Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Sai Wins In A Dance Faceoff with Pakhi

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashwini feels happy seeing intoxicated Virat enjoying the holi with family. She performs his nazar and distributes money to servants. Barkha enters on palanquin. Everyone rejoices seeing her. Omkar gets mesmerized with Barkha’s beauty and says now they will enjoy real holi. Sonali gets jealous hearing that. Barkha performs Lavani dance on Mala Jau De.. Marathi song. Omkar enjoys her dance. Sonali scolds him. Everyone clap after Barkha’s performance. Bhavani praises Barkha for making their holi celebration a lavish affair every year. Barkha says she loves meeting Chavan family and hence visits them every year. Virat and Sai wish her happy holi. Barkha says reading the news papers, she felt she will not see them together, but she is very happy seeing them together; she tells Virat that Sai is his village girl and will always keep him happy. Sai says she troubled Virat. Virat says yes, but he doesn’t remember what she did. Barkha asks him to take his wife aside like last year and question her. Sai recalls Virat and her romance last year.

Barkha then meets Samrat and Pakhi. Omkar requests her for one more dance performance. Barkha says Chavan family bahus Sai and Pakhi will compete with each other instead on stage and asks Karishma to join them. Nerous Karishma says she is fine here. Barkha holds Sai and Pakhi’s hands and drops them on stage. They both compete on “Pinga Sapori” song. Pakhi falls down tired first followed by Sai. Everyone clap for them. Sai praises Pakhi’s dance.

Mansi tells Bhavani that whatever the reason is, Virat is behaving normal and she feels happy seeing him happy. Bhavani says even she is happy but is worried how will he react when he gets sober. Sai hugs Virat. Pakhi tries to hug him. Sai stops him and says she hugged Virat as she is his wife, why Pakhi wants to hug him. Pakhi finds her sober and asks if she is not intoxicated. Sai informs that she exchanged the glasses and ruined Pakhi’s plan and warns her to stay away from Virat. Pakhi angrily shouts at her to shut up. Pakhi says she enjoyed the party and says she doesn’t need intoxication as she is full of excitement believes in the intoxication of love. Pakhi tries to attack her, but Samrat stops her.

DIG’s daughter praises Sai that she is an allrounder and shows her and Virat’s clicked pics. Karishma asks if she clicked family photos. Daughter shows it. Karishma asks her to forward them to her. Daughter says she will forward it to Sai and Sai will forward it in family group. Sai says she is removed from family group. DIG asks reason. Mohit says it was by mistake and readds Sai. Sai messages happy to be back in Chavan family and forwards photo, leaving Bhavani and her team frowning. Sai shows Virat their pics.

Barkha announces that Pakhi danced well, even Sai showed her talent well and left the stage for Pakhi, so according to her, today’s dance faceoff winner is Sai. Sonali provokes Bhavani that she knew Barkha would favor Sai. Bhavani asks her to stop. Barkha felicitates Sai. Sai touches her feet. Barkha says Sai’s dance had a magic and asks if she fell in Virat’s love. Sai shyingly nods yes. Barkha asks her not to delay to inform him about it or else it would be too late. She tries to leave. Bhavani thanks her for coming and rewards her with money and gift. Barkha thanks her while everyone clap. Bhavani says she wrongly praised Sai and it would be difficult to show Sai’s right place now. Barkha says she is always impartial, but feels more connected to Sai a lot. Bhavani asks to visit next year for sure. Barkha asks Virat to take care of Sai and not trouble her as she is her village girl and blesses them to be together always. Virat slumps. Sai holds her and takes him towards his room. He walks smiling at her. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein.. plays in the background.

Precap: Virat colors Sai. She draws a white veil around them.

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  1. What a shitt programme GHKKPM, dont understand what are you guys trying to convey the message, where samrat cant see his wife patralekha showing designs on virat, what a dumbass absolute shitt programme. Why dont you show about mohit and his wife and his parents.

  2. This series need help

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