Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Envious Pakhi Plans To Take Revenge On Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai on stage tells Virat that she wants to tell him something in front of the whole world. Devi excitedly thinks Sai wants to say I love you to Viru. Sai says I am really proud of you and salutes him. Whole Chavan family and others present there also salute Virat and clap for him. Virat walks down the stage. Bhavani tells Sai that she does things without informing them and calld DIG and media here. Sai says a few things have to be done uniformed. Omkar and Sonali yell at her. Ninad thanks DIG for giving such a big gift to Chavan family. DIG says it was Sai’s idea.

DIG’s daughter says she felt really good meeting him and he is very lucky to get Sai as his wife, she really admires Sai for her daring behavior and saw it today. She tells Sai that she is really a hero who proved it practically today and she wants to be just like Sai. Sai says she should be herself as each person is different and suggests her to always tell truth fearlessly. She gifts a SAIRAT bracelet to Sai. Pakhi gets jealous seeing that. Pakhi taunts if Virat will like it. Virat angrily looks at Sai. DIG’s daughter asks if he didn’t like it. Sai asks her to put it in her wrist. DIG’s daughter fixes braclet in Sai’s hand and says her bangles look so pretty. Sai says her husband gifted them. DIG’s daughter says lets play holi and asks if she can play holi with them. Sai agrees. She applies color on Sai’s cheek. Sai protects the one with Virat’s color. DIg’s daughter asks Virat and sai to apply color to each other.

Sai closes her eyes waiting for Virat to apply color on her. Pakhi thinks Sai is habituated to hurt Virat, but she will not let her do that again. Virat moves away, leaving Sai disappointed. Everyone walks away to play holi. Pakhi jealously looks at Sai. Karishma taunts Virat left Sai disappointed, Pakhi must be happy seeing that. Sai smiles looking at bracelet and thinks whether Virat colors her or not, she is already colored in his love.

Ninad gets a call from his Sangli relative Sachin who informs that his father is ill. Ninad asks him not to worry as he will reach there soon. He informs the family about it. Bhavani says he cannot go leaving the celebration midway. Ashwini says they need to support their dear ones in need. Ninad says he needs to go and help Sachin and Sri kaka in hope that Virat forgives him seeing his good deed. Sunny makers Virat change his dress and jokes that he is blushing remembering Sai. Virat continues showing his anger.

DIG’s daughter call Sai to play holi with Virat. Sai says she is already colored in Virat’s color as he already applied color to her. Pakhi hearing that taunts Sai to stop her dual-faced behavior and lies as Virat will never apply color to her in this situation. Sai says she already colored Virat’s cheek while is asleep and colored her cheek with it. Pakhi stands jealous, remembers last year’s holi, and thinks of taking revenge form Sai. Sunny tells Virat that Sai made all the arrangements and gave a surprise to them all. Virat warns him to stop praising Sai. Sunny offers him bhang mixed milk. Virat says he knows what is in it. Virat says then he purposefully drinks it and reminds his last holi celebration with Sai after having this drink. Virat scolds him to not scratch his wounds by reminding his bitter memories. Ashwini offers gujiya to Sai and says she is happy that all the allegations against him are cleared. Virat angrily looks at her. She requests him to have 1 gujiya at least and feeds him. He bites gujiya. She feels happy. Sunny signals thumbs up to Sai. Sai looks at Virat and Ashwini smilingly.

Precap:- Pakhi gets jealous seeing Sai and Virat talking and laughing together in an inebriated state and taking out some packet thinks she will not let Sai hurt Virat again.

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  1. Virakhi ko ek kardo yaar woh dono real life mein bhi ek couple hain

  2. Too much of everything..:: virat ka bhav bhi aur sayi ka try bhi … pakhi ki jealousy aur family members ka overacting bhi… just too much

  3. Someone please give Samrat his lost sense and brain back
    He is the only one who can control Pakhi at least a little as Pakhi needs to be in his good books to stay in that house
    Just to glorify Virat and Pakhi, the makers made Sai ablanaari and Samrat dumb
    Please don’t destroy Sai’s character more
    She was a fighter and she should always be fighter, very different from other female leads

  4. Due to neil n ashvrya makers have spoiled characters of samrat n sai ,makers mixing ashvrya n neil personal relations with story so dy r sidlineing Sai n samrat y neil is showing such an attitude to Sai ,poor samrat has been made totally dumb ignoring his wife’s obsession towards virat ,all chavans r made idiots to make ashvrya n neil close ,Sai n samrat should be made strong, both of them should kick out their unfaithful partners move,audience will never want shameless pakhi to win.

    1. I dont blo*dy understand as to how you call Virat an unfaithful partner? You want to call him a shitty husband or a bad human, go ahead. But why unfaithful? He has never cheating on Sai to this day. Better gets ypur facts correct.

  5. I look at Aryan, Meet, even to some extent that Ranbir guy in Naagin they have physique and then we have this cockroach Virat… most unappealing, undesirable, egoistic, traitorous male lead and this 💩show is some how #2 someone please explain what kinda black magic this is

    1. The only male leads with Spines are leads from SSP’s show
      Be it Meet,Sameer, Anirudh ,Randhir, Uday etc
      And most toxic and Shitty male leads are this Virat Chavan and Fateh Singh Virk
      I mean how can they be such Characterless people.
      And the fans who adore this Stupids have serious mental issues
      Udaariyan and GHKKPM has became the Most Toxic Shows of ITV

  6. I think sayi Will never het virat to love her again neither Will pakhi eventualy he Will choose somebody quite different maybe dig his daughter of somebody who is not on the show yet

  7. This kind of grtting annoying now.No development since so many episodes have passed. can we please concentrate on the main jodi and stop the love triangle crap.

  8. bijaye tokhai

    samrat namarad hain.he is useless ,should be written off.he can go in exile like before.

  9. So pakhi want to poison sai, why pakhi intention still not exposed in the family

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