Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update: Virat Interrogates

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat interrogates hospital staff regarding Malhar’s murder. Nurse says Sai is at fault as she gave painkiller overdose to Malhar. Virat asks if she saw Sai giving injection to Malhar. Nurse recalls Dr. Thrurat giving pain killer overdose to Malhar in exchange of money and threatening everyone not to inform anyone that he gave injection to Malhar. She says no. Virat questions other staff who lie that they saw Sai injecting Malhar and even misbehaving with him. Sai’s professor argues with Thurat that he had problem with Sai since the beginning troubled her in front of Dr. Pulkit. Thurat denies allegations and says his staff proved that Sai gave overdose to Malhar, but Virat is trying to save his wife and wrongly alleging him, etc. Virat tells professor that whole staff is speaking against Sai, they need to investigate more.

Sai emotionally cries in front of her Aaba’s photo and says she performed her duty loyally and never thought that her patient would die and she will be blamed for that. Jagtap calls her and asks how is she. She angrily warns him to dare not call her again. He says he loves her and will quash all the allegations on her if she marries him. Sai warns him to mind his tongue as she is Virat’s wife now and will strangulate him if she speaks ill again. Jagtap asks like she killed his brother Malhar. Sai says she didn’t kill Malhar and reminds that she is Kamal’s daughter and once she gets out of the mess, she will punish him. Jagtap says he will wait for her answer. She angrily breaks her phone.

Shivani with Rajiv walks in and comforts Sai. She gives her jewelry worth 30-35 lakhs and Rajiv gives his property papers to pay for Malhar’s compensation. Samrat walks in next and gives her a retirement fund. Sai emotionally hugs him. Devi brings her piggy bank and gives her savings to Sai and asks her to throw it on dirty Jagtap’s face. Sai emotionally says she doesn’t have money, but their love is her wealth; she cannot take their wealth though. Devi says money is saved for tough times, doesn’t she consider them as her family. She emotionally hugs them all.

Virat questions a senior citizen patient whom Sai protected from Malhar. Patient says Sai is like a angel in disguise who is very kind hearted. Thurat notices that and asks nurse to make sure ther is no more interrogation regarding Malhar’s case. Nurse says as a senior, he can at least give statement that Sai didn’t know that Malhar had consumed alcohol. Thurat warns her to dare not teach him what to do or else he will restricate her from her job.

Bhavani and Omkar call their lawyer home and ask him to make sure Sai doesn’t get any right on Chavan properties. Lawyer says they can only do that if Virat divorces Sai and denies to give her any property right. Pakhi says Virat will not divorce Sai. Samrat and Shivani support Sai. Lawyer leaves saying he will what he can do. Mohit says he cannot believe his father can be so cunning and tells Sai that he will transfer his property share in her name. Omkar slaps him. Sai tells Omkar that she doesn’t need anything from Chavans. Bhavani yells that as an family head, she will protect the protect and will not let Sai sell it. Mansi returns him short of breath with an asthma attack. Family tries to give her ashtma medicine via nebulizer. Jagtap’s goons cut water, power, and phone network supply of the house. Chavans panic seeing that. Goon plays Jagtap’s video warning Chavans to get him married to Sai if they want to live in peace.

Precap: Virat enters Jagtap’s den and beats his goons. Jagtap says he called his wife and not him. Someone points a gun at Virat.

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  1. terrible episiode, when will be found out that doctor thury is also a criminal why did samrat have to die and why must palkhi get preagnant for virat and why mus virat marry palkhi later in the serie? is it because in real life she is his wife and is jealious and does not like him playing sai husband in the picture? why cant jagtap be killed and also this terrible doctor, cant palki die in the picture so sai can bring up the baby? why must sai loose her baby why cant she have a baby for virat why must palki win she is so wicked cant jagtap or thury marry palki so virat and sai can be happy the following episodes are terrible i read them how can people like such terrible pictures i hope eventualy everything will turn out good for sayi and virat and that all the evil caracters loose lovely week everybody

  2. It’s absolutely disgusting show,it’s spoiled by neil n ashvrya,makers only want to unite these two,ashvrya is such a insecure lady she can’t see her husband with any other woman,they r mixing professional n personal life,in coming updates it is shown samrat death which was not required, after him virat will take care of pakhi,what is the fun,where r rest of pakhis well wishers, pakhi was favorite of Kaku,virat will now again ignore Sai, instead of samrat death thurat could be put behind bars as he is a v big black dhaba on noble medical profession jagtap could be killed,chawan family could be brought in true sense realizing Sai worth but makers r so stupid they know only taunting, no graces of relationships, victory of evil people, wrong massage in society, they r promoting only neil n ashvrya relationship and have spoiled all other characters..the main flaw of this show is evil people r dominating good ones n this is v intolerable resulting in show failure…

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