she do is always right and never admit her mistake..and sometime she become rude to giving answer.

    7. Elleinah lush

      @Anjali, WOW ma’am well said. you well portrayed everything clearly.those are exactly my thoughts and views too. hope those who find every fault in virat should go back and rewatch the serial again.thats the only problem their misunderstandings.hope they realize that soon and ammend their mistakes

    8. When can they talk privately…. While virat’s pakhi always keeps on barging to their room and creates drama.. and that a*sh*le virat doesn’t even ask her to get out.

      He loves sai.. but doesn’t try to understand her .. doesn’t trust or . Or try to clear out misunderstandings… he can just do jhuthe waade to all

    9. 100% well said Ma’am.You took the words out of our mouths and added alot that we even forgot.Well said.People are so blind to this.

    10. Why are they all blaming Virat for the accident?.Even Pulkit?.He sort of made me angry today?.Such incidents are in God’s control.Now to blame someone.And Samrat.Yes he’s straight forward but he’s also misunderstanding Virat.He doesn’t know what happened in the 1 year while he was in hiding lol.No offence but i had to say that.People only see his support for Sai.He seems like a cold person.I understand what Pakhi did was wrong ujt running away doesn’t solve problems.And until now Virat was blamed by Sai for him going away.Back to Sai.She wanted to leave.Was it his fault?.Should he tie her up?.Oh yes that would be abuse right?.Many here were saying she should leave the house.Now that it happened it’s Virats fault for not stopping her cause he suppose to guess she’s going to fall into a hole?.Right?.He let her leave as he feels if she doesn’t love him then what’s the use even being married although he did marry he initially to make it accepted for he to live in their house she sort of showed that she wants to leave now and the last thing that would keep her was their relationship which she lied she has no feelings for him.They both can move on.But now because most in the house likes Sai to stay it becomes Virats fault.What was she going to stay for in his view?.If she stays their still married and will keep on having issues.Surprisingly she didn’t ask for a divorce.I never thought of that one cause if she left and broke all contact she’d still be bonded by marriage.Anyways everyone keeps on blaming Virat.So when Sai acted as if she was in an accident so everyone could show up at her campus wasn’t that foolish?.What if someone met up in an accident or got a shock and died lol?.All we ever hear on the threads are Virat and Pakhi Virat and Pakhi.After today i hope everyone has seen that he was pushing Pakhi away.It just happened that she tried to act concerned after Virat asked her what’s her intentions after she mentiomed the green tea lol and Samrat walked in.Virat wasn’t even in a right frame of mind.And yes he doesn’t always notice Pakhis intentions but many go on as if it’s mutual.Virat and Sai belong together no matter what and it shall end that way.If you love Sai and hate Virat then you have to call Sai a fool for loving him lol.Both have good and make mistakes but people need to stop being biased.See the good from both.Point the mistakes from both.Sai and Virat

  3. And in their relationship, it’s always Virat who has put more efforts to make Sai happy.
    And remember, even though everyone keep saying Virat hasn’t done any favor to Sai, her own family after her Aaba’s death was after Virat to marry her on the name of the promise. Else they could have kept her with them and Virat would have provided Security and if needed financial help. After all, it was just a matter of 5 years as after that Sai would be independent and will leave Virat too (as she always keep saying). But they didn’t saying they won’t be with her always ( not for even 5 years?🙄)!!

    *I am not a Virat Fan and will never be. I don’t like his habit of keep doing promises and then keep failing in keeping them. But it isn’t fair that only his mistakes are highlighted and only he is bashed)*

  4. Virat always gets bashed for even talking to Pakhi. But on Sai’s birthday, Virat didn’t even pay heed to pakhi and asked to do the same. But it was Sai, who was hell bent to call Pakhi for celebrations so that family is complete.
    When Virat behaves good with Pakhi so that there is no drama in family, he is bashed but when Sai does same, she is said to be pure hearted and mahaan. This is hypocrisy!!!

    Even Sai always brings Pakhi between them.

    1. Pranbirlover

      Virat gets bashed because he was in (so-called) love with Pathralekha, not Sai.. And, that woman, even after being his bhabhi, is still after him.
      But, I don’t remember Virat getting bashed for talking with her except once when he held her hand to make her quiet

  5. Also, Virat’s behaviour after marriage incident is really bad with Sai. But it has come after he has spent 1 year always trying balancing his relations, hearing Pakhi’s pleas and taunts, Sai’s deal taunts and accusations, his family’s complaints and expectations and top of that his brother’s accusation for whom he sacrificed his love(Though he never asked and won’t have wanted) It’s his outburst of everything he has kept within him since a year. Everyone else has always had small outbursts in the show. But Virat has always kept within himself, so his outburst is bound to be like that.

    He didn’t want to hurt anyone with it so wanted transfer but It was Sai who stopped it. Also since he loves Sai, so just like his efforts were for Sai, his outbursts were also for Sai.

    But still, he has no right to do so and Sai was right in leaving the house. It was better for both of them to stay apart. Atleast for some time.

    1. Pranbirlover

      When Sai and Samrat had an outburst, they told everything..
      Neither Virat, nor his so-called friend has ever opened up about their relationship.
      If you remember, when Sai questioned Virat and Pathralekha about their relationship, Pathralekha was acting as if she is Sati-Savithri, the most loyal wife(my foot).
      He can shout and throw Sai out of the house.. but when it comes to Pathralekha, confrontation and reprimanding is done in the room…
      He deserves to speak his heart out..
      He got a lot of chances too.. but he never did…

    2. This is what i wanted to tell …. He knows pakhi is cheating her husband … but has no issue with it… he doesn’t even fell the need to tell his brother the truth of pakhi… he is doing the same mistake again… why is samrat to be punished because of their affair.. which virat has never ever assertively broken up with pakhi

  6. Yes Sai is not good as Pakhi and Virat. Pakhi is the best for virat and Chavan’s.
    Sai should leave from them for good.

    1. Elleinah lush

      Wululu @Anjali I really agree with you and I second the motion. I don’t quite follow when guys say that viru doesn’t love sai yet he did so much in there rlnship for a year and it was clearly vivid and if it were someone else totally would fell for him.pakhi and viru being tagged together I find that unjustified coz they never got chance to confess their feelings and viru should not be blamed for that as sai always does. viru is capable of fulfilling his promise but it’s just that his fate drives it aside due to different circumstances.And for the wedding anniversary I really hated disrespected viru coz If I can ask which man could still confess his feelings towards a girl who outbursted rudely with false accusations like sai did that of course it was right for viru to realize for a full year sai will never love him so it’s better to let her go so he had to act all rude after anniversary inorder to find courage to let her go and give her freedom.Am not on virat’s side am just a sairat fun who like both sai and viru but I try to view the situation in a different perspective.ANJALI YOU REALLY ROCKED TODAY WITH YOUR COMMENTS

    2. Thank you @Elleinah lush
      I have no hate for Sai.As I said, she is really pure hearted. Everyone do mistakes, but they should acknowledge them. Accepting your mistakes and apologizing, and showing gratitude for those who have helped you when in need is also a trait of strong personality. Keep saying I was alone and I am alone and doesn’t need anyone is an insult to those who wish good for you and want to help you.
      But I guess Sai will learn with time.

    3. Pranbirlover

      What do you mean? Sai should leave the family so that Pathralekha can marry her devar while being married to Samrat? Wow…
      VIRAKHI fans.. your logic for shipping them is something out of the world..

    4. No, not at all. Even if she leave, Virat will never marry her. If he had to choose her over his brother, he would never ask her to marry his brother. It’s not about Pakhi at all. It’s about problems in their relationship for which only Virat is being blamed for everything with no mistakes of Sai. I agree Virat’s mistake are much bigger. But people are ignoring Sai’s mistakes and the fact that she has never even accepted or apologized. Often, small mistakes which go unnoticed causes big rifts in relationships when they add up at the end.

  7. After this episode, I really want to know if anyone thinks that Virat love Pakhi. Again in this, he straight up rejected any attempt by her. Even after this, if you guys say that he loves Pakhi, then you guys are more stupid than the story writers of the serial.
    @Metin, @S and @Shraddha Even after this do you think Virat loves Pakhi? And please see I am talking from Virat’s side, not from Pakhi’s. That woman is still obsessed with him for sure.

    I am not supporting or defending Virat’s actions towards Sai. He is wrong there. But stop for god’s sake linking up Virat and Pakhi.

    1. Agreed !!!! Virat doesn’t love Pakhi, but the picture that was created in front of the stake holders was wrong na?
      Has Virat ever clearly explained his side of the story or for that matter the entire story to Sai?
      or even to Samrat?
      It has been so clear in the last 200-300 epsidoes that Sai knows about Virat and Pakhi’s past and in the last few episodes they both have got to know that Samrat knows too?
      Then why not sit and talk and clear it… Everytime something happens, Pkahi goes Viraaaaaattt, Virat goes Jiiiivvvaaa, and beizzati. At both places, cafe and hospital the facts were something else but the image was wrongly created about them. As an IPS officer, i believe that in the first time itself he should have had the talk with Sai and Samrat. Sai taunted him a 100 times about the cafe incident, but is he so naive to understand why she is doing it. I agree when people judge you wrongly, it hurts and you are just tired of explaining things, but seriously dude wasn’t this situation the fruits of your past actions and words?

    2. But why do Sai taunt him and expect an explanation from him when she has already declared on their marriage anniversary that there marriage is a just a deal. With what rights she wants an explanation when she doesn’t consider their marriage valid?

    3. Well that’s where the problem is right, normal people sit and talk it out, vent out their frustrations in a cohesive manner without trying to make a khichdi out of the already messed up conflict.🤔No one, I repeat no one in real life are like these idiots who lack even the basic human decency to respect and understand one’s pov.🥴

      There is something called character arc, character progression which ITV lacks, these characters always switch back and forth with their personalities according to the conveniency of the plot rather than being accurate with their personas.Like at one point the characters will be making some sense and then 10 seconds later, they act like completely different individuals for no apparent reason.🤦‍♀️🥴

      ITV is crap, no matter how much these shows have the label of progressiveness etched on their surface these shows will always exude toxicity only, 💁‍♀️ unfortunately

    4. Exactly Dodo, Virat says he doesn’t love Pakhi anymore but the pix that others see tells a different story. He knows very well that Pakhi is obsessed with him and will find every opportunity to come close to him but he still allows her and unfortunately others see that and misinterprete it b’cos of their past. He has to be bold enough and come clean about his feelings towards both Sai and Pakhi. He says Sai doesn’t understand his love for her but how will she if he doesn’t confess it. He shouldn’t assume that Sai will see his feelings for her b’cos she is still stuck with the deal they made at their wedding. Virat’s way of expressing love is so strange, he loves Sai but when he heard that Sai said she doesn’t love him, he got angry and bahaved rudely towards her, he even insults Sai in front of Pakhi whenever Pakhi comes to their room with some silly excuses, what will she think, she’ll definitely think that Virat is jealous b’cos now Samrat is around and Virat can’t stand seeing him with Pakhi. That’s why it’s better Virat clear things up.

    5. I know how the situation between Virat and Pakhi is being portrayed to the characters in the show. That is why I am not blaming Samrat or Sai for misunderstanding Virat. It is their mistake for not just assuming about it, but the same way it is also Virat’s mistake for not being clear. My comment was for those people who view the show and still comment that Virat loves Pakhi.
      See, people want to abuse him, there are many other factors, like him not believing in his wife, him not supporting her when needed, him being carried away by his anger and doing something unacceptable. There are so many of his minus points, let the viewers comment on that. But just because in real life Neil and Aishwarya are together, the viewers to justify their anger are pairing up the two. Again, let the characters do it, but as viewers we know that Virat does not love Pakhi, why are people still abusing him for two timing shit or loving Pakhi.

    6. Elleinah lush

      What is their to talk about and clear?
      Viru did that long time ago he accepted to pakhi that he loves sai and told sai always she brought the issue o him and pakhi that “their is no use of answering to wired questions and accusations that do not exist anymore. he clearly said what was between him and pakhi was just affection and everything ended the day he married sai.Its all in the past.and also highlighted that the time him and sai spent together is too long that they know and learnt each more that he feels for her.
      And for God’s sake why would virat explain his side of story to sai when everytime he tries to convey his feelings sai cuts him off,never tried to listen to him,says their marriage is a mutual you really watch all episodes coz Everytime viru tries to confess sai stops him and when sai gets into her senses to ask him questions at the same time viru never replies because spoils the mood first by rejecting viru indirectly. I don’t know why would someone explain himself to aperson who doesn’t count their marriage as valid and never listens coz she’s always right.

    7. Metin

      metins opinion:
      virat doesnt love any human beeing.
      he ”loves” samrat.
      he made his then lover pakhi wife to him.
      x2 after samrats return.
      he ”loves” pakhi.
      he broke his wow to her , he made a bad person upgrade to an evil one.
      he ”loves” sai.
      he unnecessarily married a 19 year old girl to make her living in a hell so called family.
      shows opinion:
      virat loves sai.
      he has bad moral attitudes.
      he is close to pakhi.
      he doesnt respect indian culture.
      (you cant be that much close to a friend, espacially when she is your ex. and you know that she loves you.
      this is the step 1&2 for EMA.)
      screenwriters want us to divide and argue about the grey area for trp.
      they make it purposely grey to this point.
      sai will say her love to virat. now they make the grey to black or white.
      i cant watch last one ,no translation yet.
      with your words , i think they are preparing sairat for a love life.
      but until now it was grey.
      this isnt europe.
      you cant touch others , espacially your ex infront of her husband.
      even in usa in some villages you can be killed for virats actions to his ex.
      sai , samrat are right , thats not a misunderstanding.
      virat doesnt give a shit about respect to others or society.
      and we should him call a hero?
      i think you say ”my foot” 🙂
      love you all , be kind to each other.its just a show. a bad show.

    8. @Metin so so true

  8. Virat may not love Pakhi. But whenever Pakhi creates a scene against Sai and the whole family pounce upon her he stands silent. Pakhi and the family just like Sai thinksbhe is only fulfilling his obligation to kamal sir. He never excepted her as his wife in front of the whole family. If he had done something to stop the harrassment she was getting from the family and talked openly to Sai without Pakhis interference then Sai would have accepted her feelings for him and understood him. But with Pakhi always snooping on them and Virat thinking Sai should understand him without any communication is really the heights on virats part.

    1. Exactly my point. You said it all.

    2. One more thing ok… virat gets angry on sai because sai said she doesn’t love him.. ok but he wants sai to understand his love for her ( without even telling her or stating clearly that patralekha is my bhabhi).. he and pakhi mau be friends but she is her bhabhi right .. after falling in love with sai and losing romantic feelings for pakhi .. he should call him bhabhi..

      Interestingly .. he is in love with sai.. and wants her to feel it .. but he can’t feel that sai loves him too ( why .. because sai never told it na).. so everything is sai’s mistake… right.. virat toh bichara h chhota sa baccha hai .. doesn’t know anything

  9. Hehehehe🤣🤣🤣🤣….y’all can support and defend Virat all you want but actions speak louder than words. Virat is deemed to be an IPS officer (who apparently believes he is good at being an IPS officer as he claimed in the last episode with DIG sir) who is mature and sensible. Sai from Pakhi and Virat is opinion is an immature and insensible teenager who should have been mentored by Pakhi (total BS). When Pulkit was being maligned by Pakhi and the hate gang, the good and capable IPS officer believed it without doing proper investigations and a teenage insensible immature girl saved the day. He never investigated what actually happened but believed what he was being told and ran with it like a headless chicken issuing sanctions and orders, abusing his powers as an officer of the law and so called husband. Whatever Virat has done for Sai save for the anniversary celebrations that went wrong, Kamal sir would have done for Sai and without any drama added to it. Sai was right to assure Virat at the anniversary. Events played against Virat and being spineless and dumb, he could not set some things straight. He lied about the trip and Sai got blamed for his lie at the instigation of his “best friend” and all he did to defend Sai is roll his eyes and make monkey faces. I can go on and on. Harini’s birthday misunderstanding is all on him. Even the cafe misunderstanding, he is to blame. His response to Sai created a doubt and he went on to tell half truth to the family. Now Samrat is paying for his not being totally honest. He tells Pakhi he doesn’t love her but he never tells it to others when it matters. For an IPS officer who is mature and sensible, much is expected from him and unfortunately, slowly but surely his character has fallen short. Sai is not perfect but I will excuse her because she is a teenager who grew up with a father who doted on her and didn’t have a mother to guide her well then she gets to marry a man who assures her he will never love her and she should never expect love from him. To crown it all, the person he loved, makes Sai is life hell and his family keeps abusing and tormenting her and he never defends her even when he knows she is right but simply needs to learn to live with a huge family that is set in 1900 yet we are in the 21st Century. He should have done better.
    When the serial started, Virat really stood up for Sai and spoke up but after getting engaged to the actress playing the role of Pakhi, a gag was put on his mouth. All he could do was roll his eyes and make monkey faces therafter. The actor truly let us and himself down. He should have asked for better lines than rolling eyes and making faces.
    #drops 🎤

    1. @ Lillian. Never commented on above but you clearly responded to those comments. Very well explained and truly. Again when Samrat recently asked Virat to tell whether he does not really get affected if Sai has left, again he played his victim card and asked Sunny to speak. Seriously, why couldnt he just set the record straight in front of everyone. Why doesnt he tell Pakhi just once to stop interfering in his life in front of everyone. He only tells her when only they both are together. He has never, never stood up for Sai. Pakhi and others insult sai at the drop of a pin everytime but he keeps mum. He can doubt on her having an affair with Ajinkya, which was not there in reality but she cant question him.
      Why cant he say that she is his bhabhi. Thats the relation he has with her right. Say that and then she will not cross her limit. But always blabbering we are just friends.
      Further I dont want to continue this debate hence will stop here

    2. Elleinah lush

      @ sudha
      For God’s sake why would he set the record straight to everyone when he decided to let sai go away from his heart from the day of the anniversary sai clearly sai their marriage is ADEAL on that day repeated same wen she was with SAMRAT in her bedroom wen viru eavesdropped them and when shivani and others asked her she denied her feelings towards viru and he heard too. now tell me why would anyone force himself on someone who doesn’t love him instead of being like pakhi he was right to keep the distance and freely let her go inorder to forget her and give her space.
      Now guys tell me when you breakup with your partner why would you do the opposite that will bring your partner back in your life.he decided to free sai to let her go after finding SAMRAT now why would he explain himself to SAMRAT whether he loves sai or not,or his affected by her absence or his presence that he still feels for pakhi.this is all nosense coz everyone in the family know viru’s true feelings towards sai except sai so they should stop questioning him and revolting him always.TO MAKE IT CLEAR ALL THE THREE HAVE THEIR FLAWS DO INTSEAD OF RUNNING AWAY THEY SHOULD FACE THEM.AM NOT SUPPORTING VIRU AT ALL.

    3. If virat wanted to go away from sai in order to let her live her life freely why did he lock her in room and forced her to attend the puja.why did he let pakhi insults her? Why didn’t he utter a word when pakhi was offering money to sai for finding samrat?

  10. Honestly not keen to see Pakhi and Virat screen share as they just make it more worthless… Not commenting on their acting. Atleast Aishwarya I feel is good actress. But still have strong feeling that both these actors are holding serial at bay for their screen presence.

    For a serial where Neil and Ayesha are to be in lead, Ayesha is on back board since more than a month. Neil and Aishwarya have same dialogues and expressions. Script is very weak. No punchy dialogues.

    After long time , watched the episode and loved Mitalis acting (Devi tai). She has got the skin of role and liked the way writers scripted her scenes yesterday

  11. Elleinah lush

    Well Any, you may be right on your side but you should know better that one stone can’t kill athousand birds. You know very well that those chavan’s are intolerable and out spoken even though when he wants to protect his wife ,they cut him off and wen they stomp on him and sai, sometimes it gets difficult to say something to control them every single day.may be you never watched some scenes coz if am to remember on mahashivratri celebrations he held sai’s hands and announced sai as his wife.viru doesn’t know how to talk and convey his feelings towards everybody clearly but that doesn’t mean that he never fought for sai.i remember he used to go against pakhi and family because of sai as long as he noticed that sai was right and others were wrong.he also stopped pakhi from backbiting sai unnecessarily and not to enter their room wc pakhi can’t do.
    Well Sheila,
    I know that viru doesn’t love pakhi but their bond shows adifferent thing coz he never stops pakhi insults to sai that’s what you said but I don’t agree coz viru never stops pakhi’s
    false intentions and desires because of any hidden intentions.I think it’s because viru feels he wronged pakhi by not fulfilling his promise so ignoring her false accusations and insults twds sai doesn’t mean he likes pakhi but feels indepted that why he let her go off the cliff not to worsen the situation that already is.

  12. Elleinah lush

    You can call it support as long as you can but we’re not viru’s supporter but sairat fun.were just laying our views as per how the serial is shown.
    Viru being an old officer it’s his proffesion it has nothing to do with his personal affairs being a Great doctor it doesn’t mean you can cure yourself.viru as an officer it doesn’t mean he can always be perfect even in his personal life that is bound to happen to aperson who hasn’t dated before its hard to express their feelings out being an officer it doesn’t mean that he should be perfect in his married and love life.
    And according to our views we never said that we support viru’s rude actions that he is right and correct not really.we tagged that viru made many and big mistakes unknowingly due to provocations from pakhi and family members but still he apologised for them and sai’s mistake is that she does everything alone and wiredly,never listens,thinks always she’s right never realizes her mistakes not even apologizing for them.

    1. @Elleinah Lush it is what it is! Please don’t make us believe that an IPS officer who is good at his job can make such glaring mistakes when it comes to investigating stuff in his family and relies on hearsay to make a call. It is like saying a doctor cannot treat his own family. What is the use of his skills if he cannot use them to benefit his family. That said, Virat being a mature and sensible person, a lot is expected from him but unfortunately he falls short all the time. How come Samrat can stand up for Sai when he is simply her brother in law. If you believe that BS, more power to you!

    2. U r totally right @Elleinah, she has never accepted her mistake nor apologize. She always thinks she is right. Sai need to clear d misunderstanding between she and virat and stop thinking negative….

  13. Ya also… mere aur pakhi k bich m sab khtam hogaya h.. but tum mujhse koi umeed mat rakhna… how does this sentence sound..,,!!!!

    And we should understand virat … dhattt

    Here, sai always kept a check on her feelings for virat its good only …. What if that virat would have gone back to pakhi .. like that fateh went back to jasmine…. Like tejo suffering now .. sai would have suffered…

    Why would sai not keep in guard… how could she trust virat to break that promise of pakhi and fall in love with sai… its very good sai kept her boundaries… kya guarantee tha ki if samrat didn’t return/ had been found dead,…. virat wouldn’t have gone back to patralekha out of sympathy

    1. @ Anu Kudos to you. Even when pakhi asked him to divorce sai and she will divorce samrat, he cooly replied to her. He should have instantly cut off all ties with her and when sai saw them he should have told pakhi that see she is my wife and i love her. But no that is virat. He only told half the truth to the family thereby protecting pakhi.
      Sai has been raised alone by her father, she has no family of her and the family she got was outstanding. She was staying with them, adjusting with them, tolerating everyones taunts and insults including that pakhi, why because she considered them her family and she cared for virat but his double standards took a toll on her.
      He just mumbles she is just my friend. She can enter his room any time of the day and night. Is virat so dumb to not realise her intentions. Why cant he sternly tell her not to come. Obviously sai will have doubts.

    2. @Sudha Virats character is shown constantly soft on Pakhi and harsh on Sai. Hence his role is weak permanently.

  14. Inshort virat favour pakhi whe she’s not straight with pakhi but straight when sai speaking when samrat learn pakhi game I think he will dicide to divorce her

  15. I still don’t understand why everybody blame’s virat for sai’s accident…she left dat house willingly, virat tried his best to keep her at least he showed some efforts by fighting for her in front of d entire family.
    But sai’s stubbornness didn’t allow her to see the cares and concern her husband has for her. She is always bothered about patralekha, I don’t think virat is at fault in this. Sai need to change her way of thinking

  16. hi, here is what I see. yes sai may be stubborn, but you have to remember on their wedding day Virat made it very clear to Sai that he gave his heart to someone else and there is no place for anyone else. that he is responsible for Sai.
    yes his feelings towards her now have changed and have made efforts towards here, but he has not told her that his feelings towards her have changed.
    To this date in sai’s mind she knows she is only his responsibility.
    what woman will want to engage her heart and be hopeful when she knows her husbands loves someone else.
    he is also very easily influenced by pakhi.
    like I said …if Virat had ample opportunities to tell sai but he hasn’t and expects her to read his mind.

  17. @ Anjali,Shreya,Elleinah and Ram.Thumbs up to you guys.And the rest who read things well.Todays thread was awesome reading.Less Pakhi Virat this Pakhi Virat that real life Vs reel life this and that.Lol.You guys explained things well and didn’t give Virat haters a chance.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.It’s cool to know we all think the same and judge by what’s right.

    1. Elleinah lush

      @noble lion thank you.i know we can argue for a full year coz some people’s mind are so stuck in one point out views that moves us forward bit someone disapproves by pointing out something totally different,same issues from the beginning which even was apologised for

  18. Metin

    —someone has to understand something when all the facts show the opposite?
    Is it easier for the other to describe it in two sentences instead of shouting and being disgraced?
    —One should think about why she reminds of the past.
    (deal marriage,pakhi,etc…)
    Did virat lie and protect pakhi in the cafe? YEAH
    Did virat say to draw a line and not cross the line while getting married? YEAH
    Would an honest woman consider it rude to cross the line in this situation? YEAH
    Have you experienced situations where everyone would say they got closer (virat pakhi)? YEAH
    Has virat always kept silent in pakhis insults to sai? YEAH
    Did virat promise and beg many times and still hurt sai? YEAH
    The list gets longer and I’m tired of counting.
    empathy is putting yourself in the other person’s shoes in the shortest possible terms.
    In the meantime, I think it would be a solution to put ourselves in the place of Sai.
    you cant defend yourself when you do it for virat.
    —I, as a man, can understand the behavior of virat much more easily than pakhi.
    He acts like a selfish, spoiled child who can’t get what he wants
    and doesn’t hesitate to lie.
    Sai actually understands the love of the virat,
    but when she thinks about trust and faith in virat,
    she says that it takes a thousand witnesses to call him a man,
    and stands back because she cannot trust virat.
    If virat had given that confidence,
    sai would have run to him a hundred times.
    some defend virat with parties, gifts, etc.
    Is there one thing that virat does different
    from your mother, father, cousin, friend, special for your lover? NONE
    a simple romantic kiss, hug, expressing your love in a few sentences etc…
    I’m just talking about the things that can be done to a lover.
    He even officially celebrated his wedding anniversary.
    Hold the girl’s hand, scream I love you,
    it’s rude and sincere, but see if there’s any doubt left.
    trust and openness are essential for any emotional relationship,
    like air and water.
    virat smashed both of them many times,
    and that’s why sai can’t move forward.
    second time i wrote this about pakhi virat:
    i dont know them in real.
    idont care them in real
    i know only the show.
    why am i bothering myself if they sleep together or not?
    That’s not my bag!
    my opinion stands in the borders of the show.
    @noble lion,8th 1:22am
    if someone did not hate a person,
    who is liar to all his family,
    violent to his wife,
    Psychological abuser,
    i think that person does same in real life.
    or i can answer like this :
    if you like virat you support pakhi too.
    because virat support pakhi.
    if we watch the same show ,you may have seen.
    because virat never warned her as if she insulted to sai.
    there is a saying in here :
    ”Silence Comes From confirmation ”
    is it right to support pakhi?
    think twice to support a reel character,please.
    @ Deeyah , 7th- 9:33 pm
    you can blame sai to negligence
    you can blame the mother to let the child alone
    you can blame the governer for unsafe renovation
    you can blame the driver to let costumer go out at unsafe point (there is a law here)
    you can blame virat to let her lefting house
    its subject of law professors, where it begins & ends
    my opinion: i would blame the governor for unsafe renovation.
    much of the content im with darsh , sudha , lillian…
    100% with Anu 7th Oct 2021 – 7:29 pm
    100% with Any 7th Oct 2021 – 10:53 am
    100% with Sheila 7th Oct 2021 – 12:37 pm
    i have many things to say but im tired :))
    please no offence.
    its just the show.
    i like ideas clashing freely.
    but dont forget to seperate the reel and the real,please.
    i wish all the best to all of you.

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