Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Starts “Mission Virat Don’t Go”

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashwini blames Sai for Virat’s decision to leave Chavan Nivas again. Sai says its not her mistake. Ashwini her aayi is dead. Sai pleads her not to say that as she already lost one mother and cannot lose another one. Ashwini shouts that she her son is taking job transfer and going away from her because of Sai, Pakhi is right that she should be slapped and get back into senses, etc., and asks her to stop troubling them. Bhavani yells at Sai next and asks Karishma to bring Sai’s bags and kick her out of house. Pakhi says Sai deserves that. Sai warns Pakhi that her wish will not be fulfilled as she will not leave her sasural at any cost.

She says she is similar to Bhavani in many ways. Bhavani asks what does she mean. Sai says Bhavani wants whole family to stay together. Bhavani says yes. Sai says they are same same then. Sonali asks what does she mean. Sai mimics Sonali and repeats thrice. Omkar says she is responsible for Virat’s transfer decision. Sai says Virat thinks he would feel peace if he leaves the house, but they all together should make him realize that his decision is wrong and stay back with them. Mohit and Samrat back her. Sai says they all as a team will try to make Virat feel comfortable between them and she alone as a one-woman army will try to change Virat’s decision; they all will start a mission Virat don’t go. Bhavani says they are silently listening to her speech doesn’t mean they agree to her drama. Pakhi says Sai is trying to go near Virat again. Sai says she is going to ease Virat’s shoulder pain and asks them to remember their mission Virat, Devi says don’t go.

Virat experiences tremendous shoulder pain. Ashwini walks to her and says if he thinks he hurt his feelings, he is wrong; she realized what he needs. He says if she had, she wouldn’t have come here. She says she didn’t come here to teach him how to behave or what family expects from him, but she came here to meet her son as a mother can never go away from her son. He says she is increasing his difficulties by talking like this. She reminds him that he agreed to return home when she pleaded him and says he can never repay her debt as a son, so she wants him to let her take care of him and be with him till he gets well. He nods okay. She happily rushes out and asks Sunny to call a doctor soon. Samrat asks if he can come in. She says he understands the situation. Samrat agrees and stands out.

Sai walks to Virat and says his painkiller effect has vanished, so he should visit a doctor with her. He denies. She asks him to calm down and goes to call a doctor. Pakhi provokes Bhavani that Virat’s brother cannot enter Virat’s room, but shameless Sai can. Karishma says that shameless girl is Virat’s wife. Bhavani stops her. Pakhi says she will see who will stop her from entering Virat’s room and heads towards Virat’s room. Karishma comments new drama.. Ashwini applies hot pack to Virat while Sai tries to call a doctor. Pakhi tries to walk in. Samrat stops her. Pakhi says when Sai can go in, why can’t she. Samrat warns her to stop comparing herself with Sai. Pakhi says she cares for Virat and tries to walk in again. Samrat holds her hand and stops her.

Virat continues to feel tremendous pain. Sai applies cold pack and asks him to take a deep breath. Virat pushes her away and says he doesn’t need anyone’s help. Ashwini yells at Sai. Sai says Ashwini was using hot water pack which will exacerbate pain, so let her attend Virat. Ashwini denies. Sai says Virat needs a doctor and she is the one. Ashwini gets adamant and says his pain will subside with hot pack. Sai says he has swelling and needs cold pack. Virat shouts at them to leave him alone. Sai says he needs medical attention. He shouts to go. Sai asks Sunny to apply cold compress on Virat’s shoulder and call a doctor if needed and walks away sadly.

Sunny calls a doctor and walks out. Mohit and Samrat ask how is Virat. Sunny says his pain is increasing and City hospital doctors are busy. Samrat tries online app and finds all doctors offline. Sunny says doctor had suggested that Virat needs physiotherapy. Sai says she can perform Virat’s physiotherapy. Ashwini yells at her to stop and asks Sunny to check at the hospital. Sunny tries and says ther are no physiotherapists available. Samrat says even no one is available online. Pakh says they can seek Pulkit’s help. Samrat calls Pulkit and finds his number not reachable. Sai says Pulkit has taken Devi out for a surprise anniversary party and requests them to let her perform Virat’s physiotherapy.

Precap: Sai introduces herself to Virat as a physiotherapist. Virat denies to get treatment from her at any cost.

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  1. Am tired of seeing same episode Sai begging virat it’s time for sai to realise her worth if you real care for someone after sometimes automatically u will forgive her no matter what she has done, sai let virat go one day he will know ur worth virat doesn’t want marriage with you why forcing??u do all to save his life but still ignore you I don’t like virat at all now

  2. Esther Musimbe

    Me too why is everyone after sayi she did do anything their the one who disown him not sayi SA should move out and move on with her life than by to face humiliation Evey day with people who doesn’t value her women are not that weak to be subjected to this level of bagging every day even without their fault it wrong.

  3. I dont know how this stupid show manage to grab second position, like seriously!!! Virat is acting the victim & everyone is okay with it!!! He is blaming everyone especially Sai for situation that he himself created!!! Trust doesnt come just like that, it needs to be earned, he never trusted Sai to tell her the truth & now acting victim for how Sai reacted!!! Like which wife will ever be okay with his husband meeting another woman every now & then in the middle of night, calling the woman his wife, putting his name as the father of the child & acting like the woman’s husband!!! No woman will ever be okay with that, he wanted Sai to trust him yet he hasnt made any effort to earn her trust!!! And now he is acting the victim & that shameless Pakhi, i really dont know how can a woman ever accept fo play such a dirty disgusting role!!! Like seriously what exactly does she want??? To romance Virat, to sleep with him??? She is married to Samrat but act like Virat’s wife, always comparing herself with Sai & everyone is okay with that including Samrat in the name of her being Virat’e friend!! Theres limits to being friends & one of them is not comparing or competing with the wife!!! I used to love this show but not anymore!!! I came to read the update to see if it has changed for the better but nope still same disgusting cheap characterless scenes!!! Wish Sai could respect herself & leave the show to Pakhi & his Virat 😏

    1. @Zena Exactly!! Totally agree with all tat you have mentioned!! Sai really shuld hve self respect n leave, after trying her best n yet taken for granted, n even Ashwini she used to be the sensible one b4, but now she becomes the most unreasonable to put all blame on Sai!! Samrat is purposely or unknowingly ignore the fact tat Pakhi is after Virat!! ( by the way wat Pakhi expects? Virat will one day accepts her? N she can be wit him n whole family will agree to their relation??) Incest?? 🙄🙄 Virat is the one tat shuld be questionable!! But whole family instead blame Sai? why? Bcoz Virat is a Hero now???

  4. Please take the show off the screen. Your are torturing your audience. This is too much to bear. Stop Stop Stop

  5. Height of meanness stupidity leecherpanti what not for chawans, Kaku m party kya km the now ashwani n other supporters of Sai have gone mad too,ashwani is such a thankless psychic lady she was a maid of chawans being insulted all the time Sai did so much for her,shiwani was also helped by Sai,even Sai helped samrat to join his family but all have forgotten n now all r blaming Sai when everyone criticized virat on shruti issue,y virat is showing so much attitude when he himself was at fault helping terrorists n presenting shruti everywhere as his wife n sahas as his son ,what rubbish, he could have helped shruti many other ways, he lied to family,pakhi’s character is too much disgusting what msg makers r giving in society, damrat has been made totally duffer n spineless how pakhi is befooling him,whole of attention is being given to virat n pakhi personal relations, that is why story is not moving ahead ,same taunting, same rubbish language,disgusting family of chawans with duffer males n over smart ladies with dirty makeup in heavy sarees n bkvas artificial jewelry during happiness as well as sadness,this show should be banned..

  6. I really hated Ashwini today…How can she even say such hurtful words to Sai
    I really wish Sai once opens her mouth and shuts up everyone
    How can Ashwini even say Pakhi is right…Come on Ashwini, please tell the audience when was Pakhi right
    I’m totally mad at Ashwini after seeing the episode today that I had to run 10km on treadmill to release my frustration
    What to even say about Pakhi…I cringe everytime I see her face on screen or off screen
    The makers completely ruined Sai’s character just to glorify Pakhi but it is of no use as Pakhi will never be glorified among the viewers. They will forever hate Pakhi’s character
    Ajinkya and Aniket should be back in Sai’s life and Sai should leave Virat for his “dear best friend” and start dating either of them. Then only Virat will get his sense back
    In the initial episodes of Samrat’s return, they showed him strong character standing upto Pakhi’s disgusting acts but seems like off screen husband of the actress who played Pakhi’s character does not want his wife to be humiliated on screen also instead should be appreciated for her disgusting acts and hence Pakhi is always highlighted as her off screen husband is a great friend to makers
    Either Virat or Pakhi should leave the show or they should mend their ways then only this crap would turn into something bearable
    People should stop watching such crap as it will give more encouragement to makers to make such crap

    1. Absolutely true,ashwani is the most duffer n selfish lady,Sai helped her ro get respect in chawan niwas but she is now supporting evil pakhi who is the most disgusting character of this serial,she is v insecure abut her husband n spoiling the show, neil is v scared of her, they both must leave the show n enjoy their life at home,even for pakhi’s favor samrats role has been spoiled he has been made a spineless dumb lallu type of husband who is unable to see his wife’s wicked intentions, pakhi ko na shakal hai acting ka toh usse A bhi nhi aata,she irritates wnever comes on screen,Neil’s attitude towards Sai has become unbearable, he is a non competent anti social police officer, put him behind bars,Sai should kick him out of her life n find a sensible intelligent guy,makers ko ager koi story nhi aati to show ko bandh kr do..

  7. Really I hate the show now.

  8. Right! Not watching only reading updates coz to save myself frm negative vibes!!!

    1. I feel the same way i completely stopped watching the verbal abuse to Sai from her in-laws especially her mil was truly shocking and not called for. I hate the writers for making everyone hate Sai. Virat and Pakhi annoy me t o the point i switch off. I read updates now because even tho its TV its terrible to watch poor Sai get this much hate at the Chavans home, Sai please pack your bags and walk away

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