Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Is Pregnant

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat drops Sai to her college and romantically touches her. She feels shy. He asks her to stop blushing and ask how can he fall in her love. She jokes and gets of the car. At home, Samrat helps Pakhi get ready and says she is looking beautiful. She holds his hand and says she need some stuff as they are going for the trip. He insists to take her for shopping. She says it was their solo trip, but he involved whole family in it and made it a family trip. He says family needed a break after all the troubles and asks if she is going there for her blogging. She sarcastically asks if they are going only for blogging.

Sai checks patients when she feels dizzy. Nurse helps her and asks if she took a pregnancy test. Sai shies and asks why is she thinking so. Nurse says she has a sixth sense and can guess if the woman is pregnant just by looking at them, Sai’s face is glowing and is definitely pregnant. Sai jokes and laughs. Nurse insists her to take a pregnancy kit test. Sai hesitantly agrees just to keep her words and tests herself. She is surprised to see the result positive and recalls consummating with Virat. She feels very happy and thinks of informing Virat about the same.

Back home, Virat asks Sai to serve him dinner. She serves three plates. Virat he gets confused and says only 2 of them are at the house. She smiles at him and feels shy. He questions her about the third plate and walks near her. She reveals him that they are going to be parents. He gets very happy hearing that and happily hugs her. They both for their family to reveal the good news to them. Chavans return from the trip. Bhavani praises Pakhi for bringing stuff for everyone. Sai and Virat relay the pregnancy new to family. Everyone rejoices to hear the news. Bhavani and Ashwini show their gratitude towards Sai. Ninad also returns home and is elated to hear the good news. Family pampers Sai and asks her to take care of herself.

Pakhi gets jealous seeing the family’s special treatment towards Sai and decides to get pregnant soon. Sonali and Omkar look unhappy. Family then asks Pakhi also to bear the child soon. Samrat apologises to Pakhi for that. She gets closer to him saying family is right. Sai waits for Virat to pick her up, but he gets late. She calls Samrat and requests him for help. Pakhi gets irritated when Sai calls Samrat and disturbs their romantic moment. Samrat picks Sai up. Sai apologises him. Samrat says he will always be there for her as an elder brother. Car tire gets punctured. Samrat manages to stop the car and relaxes seeing Sai safe. She gets out of the car and gets angry seeing Jagtap with his goons and scolds them. Jagtap forcefully gets Sai into the car while his goons hold Samrat. Samrat fights with the goons, but Jgtap driver car pushing him way. Samrat falls severely injured. Sai is shocked to notice that.

Precap: Mansi decides to fix Samrat and Pakhi’s photoframe in her room. Photoframe breaks down. Devi says its an abshagun and asks Shivani to call Samrat. Shivani says Samrat is not pick up her call.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Seriously..i feel bad for pakhi.
    If really samrat die she will be frustrated again..twice.
    Now look she start to move on and want to restart new relation with samrat.but unfortunate samrat will die due to copypaste from original serial kusum dola

    1. Pakhi dosent even deserve samrat imao she still hasnt moved on with virat

  2. I feel very bad for pakhi, n more for samrat, he was a very good character, he doesn’t deserved to die, he deserves to be happy… Makers pagal hain aise pagal faisle karte gai

    1. You are right samrat should not have died but maybe the actor himself due to other obligations in another tv serial wanted to leave the story this also happens a lot in the show world but we Will miss him

  3. I agree samrat should not have died this is bad situation for say and virat i would like to see jagtap out of the picture het is a strong criminal who Will never loose makers of the show please send another lover and husband for palkhi so say and virat van have a happy family life, why not let virats Friends Sunny become palkhis new lover Friends and husband not virat Day does not deserve that she had suffered enough now please let her have virats child and be happy

  4. Marie Louise Olthof

    You are right but we are not the makers of the story

  5. Makers ko Sai ki taklif kabhi Nazar nahi ayegi. Vo apni Abba ko ko chuki hai, uski is duniya me koi nahi hai. Jab se uski Abba is duniya chod ke chela Gaya tab se uski ek din bhi ache se nahi gujara. Chavan family ne ek pal ke liye uske bar me nahi socha sivai kuch log jaise aswini (aai), Shivani bua, Devi Tai, samrat dada vo bhi selflessly Sai ko apna nahi lepaya. Sirf pulkit jiju hi tha usko hamesa se samaj Rahi hai. Virat kehtha hai sai se pyar kar rahi hai, par uske ke liye kabhi stand nahi liya, pakhi didi ke samne tho bilkul bhi nahi. Vo kaise IPS officer ban gayi sirf bagvan ko janthi hai. Makers ne sirf sai ki gatliya ko highlight karke bubblegum ki tarah kichthe hai. Agar Virat ko galthi hai sab usko ek jhatke me or ek safai Dene ke bad maf karthi hey. Pakhi ki galthi ko kisi ko dikhai bhi Nehi detha hai. Sai ne kithni bar pakhi ko sawal pucha uska sirf eki expression tha.uske bad pura parivar ek bhi sawal nahi kartha use. Pakhi ne kyun ladak trip cancel Kiya??? Ek bhi usne e sawal nahi pucha.Pakhi ko koi bhi nuksan nahi hua , kyunki vo khud Virat ki no block ki thi aur Samrat se shadi ke liye ha kar chuki thi . Phir bad me Virat dekha tho usme vapas pyar agaya hey kya?? Sunny ne sahi sawal pucha agar samrat Virat ka bahi nahi hoto to bhi pakhi uske pathi ko chod kar ati hey kya Virat ke pass . Virat aur pakhi ka ristha devar bhabhi tha serial me par shayad makers ne us baat ko bul gai hey. Ek bar bhi Virat pakhi ko bhabhi nahi bola, aur tho aur jab pakhi kudh samrat ke ane ke bad Virat se cafe me usko shadi ke ley pucha tab bhi Virat ne usko kuch bhi nahi bola ulta usko apni kandha de rahi hey rone ke liye. Pakhi ki koi taklif nahi hey usko sab parivar se sirf pyar hi Mila, uska aai baba bhi hai. Samrat usko chodkar Gaya vo bhi uski galthi hai. Ha samrat yesa nahi karna tha usi wakth bath ko clear karna tha. Uski soch bhi galat hai vo kaise socha ki agar vo jayegi tho Virat pakhi ek hojayengi jab uska ristha badal chuki thi. Sai ki mental condition ke bar me ek bhar bhi itni Sai me kisi ko fikar nahi hai. Ab tho samrat mar gai hai so makers pakhi ko sympathy dungi aur Sai pregnant hokar bhi sab kuch sehana pada. Pakhi sai ko tappad mar di phir bhi Virat kuch nahin bolegi kyunki pakhi taklif me thi. Agar sai taklif me hogi tho kisi ko kuch farak nahi pad Raha hai. Are kaise rehthe hai ye log intne sal ek sath rehrehi thi phir bhi thoda sa concern nahi hai. Chi disgusting. Sai ko en sab ko chod kar chele Jana chaiye uske achi life aur partner bi milhjayegi age jakar.

  6. Ab pakhi samrat ko kareeb ayena e kosish bhi Sai se uske jalan ki vajah se aur kuch bhi nahi jaldi usko true intentions bahar jayegi.

  7. Today episode is so sad,why Samrat 😥😢?

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