Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Pakhi To Virat’s Rescue

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaba returns home from duty and gets happy seeing his birthday cake. He calls Sayi and Usha. Sayi with Usha and neighbor children enter wishing him happy birthday. Aaba asks Sayi if she made all these arrangements. She says yes and requests him to take early VRS next week instead of after 14 days. She thinks she cannot inform Aaba about Jagtap goon’s misbehavior. Aaba says it may take longer as new ACP is coming. He calls everyone to join him in cutting cake and is about to cut cake when he gets a call that some goons are creating havoc in jungle and apologizing everyone leaves saying he got some important work. Just when he leaves, Jagtap with his goons walks in revealing he made hoax call to Aaba and sent him to jungle. He ties Usha and walks to Sayi. Sayi runs and hides in room. He breaks door and walks in and insists that he will kidnap and marry her. He writes a message to Aaba on wall that he is kidnapping his daughter and marrying her. He then touches Sayi lustfully when she slaps him. He laughs and says he touched his would be wife and she touched him back. Aaba in jungle realizes that someone made a hoax call and worried for Sayi rushes home. Jagtap escapes hearing Aaba’s jeep sound. Aaba sees Usha tied, frees her, and asks about Sayi. She says Sayi is in room and describes what had happened. He rushes to room and sees her Sayi in shock, reading Jagtap’s message on wall says he will tackle Jagtap tomorrow morning.

Virat reaches ghat for pooja at 9:50 a.m. and thinks still 10 minutes are left for pooja. At home, Ashwini tries to connect with Virat via video call when Badimaa enters and Mahesh praises her sari. Badimaa’s taunts start. Mansi returns from pooja. Badimaa taunts her that she went for satsang instead of attending family pooja, Ashwini says its okay as still 10 minutes are left. Omkar and Mansi walk in next followed by Mohit and Aishwarya. Mansi and Aishwarya’s nok jhok start followed by Badimaa’s taunts. Virat connects to them via tab and shows them pooja arrangements. He sees tab battery draining and picks his power bank hurriedly, but sees its pin broken. He rushes to shops to get power bank but in vain. He sees Pakhi carrying power bank and requests her to lend it to him as he needs to perform important pooja and she will also get 50% punya. His friend Sunny informs that he couldn’t get power bank. Pakhi gives him power bank and he reconnects with family before pooja. Pandit asks about family’s nakshatra and gotra. He describe each family member’s gotra and nakshatra. Pakhi watches from a distance and he performs pooja smiling at her. After pooja, he thanks her a ton and returns power bank.

Pakhi’s mother calls her and asks what is she doing on ghat and why didn’t she attend her yoga class. Pakhi describes about the incident. Mother excitedly asks if she found a boy, did she take his number. Pakhi asks her to relax and reaches yoga venue. Virat with Sunny also reaches there. They both meet. Organizer mistakes them as couple and asks if they enrolled as couple. They both say no, and he asks her to enroll first as she is a powerful lady with power bank. She smiles.

Aaba writes complaint against Jagtap and asks Sayi to sign on it. Sayi hesitates and says when he is retiring and they are shifting to Nagpur, why he wants to create a mess. He assures her to not worry and let him handle situation. She agrees. She then reaches temple and prays Mahadev to protect her Aaba, send ACP Virat Chavan soon and infuse some concern for Aaba in his mind. A flower falls on her. Usha says it signifies that she will marry soon. Another flower falls on Virat.

Precap: Pakhi and Virat spend quality time together, she writes her mobile number on his hand. While driving, he shows it to Sunny. Sunny says number is erased. Virat’s mobile falls down from car. Voicer asks if their love story will end before starting.

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