Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat Is In Danger

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonali asks Ashwini what Devi wants to say. Ashwini says Patralekha was speaking to Samrat and Devi thinks that she was speaking to Virat. Pakhi’s parents stand tensed. Devi gets adamant that Pakhi was speaking to Virat. Ashwini takes her away. Pakhi’s father Shailesh asks Badimaa if she permits, he will take Pakhi home for some days. Badimaa gets angry and says Patralekha is Chavan family’s bahu and they are all still alive to take care of her. Mother says Shailesh didn’t mean that. Badimaa says Pakhi came home just yesterday and she cannot send her today. Pakhi says she will stay here. Mother says she took right decision. Pakhi thinks she will stay back and serve Samrat’s family.

Sayi picks Aaba’s call and asks till when she has to stay in this safe house jail. He says till they catch Jagtap and as Virat says they need to protect their weak link. She continues blaming and yelling at Virat as usual and asks if she is his weak link. Aaba says she is not weak, but his weakness; he has to protect her from Jagtap and Vithal Mane until they are caught. Sayi asks what will she eat and wear. He asks her to go and check fridge nearby. She checks fridge with food and finds cloth suitcase nearby, asks when did Virat plan all this and if Usha is with them. Aaba laughs. He then meets Virat who asks about Sayi’s reaction. Aaba says she is angry and speaks silly, but is kind hearted, so he should forgive her. Hee gets dizzy while discussing plan to catch Jagtap. Virat gives him water and asks if he is fine now. Aaba says yes. Virat says he already sanctioned his VRS, so he should rest and take care of his health. Aaba gets adamant that he will participate in mission, but Virat says his order is final. Aaba says he cannot acitvely participate, but help in planning.

At night, Virat at his home calls Pakhi reminiscing her call, but she doesn’t pick call. He calls her again. Jagtap’s goons barge in and making constables unconscious throw toxic fume bomb into house. Virat starts coughing and calls constables. Pakhi picks call, but seeing him not speaking disconnects thinking he must have dialed by mistake. Virat collapses. Aaba reaches there and seeing constables unconscious outside rushes inside home and takes Virat to hospital.

Pakhi sits crying. Sunny knocks door and asks if he can come in. Pakhi asks why did he come and what he needs now. He says he can understand her pain, but fate got her married in Chavan family to Samrat and not Virat, so she should forget Virat and do justice to Samrat as he is a good guy. Pakhi says she loves only Virat and cannot forget him. Sunny says he knows Virat since childhood and he has decided to move on, Virat and Samrat have same qualities. Pakhi asks if he wants her to love both Virat and Samrat. She sees Karishma hearing their conversation and catches her.

Precap: Karishma informs Ashwini that Pakhi is more sad for going away from Virat than Samrat as Pakhi and Virat love each other. Ashwini drops food plate in shock.

Update Credit to: MA

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