Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s Evil Plan

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashwini feeds gujiya sweets to Virat. Sai notices standing a distance. Sunny signals thumbs up at Sai. Sunny walks to her and says her plan worked. Sai feels sad that Virat didn’t even smiled at her. Sunny says he has a plan, gives her bhang packet and says tilll fulfill her wish. She feels happy happy and asks him to give it to Virat. Sunny says Virat will not take it from him as he knows that he mixes bhang in Virat’s thandai/milk every year. Sai walks in to kitchen and mixes bhang in gujiya. She then takes gujiya to Ashwini. Ashwini says she is still angry on her, but they way she defended Virat made her holi happy. Mansi backs her. Sai asks her to serve gujiya to Virat to celebrate then. Ashwini hesitates, but agrees on Mansi’s insistence. Sai returns to Sunny. Sunny says only she can do it. Sai says everything is fair in love and war. Suny feels excited thinking Sai loves Virat.

Ashwiini offers gujiya to Bhavani. Sai stops Bhavani and says it has lots fo calories. Bhavani says its okay during festival. Sai says she prepared it and love between then will increase if she eats it. Bhavani angrily returns gujiya plate to Sai. Ashwini tells Bhavani that she is very happy seeing Virat celebrating holi with them. Bhavani says even she is happy and orders her to prepare carolieless sweets tomorrow. Virat tastes gujiya cook made and says its different than aayi’s prepared gujiya. Sai offers him gujiya and thinks Sunny’s bhang didn’t work.

Pakhi searches Virat. Samrat walks behind her and tries to apply color on her when she asks if he saw Virat as he is not seen after press conference and asks not to praise Sai like others for clearing allegations on Virat via press conference as she is the one who created the problem. He says she is right and asks how can Sai be more important than her and Virat in his life, she is his wife and he means they are a team and he warned Sai to stay away from Virat. She says they need to act. He says he saw Sai serving sweets to Virat. She thinks how can Virat change suddenly. He says the way Sai cleared Virat’s name via press conference, its commendable. She warns him not to praise Sai and says Sai’s magic is working on Virat. Mohit informs Samrat that press wants a family photo. Pakhi walks along him. Samrat stands disappointed failing to apply holi to her.

Pakhi walks towards cooking corner and gets jealous seeing Sai serving gujiya to Virat and laughing with him. Sunny joins them and offers bhang mixed Virat. Virat gets intoxicated due to bhang effect. Sonali and Karishma notice Pakhhi and taunt her. Pakhi vents out her frustration on gujiya and thinks of destroying Sai’s reputation. She orders cook to bring thandai and thinks Sai hurts Virat always trying to prove herself great, but she will not let her do that anymore. She takes out bhang packet.

Senior Chavans search Virat. Pakhi says he is right in front of them enjoying holi with Sai. Bhavani fumes on Sai. Ashwini stops her and says whatever the reason is, she is happy seeing her son happy today. Sai and Virat continue laughing. Pakhi mixes bhang in a thandai glass and keeping a tissue paper under it tells waiter its for someone special. Devi takes gujiya plate from Sai. Sai says its specially for Virat. Devi returns gujiya. Virat says Sai stops everyone like this, even him. Pulkit joins them and greets happy holi to everyone. Sai signals him, and he wishes happy anniversary to Devi. Devi hugs and wishes him happy anniversary. She thanks Sai for getting her and Pulkit married. Pulkit tries to feed her. Virat snatches and eats that sweet. Sunny says he is very intoxicated.

Pakhi walks to them and informs that Bhavani is calling them for a family photo. Pakhi walks to them next and serves thandai to everyone. Devi asks why is she acting as her friend today. Virat says Pakhi is everyone’s friend. Devi accepts thandai on Pulkit’s request. Pakhi then serves bhang mixed thandai to Sai. Sai doubts if she mixed bhang in it. Pakhi says she brought thandai for everyone, so she should give too much importance to herself. Sai sneezes and apologizes her. Virat asks one more glass. Pakhi turns towards him. Sai finishes thandai. Pakhi grins and thinks now Sai’s drama will start.

Precap: Pakhi tries to take Virat from stage.
Sai stops him and insists to play holi with him. Pakhi and Samrat take him away.
Sai thinks she will see how will they stop her from playing holi with Virat.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Instad of MBBS, Sai should build a temple for virat…atleast this bhakti can be salvaged in that way…and is virat a stoner???🥴

    Why the hell is nobody in this house working??? Like how are they able to put up such lavish functions???🤡

    Why is pakhi even in the frame??? Virat’s ego and the useless familly taunts weren’t enough already..☻.

    This show has literally everything, emotional manipulation, romanticization of abuse, emotional infedility, blatant woman hate, pathetic underdeveloped circus of characters carried by just the most uninterested actors on this planet and yes misogny….godamn the way this circus is treated as a romantic drama…like just why????🎃

  2. More than Pakhi I’m disgusted with Samrat
    What is wrong with that man
    Can’t he see what his wife his doing
    Previously I felt pity on Samrat that he’s stuck with Pakhi but now I feel he really deserves Pakhi
    Such a dumb person he is
    I badly want someone to show him the mirror
    And that someone should be either Sai or Sunny
    I wish Ashwini and Ninad start supporting Sai again
    The makers of this show did a commendable job👏👏
    Like seriously felicitating and praising a person who cheated his country supporting the terrorist
    Wowww…..just wowww👏👏
    I want to salute the makers for giving us this utter rubbish show
    Few episodes were good and the show is back to it’s originality i.e total crap

  3. Due to their personal relationship, the show is not able to progress and when the viewers point out the same, the actors act innocent and question
    “Humne pyaar karke kya galti ki hain?”

  4. All rubbish, doesn’t look nice to comment again n again but neil n ashvrya spoiled the show how makers are presenting samrat, totally spineless n idiot ignoring his wife’s bad intentions for his brother, how a husband can tolerate such behavior of his wife,neil n ashvrya should leave the show ,makers r focusing only on these 2 idiots, virat is rewarded for helping terrorists, how he is showing attitude to Sai,makers r idiots n psychos, dy know only taunting n unfaithfulness, how pakhi is mad after her BIL n samrat has been made dumb.even elders r supporting shameless pakhi,Sai should move out of this psychos family n ba a successful doctor,kick that selfish virat out of life.

    1. I can’t wait for pakhi embarrassing whole chavan family, so annoying we know they are couple. They know people will be fan of Neil and ayesha couple and pakhi will be in bad spotlight,they want to save pakhi from it,I know she wish she had chance to be sai so they can show off their love but too late pakhi she’s jealousy of how fan like sai.I have notice it.

  5. I think maybe because first time family didn’t trust samrat &sai about pakhi evil plan they want her to be exposed by herself , but I think one day she will try to sleep with virat, anyway if this story was going toward it could one of the most hit drama but no I don’t understand Big actors&actress they even shooting with their x and story Going forward. this is problem of couple meet on set and they are not professional they are insecure. Pls remove both, they got a chance to show talent but busy with showing as a couple don’t come for me because they relation ship ruin the drama, Neil is talented but now he’s so annoying be professional

    1. Absolutely correct, neil n ashvrya must leave the show ,ashvrya is v insecure she will not allow neil to go near Sai, being professional dy should keep their personal life aside,ashvrya is spoiling Neil’s performance too,neil becomes conscious when dy share screen,it’s clear from his expressions, he becomes totally dumb,they have spoiled samrats performance too,he is being presented as a spineless husband and he knows his wife is wrong. Neil aur ashvrya ko bahr kro.

  6. I feel ill sometimes witnessing this pathetic and violent theme..I used to watch it months back with my grandma..back then it something no less than battle ground but now it has turned traumatical…I generally don’t say bad about any show be coz I used to be in fandom of a show which has now go off..I believe that it’s okay not to watch or like but spreading negativity is not the solution..I understand that fact of actor working hard and everything is totally fine…on the same hand itv should feel lill bit that shows are sometimes..sorry most of times watched in dining in front of whole family coming up with such a voilent and regressive concept has affects on ground level..and can spoil society by giving them wrong msg..issues are everywhere that doesn’t mean you will make it such traumatising..people watch television to get lighter…plz why you even call it prime time..coz people return from their work and sit in front of TV for RELAXMENT! !! For God shake!! I m pretty sure no want wants to get more trumatize instead of feeling lighter..Audience has literally ripped apart their choices hence these show a even running and whts more funny that it’s among the trp topper!! Slowclaps..No one is bothered about how such things are effecting society in worst way..children to watch it sometimes with family even they can get’s not about women empowerment plz stop making the core meaning as joke..I really wanted to speak coz suddenly I came across it and gave a read to spoilers and written updates heading..I read a couple of them..and then finally I decided to speak..I m not trolling or spreading negativity..I apologise if somehow I meant that..I just meant to say that instead of trolling any particular character or person we should really need to check and balance on what we are unknowingly supporting..they are brilliant actor they can come up with something good..or even more than that..but shows/concept which really can impact negativitily should be taken out..and people should really come that even itv can come out from the title of showing melodramas..though itv has some amazing concept shows but in the run of trp stands beneath..we should really throw a lime light on those and try in bring in the change..

  7. Ya’ll it’s not even the characters, at the end of the day it’s the production houses and the writers spouting out absolute 💩 they are just showing they don’t have a clue what to do cause they were forced to cut the Shruti arc short. Just don’t give them TRPs and maybe they’ll stop showing all these egoistic emotionally disabled Chavans. Sai was a good character, they are ruining her to make that cockroach Virat more likeable. Please watch Meet, that show needs more love (as long as they don’t do stupid separation tracks)

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