Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai Is Hospitalized In Critical Condition

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karishma returns from Sai’s room and informs Chavan family that Sai is not in her room. Sonali asks where is she then. Karishma says its her holiday today, then where did she go. Samrat asks Virat if he knows where is Sai. Bhavani asks Karishma to ask Ashwini where is her dearest DIL. Sai is shown lying unconscious and injured in a pit. Ashwini cuts her finger while cooking and finds Sai’s note in which she writes that she is leaving Chavan Nivas and going to Gadchiroli where she feels close to Aaba, thanks Ashwini for her immense love, apologizes for her mistakes and going without informing her, etc. Ashwini cries vigorously and rushes to inform Virat.

A boy whose life Sai saves looks at Sai. His parents pamper him and pick him up. He gets down and looks at Sai again until they notice her. Ashwini gives Sai’s letter to Virat and informs Chavans that Sai left home forever. Virat angrily crimples letter. Chavans are shocked and Samrat asks when did she go. Ashwini says she told she is going to college. Omkar asks if Sai is pranking them again. Bhavani yells Sai always creates troubles. Sonali backs her. Pakhi realizes that Sai was repeatedly talking about tomorrow for the same reason. Ashwini cries that Sai was repeatedly telling that she found some way out, she didn’t know Sai meant this. Samrat asks Virat how didn’t he not realize Sai’s plan. Virat says since Sai came to this house, she was repeatedly saying she will leave this house, so he is not surprised even a bit and why Samrat thinks he should be bothered.

Boy’s parents plead for help. Sai’s friends reach there and notice her. They get her out of pit and rush in a cab towards hospital. Shivani checks Sai’s room and informs family that Sai’s bags and books are missing. Samrat asks Virat how can he be so careless and not understand Sai’s intentions. Virat says how will he know when she doesn’t open up wit him, she opened up with Devi instead and said its their secret. Devi says Sai told her not to reveal their secret, though she revealed it to Virat and requested him not to let Sai go, but he adamantly denied to stop her. Virat asks why should she when Sai herself wanted to go. Pakhi supports Virat and asks Samrat why he is questioning Virat when Sai is at mistake, she herself tried to convince Sai to attend pooja many times and Sai adamantly denied, she is following her elder bahu’s duty faithfully, etc. Samrat says maybe she didn’t try properly and Sai must not have liked her way, he never forced her to follow her elder bahu duties and wants her to do whatever she wants to willingly by heart. Pakhi says she is willing following her duties. Samrat says he observed that she favors a few elders and disrespects other, he wants to her to respect everyone equally. Ninad asks Samrat why is he blaming Pakhi for Sai’s decision, he is sure she must have gone to Pulkit’s house. Samrat says she must have not gone there. Ashwini says Sai wrote in a letter that she is going to Gadchiroli. Samrat says she must have gone to bus stop and asks Virat to get car out. Virat says he doesn’t want to go anywhere, its good she left, let her realize how difficult it is to live alone with dear one’s love, let her realize the value of family.

Pulkit reaches hospital and asks Sai’s friends about her. They say her condition is critical and she is being treated by Dr. Karmarkar. Pulkit says Sai is a brave girl and she will be fine. They say Sai’s cab driver told he was dropping her to bus stop with her bags, did Sai inform him about it. Pulkiit thinks Sai didn’t inform her, it means she didn’t inform even Chavan family. Back at Chavan house, Ashwini asks Virat why he is speaking bitter for Sai. Virat says he is tired of Sai’s stubbornness since a few days and took back her Aaba’s documents saying she will handle it from hereon, he let her do whatever she wanted to and didn’t get anything in return. Omkar yells that she was planning it since long and should have informed them at least. Bhavani yells next and asks who helped Sai pack her bags. Devi sasy she did. Virat tells Ashwini that this is Sai’s truth and she misused Devi. Devi says she helped Sai willingly as she was in pain. Samrat asks why didn’t she informed them. Devi says Sai took her promise and locked it with tara ram pam key and explains it. Pakhi tells Virat that she told him that there is something cooking between Sai and Devi. Devi says Sai had helped her once and today she helped Sai. Bhavani tells Samrat that he is supporting Sai since he returned home, Sai is not a kind person and helps others, truth is she is jealous of other’s happiness. Doctor’s operate Sai.

Precap: Samrat says he returned home because of Sai and will feel guilty if she doesn’t return home. Pakhi asks if he means their relationship depends on Sai’s return of he is insulting her. Samrat tells Virat they should search Sai, but Virat denies and says its good she left home. Virat asks if Pakhi is the reason behind his happiness.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I always told Pakhi and Virat ruined Smarat and Sai life, and its proven today😏😏😏😏
    2. Virat is so egoistic person that even for his mistakes he is blaming Sai😡😠😡😠
    3. Writers have made strong Sai as weekest person.. I just wish🤞🏻🤞🏻Sai have memory loss and never return to Chavan house..
    4. Virat said Sai will realise how difficult to stay without loved one’s: but truth is he will realise her value..😣😣
    5. Thank god, even after Pakhi drama: Smarat support Sai🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. Samrat wasted support to Sai will weaken the character. Important was to show how he unearths Pakhis intentions. Pakhis character is suddenly become most in frame, but she is given same repeated dialogues and stupid expression. I know Aishwarya is great actor but just not given script to play role. This is making every other characters very very weak on screen.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Currently, Pakhi and Virat are only in frame… Rest are side characters only…
      I suggest writers to do either of 2 things:-
      1. Make Virat-Pakhi pair, let Sai and Smarat live their lives and end their character..
      2. Make Virat-Pakhi die and let Sai and Smarat move on with some other better person…
      I wonder how this show is even at position 2🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    3. It can never be in position 2 the people that place it on 2 did partial the serial movie is too dull to be in 2. We have other interesting serial movie not this dull and boring movie.

  2. Samrat is the only one having brains.His character is so strong he can’t be manipulated…Shown as how an army man should be.But Virat is a brainless person who gets easily manipulated don’t know how he became an IPS…. Such an insult to an IPS personnel…JUST HATE HIM AND THE PAKHI THEY BOTH ARE SO IRRITATING…

  3. Now in the precap samrat is shown to be confronting virat about pakhi and that’s also is absolutely right but virat is rude to samrat………….whats wrong in that , can’t virat tell everyone including sai that he loves her ……………virat and samrat were about to almost love each other again but now also ……….and I was expecting the same reaction from everyone , seems like I am hearing the same stupid dialogues again and again………….today something different but as expected episode………………

    Virat and Sai will make a beautiful couple I was expecting but they have just spoiled the story , they could improve much more in the story rather than following kusum dola

    1. Now I don’t want sairat anymore.please makers should show something new rather than following kusumdola and introduce a new actor for sai who love and respect her and understand her value unlike that dumb spineless virat who thinks that keeping in his mental illiterate family he has done a biggest favour on sai

    2. Exactly,even I want the same to happen.virat doesn’t deserve sai at all.sai should just focus on her studies and shouldn’t turn back at virat.He was so full of arrogance in today’s episode so disgusting and also he was saying he gave everything to sai but didn’t get anything in return,how could he say all that to her.As shown in the upcoming he doesn’t even deserve to sign at the hospital permission form😡😒.He is totally manipulated by that Pakhi.😡😡.I feel soo bad for sai despite alll her efforts to keep his family happy they still didn’t understand her in this one year.

  4. I cant believe today virat behaviour..full of ego..please dont wear police will make all police feel embbarased with his attitude.

    He think who is he..he can do anything to sai because he give shelter to her pay her college fees he can hurt sai.please realise virat if her aaba doesnt save your life you are die.

    And pakhi she try take advantage to sairat problem.even virat doesnt love her anymore but the way virat keep silent when pakhi talk dirty about sai make viewers disgusting with neilwarya..thats why…

    And today i also feel same with virat such a disgusting hero.i just hope sai loss her memory and bring new man to her..arjit taneja or pearl v puri..more than handsome than virat🤭

  5. What really amazes me about this whole drama is how the characters are written, they just don’t even comes of as basic humans in any form🙄…Sai just can’t keep her judgments cohesive, virat is delusional, pakhi is a sociopath, the matriarch and her puppets don’t seem to exhibit a thing called human decency even in talking least pretend,🤦‍♀️ none of them point their exact problems in a cohesive manner but always end up making a whole new mess in and out of itself and everybody is dragged into it.😠

    Serious issues of internalized misogny, blatant woman hate, lacklustre depiction of woman, toxic relations, emotional abuse and symptoms of downright psychopathic behaviour have been brushed under the covers and repeated on loop everyday in the name of drama… I am at loss of words now🙄… better stop watching it, I guess🤡

    1. Every serial on Star plus shows women weak and victim. I miss serial like Mere Dad Dulhan…. Lovely concept actors n very planned ending. That’s creativity

      I was big sairat fan. But left it since a month now.

    2. This whole serial struggles in its writing not to mention the fact that the same crap is literally repeated over and over again, and none of the characters are even trying to reason the thing out..🤦‍♀️

  6. Virat doesn’t deserve to be the lead of the show. Please bring a new lead for Sai.
    What a crap you are showing

    1. Agree completely

  7. Infact Devi is more sensible and smart then the so called intelligent Virat and Sarpalekha

  8. Sairat Lover

    In some days Sai is going to say I love You to Virat. But Virat was really very rude today.

  9. A useless show
    Wastage of time
    Writers useless
    And total bakwaas

  10. I too liked Sairat pair a lot but recently I too felt that it would be better if makers could introduce a new ML for Sai. The makers can change the story line in such a way to unite those two cheap Pakhi and Virat and let the two use the space to promote their Roka . Sorry to talk about the personal life but the way they portray the role and their looks, it compelled to comment in that way.
    Fed up seeing Pakhi onscreen and hearing her voice.🐍🐍🐍🐍

    1. Pakhi is the makers favorite and hence this favor. The makers won’t change but continue to show sai in poor light. Personal life taking over real, a classic example

  11. Kill the 2 lusty lovers in the serial n bring some handsome n dashing hero for sai. We dont want to see both these over boiled potatoes dirty faces.

  12. I can’t believe Virat attitude today. Wow what a horrible role he plays.
    Of course it’s because he and that Gandhi paaki is in a real life relationship this show is falling apart.
    Why else would he allow her to insult Sai. Writers please get rid of both of them and bring a better ACP officer for Sai. He REPRESENTS how cruel some men can be. What is his plan to stay and wait in his room alone waiting for samrat’s disgusting wife to visit him? Of course. Because every damn night Gandhi paakhi found her way to Virat’s room. And they call Sai character less. What a joke.

    Please get rid both of them. Horrible actors.
    Neil and Aishwarya.

  13. Writers have systematically destroyed Virats and Sais role. When Samarats return was shown, felt this character is so strong but now even Sanrats character is beaten down. All this only to get more screen time and cover for Aishwarya singh
    Hence constantly said writers have no creativity. And producers are happy earning bucks through trp of prime slot. There was so much to cover. Samrat and Sai uncovering Harinis reality, the little princess being loved in family, Virat uncovering reality of Pulkits abduction and taking family to task. Mohit getting job in some important government office and empowering his role in all these investigations.

    But only garbage to show Aishwarya on screen so people hate Pakhi and they keep watching with hope that Sai will win. So stretch it to level and earn enough trps and money.

    Truly disappointing at creativity.

  14. At this point if Bhavan don’t trust samrat she’s blind a part from that I think pakhi she’s try too hard to show she’s in relationship with virat owkey relax we know ur with her everyday when there’s love moment between virat and sai u will see her post him. I have seen couple in the same drama but they are not act like her

    1. She is a SHAMELESS LUSTY CREATURE.Of late her looks very cheap.

      Today i read in google ie latest spoilers wherein it is mentioned that after Sai leaves thd house Lusty n cheap pakhi visits virats bathroom for her shower. It aeems virat is intimidated by her this act but she covers it by sayibg that hot water in her bathroom was not working so she came for her shower in his room. May be she must be wanting to seduce him n spent a lusty night with him since very soon her pregnancy track is going to come

  15. Ravinder kaur

    This week episodes were v disappointing..actually makers r focusing on personal Relationships of virat n pakhi..both have wrong intentions even blaming Sai.. virat is totally brainless stupid guy..ditching wife n brother..why did he went in coffee house with pakhi n spoiled his own relationship with Sai n both r spoiling the pious word FRIEND ..nothing has been exposed like fake letter,omkar blunder in college above all pulkit s kidnapping..what type of idiot ips officer Virat is.samrat is smart intelligent army officer understanding pakhis real motive..virat n pakhi must be out of show with good story line..virat forgot Sai fathers sacrifice n spoiled Sai life ..shameless disgusting person..

  16. Samrat already knows that Sai loves virat and he knows that virat told Sai not to expect anything from the marriage. Samrat should have a private chat with virat and tell him that Sai cannot come forward unless he is clear. And I agree at this point virat should tell whole family he loves Sai. Then see everyone’s faces. I just hope there is no memory loss because I don’t want to see any pitiful gestures from the chavans. Sai should not allow anyone to see her other than those who showed true affections. Virat should then explode and tell Sai she is arrogant, Infuriating, talks too much and misunderstood everything , but still he
    Loves her 🥰 and wants them to be husband and wife in every true sense of the word.

  17. Virat and Pakhi looks great together In appearance wise or in attitude wise Two headstrong ppl ruining the charm of the story
    Hate to see Palkhi n also virat in the frame
    They think high about themselves don’t know how long do we have to bear with Pakhi nonsense onscreen

  18. Virat and Pakhi looks great together In appearance wise or in attitude wise Two headstrong ppl ruining the charm of the story
    Hate to see Palkhi n also virat in the frame
    They think high about themselves don’t know how long do we have to bear with Pakhi nonsense onscreen

  19. Since these two actors are involved in real life it seems that their time on screen has increased and the storyline has taken a turn for the worst. Most ppl probably watch to see Sai and Virat’s love story but the writers have gone a different way we’ve seen more of Pakhi’s character with Sai or Virat than Virat and Sai. Missed the last 2 weeks…it’s just too much nonsense and its soo incredible slow!

  20. Serious issues of internalized misogny, blatant woman hate, lacklustre depiction of woman, toxic relations, emotional abuse and symptoms of downright psychopathic behaviour have been brushed under the covers and repeated on loop everyday in the name of drama… I am at loss of words now🙄… better stop watching it, I guess🤡
    Quoted from @ Sarah. This is the sum total of almost ALL Indian serials. Backwass on a loop.

  21. Hope this lusty snarling bitvh is also not involved with the production house to get more screen time with the brainless n spineless boiled potato.

    Both BBs r promoting their real life in reel life.

    1. Actually with makers help virat n pakhi are trying to show off their personal relation on screen that is making show totally flop can a man insult his wife and even married sister for his ex…whenever pakhi feel she enters sai’s bedroom n starts her stupid comments and virat stand quietly..he is afraid of pakhi and entertaining her after their ROKA but both look v cheap..throw them out..audience will stop watching this serial..

    2. Totally agree.. their behavior is very cheap . Lately their appearance on screen has become so unpleasant . Not interested to see-them at all nowadays.

  22. One more thing. She is always standing very close to him in all the scenes. We all should suggest to the makers that instead of making them standing cheaply n lustily next to each other samrat should drag both hot boiled potatoes in virats bedroom n lock them both for 3 to 4 days where they both can quench THEIR THIRST of each other. And makers should introduce an handsome tall hunk like Anuj fm Anupama for Sai n unite these 2 boiled poratoes

    1. If we are hating them and still watching the serial that means their plan is working. Makers care shit about what we think. They only want trp which they gaining through various means. Spoiler sites, news channels etc… Throw marketing money and earn trp in millions. So instead of reacting just stop watching .

      I too now think Neil and Aishwarya have diluted every other character in this serial. Amf honestly I see same dum expression and dialogues.

      Not a single character has any innovative role. Felt Shivanis character is different but she is just side board.

      What waste of prime time slot

    2. Absolutely right..instead of wasting time on comments stop watching show..trp will fall then makers may think to make show worth seeing..we are being made fool as we don’t want to see two cheap characters of virat and pakhi for their personal relations..makers bring something new and near to reality..

  23. Virat keeps harping on the fact that Sai doesnt understand him and cant see how he feels about her.

    But how can she when from the very beginning of marriage yhe made it very clear to him that his heart belongs to another and she is just his responsibility.

    Why would she then think otherwise? Sai did What every self respecting woman would do and protected herself bu not allowing herself to think otherwise.

    And what happened to his promise to pulpit rhat he wouldnt hurt sai last time she was in hospital.

    This show which showed so much promise at the beginning sorry to say has become sickening.

  24. Spineless / brainless/ ungrateful Virat in this last episode is telling Samrat what has Sai given him so far. Idiot dumbo hasnt she made “ALL LINE CLEAR” for him and his lusty n cheap SIL to rnjoy their day and night n promote their real free of charge in reel life. That blo*dy b*t*h should be kicked out of the serial. The cheap looks that she gives.

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