Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Proves Her and Virat’s Innocence

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jagtap barges into Sai’s room and tries to misbehave with her. Samrat breaks the door open and beats Jagtap brutally. Jagtap’s ets severely injured. Sai stops Samrat somehow. Omkar tells family that Samrat will also end up in jail like Virat if something happens to Jagtap and suggests them to admit Jagtap immediately to the hospital. Samrat warns that no one can harm Sai until he is alive. Family rushes Jagtap to the hospital. Dr. Thurat passes comments on Sai and tries to humiliate her. Sari warns him to be within his limits and act professionally. She and Samrat then inform police and ask Dr. Thurat to start Jagtap’s treatment

Vithal enters the hospital and threatens Sai for hurting Jagtap. She warns him to control his son and make him understand to be in his limits or else he will lose his son forever. Vithal gets afraid and leaves from there. He requests nurse to take his blood and save his son. Sai explains the whole story to DIG. DIG files a complaint against Jagtap for trying to molest and rape Sai. Sai gets emotional. Samrat comforts her and shows his brotherly love towards her. The nurse informs Vithal that she cannot transfer Vithal’s blood as he is an alcoholic. Vithal gets offended and yells at her.

Sai supports hospital staff and warns Vithal to stop misbehaving with them. Dr. Thurat walks to them and yells at Sai for interfering in between them. He speaks politely with Vithal and warns Sai to to dare not ruin hospital’s peace. He then ordres the nurse to take Vithal’s blood. The nurse refuses and reminds him about Malhari’s incident where Malhar had to lose his life because of Thurat’s negligence and greed. She taunts him that he always accepts goons’ offers and mistreats patients and gets adamant saying she will not let anyone innocent life be lost because of him again. Thurat gets angry on her, takes her aside, and threatens her not to talk about th eincident again or else he will kick her out of the hospital.

Sai overhears their conversation and confronts the nurse. She reveals the whole truth to Sai. Sai exposes Thurat in front of everyone. Thurat stands shocked and says all the allegations against him are baseless. DIG with his team reaches the hospital. Nurse gives her statement against Thurat. Police arrests Thurat for killing Malhar due to his greed and negligence. DIG praises Sai for her brave act and assures her that soon even Virat will also be out of jail.

Sai then seeks help from her intern friend asks her to bring Vithal’s. The intern hesitantly agrees and takes phone from Vithal giving some excuse. Sai messages Mr Kamat to reach the hospital with money. Mr Kamat reaches hospital with money. Vithal gets tensed seeing him and asks him to leave. Mr Kamat revals how they trapped Virat. Sai brings police with her and exposes Vithal. She explains how she used Vithal’s phone to expose him. Police arrests Vithal and Kamat and takes them away.

Precap:- Sai rejoins her job as an intern doctor. She feels dizy. Nurse helps her and suggests her to check a pregnant test. Sai ges happy seeing the test results positive.s

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  1. Well atlleast one problem is solved now let Them all be exposed as criminals including that terrible doctor i think je too is a criminal and can’t samrat be saved je is a good person OR do the makers want pathalicka and virat finally maried as the planning was when the show started

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