Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Pulkit Questions Chavan Family And Virat

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani standing outside OT says Virat doubted Ajinkya when he first came to meet Sai. Mohit confronts her and asks how can they doubt Sai, Sai is clear hearted and they should stop wrongly alleging her. Sonali scolds him to stop supporting Sai. Bhavani says Sai blackmailed them lying about her fake accident and called them to her college function, now she met with an accident and karma. Ashwini asks her to show some humanity at least and stop alleging Sai. Virat reminisces Sai telling that she and Ajinkya are only friends and if he thinks she is characterless. He feels guilty that Sai’s condition is because of him and hopes Sai doesn’t leave him. He repeats its his mistake. Ashwini says if he is realizing his mistake now, if he had realized it earlier, Sai’s life wouldn’t have been critical. Pakhi asks her to stop alleging Virat as he is already in guilt and tells Virat that she shouldn’t have sent Ajinkya in Sai’s room, but she didn’t know Ajinkya’s wrong intentions. Shivani says their thinking is not that cheap that they question a boy and a girl’s normal friendship. Mansi asks her to calm down seeing Ashwini’s condition. Mohit asks why should Shivani be quiet, he cannot expect gratitude from other family members. He asks Virat how can he doubt Sai and he mentally harassers Sai repeatedly because Sai doesn’t have parents and if they were alive, they would have questioned Virat. Sonali scolds him to stop alleging family. Mohit says is also his family, his sister and he will support his sister as he condition is because of Virat else and he will not spare Virat if something happens to Sai. Virat asks him allege him as he himself feels guilty, but say that Sai would be fine soon. Mansi asks what is the use now when Sai is in critical condition.

Sai’s operation finishes and doctor comes out. Virat asks if Sai is fine now. Doctor says operation was successful, but Sai needs to be in ICU and her condition is still critical. Virat requests to let him see Sai. Doctor permits him to see Sai via glass window. He watches Sai, remembers the incident, cries that Sai’s condition is because of him, and prays god to cure Sai soon. Pulkit reaches hospital. Bhavani yells why did he come here, who informed him. Mansi says she did as Pulkit is their damad and Sai’s professor. Ashwini says she did right. Pulkit says he is not only Sai’s professor but also her jija and he is sure someone among them is responsible for Sai’s accident. Omkar shouts at him how can he allege them as Sai met with an accident on road. Pulkit says whatever it its, someone provoked Sai and made her get out of house. He asks if someone will say what exactly happened. Moht informs that Virat fought with Sai and said something that Sai went out of house and met with an accident. Pulkit asks Virat what did he say. Mohit explains about Ajinkya’s visit and Virat doubting Sai and Ajinkya. Pulkit asks how can Virat have such a low thinking, what is wrong if a boy hearing about his friend’s illness visits her, how can Virat doubt his wife. Virat says he accepts his mistake and his anger is valid, but being a big doctor, he should check Sai as doctor said her condition is very critical. Pulkit asks if he should treat Sai so that Virat can mentally harass her; he warns that if something happens to Sai, he will send Virat to jail even if he is a big police officer.

Ashwini pleads Pulkit to treat Sai. Virat requests Pulkit to let him meet Sai for 2 minutes. Pulkit says he will not being a doctor as Sai’s condition may worsen seeing him remembering his bitter words. Virat cries that if something happens to Sai he will not forgive himself and hits himself. Mohit and Ninad hold him. Pulkit enters Sai’s ICU room, tells doctor that Sai is a family to him, and asks about her condition. Doctor says Sai’s condition is very critical and she may go into coma. Bhavani yells that Sai lied last time and called fake police, but this time Pulkit will real police and send them to jail. Omkar says Virat will go to jail and not her. Ninad says even Virat will not go to jail as its not his mistake. Ashwini says they are too selfish and not bothered about Sai’s life. Mansi asks them all to calm down. Constable informs Virat that car which made accident is caught. Pulkit prays god to do some miracle and save Sai, remembering doctor’s words that Sai may go into coma or die if she doesn’t get conscious in 1 hour. Sai’s vital signs differ.

Precap: Pulkit tells Sai that Virat or anyone doesn’t have right to control her life. Sai says she deeply hurt with Virat’s words. He asks her to meet Virat for 2 minutes. She says she doesn’t want to see Virat’s face again.

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  1. It was emotional…felt bad for Virat….but at the end…he is somewhere responsible for this scenario…he should be punished by Sai for his deeds….that Bhavani Kaku is still such a heartless lady…even in Hospital she curses Sai..god give her some sense. Hope they don’t drag much and things get back to normal for Sairat.

    1. If sai truly loves her self respect then she should not go to chavan niwas and she should end her relationship with virat then he will understand his foolishness and may be then that spineless ips can get some brain

  2. T.H

    Bhavani and her puppets are still not bothered about Sai at all. After all these happened to her they are just thinking what will happen to THEMSELVES? How selfish one could be. If they don’t care for Sai a bit then what was the need for them to come to the hospital? Let Sai come out, they will start their allegations again. And Pakhi the MATURED PERSON will definitely try to save Virat. Virat didn’t say a single word to her when the root of all these is Pakhi herself. She is now acting like “Ooo I didn’t know Ajinkya came with such wrong intention”. Seriously!
    One more thing, I thought Mansi will for sure bring Pakhi to her limit. But she doesn’t do anything except shutting Shivani’s mouth or trying to calm down situations of fights and arguments. Shivani, Mohit and Ashwini are the best. Specially Shivani, who doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone. Be it be her own brother or bhabi.

    1. I love Shivani’s Bindaas attitude. The actress is too cute

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Mohit and Pulkit finally made Virat Guilty👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    2. Omi, Sonali and Bhavani are so selfish that they still about themselves🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    3. Saying anything to Pakhi is waste of words totally🤬😠😡🤬😠😡🤬😠😡
    4. Pulkit was so angry today that if he had proof, he would have sent Virat jail that time only😡😠
    5. I was laughing😁😁Virat drama to meet Sai..
    6. Hopefully🤞🏻🤞🏻Tomorrow our old Sai will be back..

  4. Kudos to Neil Sir!!! He nailed it…. I was able to see pain, guilty and his fear of losing Sai in his eyes.
    It was heartbreaking to see Virat crying like a kid (Eventhough Virat is responsible for Sai’s condition) also he said “meri Sai” making Pakhi jealous.
    All this happened in the heat of the moment Virat has fallen in love with Sai and this is why he is soooo jealous and shouted at her thinking he might lose her. Root cause of this nasty problem is PATRALEKHA SALUNKHE. Hope Ninad clears everything and Sairat will reunite…

    1. I don’t give a toss about them. I started watching it because of Sai then Ashwini, Shivani and Mohit grew on me. Virat is a jerk. Sai deserves much better. I want Sai to go her own way, away from Chavans. And, Samrat to come back and story continuing as two stories with Sai coming into contact with Chavans as doctor only and strictly in her professional capacity.

    2. Yes True, Virat loves too much and got jealous blindly. And also in love he should not lose trust ! He should not think too much about her friends when she had said clearly about her friendships.
      I love to see Sai and Virat reunite and have good lives. I know Sai loves Virat and hurt by his misbehavior. Hoping someone stops them to get separated ! I am not getting why is this Pakhi not understanding even after her marriage ! She should get move on with Samart and live happily.
      Hope everything will be good at the end !

  5. Honestly telling,I don’t like neil’s acting at all..he do a lot of over reacting …😂😂i can’t understand how he got lead role in this serial..

    1. SaiRat adorable

      Neil ka acting pehle natural tha.Kuch dino se uska acting kuch jaada hi kharab lag raha hai.Aur to aur GHKKPM ka director MHRW mei kaam kar raha hai.To GHKKPM bina director ke chal raha hai.

    2. I totally agree with you he never transmitted anything to me with his terrible acting I only see the series x sai

    3. Thank you I thought I alone felt so….he’s isn’t a horrible actor like his fiancee but when it comes to anger and sorrow I always find he overacts while everyone praises him I don’t see it….but in every other light-hearted scene with Sai he does good…his acting is just average to me….that’s just me

    4. Finally someone said it

    5. Agreed I also don’t like his acting at all..he totally fails in expressing his emotions..

    6. I have the same opinion…as an audience i don’t like his acting…it cant connect.

  6. @ sairat adorable
    Is it true GHKKPM ke director MHRW me kaam kr rahe hai….. Isliye MHRW me itne aache romentic scane dekhne k mil rahe hai or unke leads pr focus ho raha hai…. Naki 3rd angle pr…. Like GHKKPM
    MHRW me sari creativity leads pr focus hoti hai vamp pr nhi…..

    1. Sarpalekha is characterless

      No wonder ghkkpm ka woh pehla charm chalagaya . MHRW is really good . Now in Ghkkppm only vamp ke liye screentime aur saara dilogues likh rahe hai aur main leads ke dilouge kam hogaya

    2. SaiRat adorable

      Yes GHKKPM director Mhrw mei kam kar raha hai.That’s why kuch dino se GHKKPM camera angle and editing bohat kharab hota ja raha hai.

  7. I don’t give a toss about them. I started watching it because of Sai then Ashwini, Shivani and Mohit grew on me. Virat is a jerk. Sai deserves much better. I want Sai to go her own way, away from Chavans. And, Samrat to come back and story continuing as two stories with Sai coming into contact with Chavans as doctor only and strictly in her professional capacity.

  8. So pakhi aunty is saved…In KD it was showed much better…nw in this its waste.. always saving pakhi and puppets and virat being the dumbest officer…its much better to end this and give ayesha aka sai a much better role.

  9. Sai carries the show. Her acting skills are spot on. Viral cannot act. He over acts- very bad for a lead actor.I just don’t understand the rest of the characters.They are like rabid dogs attacking Sai all the time.Most irritating!!

  10. Today episode just nice.big clap to mohit..i love the way he took stand for sai.pulkit also.whatever it is sai will back to chavan niwas base on serial kusum dola..i hope virat realise his mistake..and regret.

  11. Virat has trust issues with Sai becoz in the name of friendship the actual relation btwn him and Pakhi. Only a cheat would behave like Virat did. He trust Pakhi and her lies more than anyone’s truth. He does not deserve Sai. Pakhi kalu sonali and Omkar are not fit to be humans. Hats of to Mohit for taking a stand for Sai

  12. So truee what you all said. Virat’s acting was very bad. could not relate to his emotions. normally we also feel bad when we see the actors emoting in sorrow but here it was not so. Was totally taken aback, not a single soul confronted that shameless pakhi. Not even this dumbo ips officer, only one stare is what he gave her. Pakhi i believe is having a strong hold over the makers and is ensuring that no one gets a dialogue to confront her. i sincerely hope and requests the makers to remove and bring some other actress in her place who can justify the role.

    1. dear we are not telling his acting is bad we told that he is over acting and i feel this is due to lack of director . well talking about that emotion and sorrow i did’t even feel a pinch of it . rather then that while seeing it i was irritated . like emotion are different and and doing overacting of emotion is different . just youtube the dialouge of priyanka chopda of bajirao mastani when she say “aap humse hamari zindagi mag lete,hum aapko khushi khushi de dete, per aapne to humse hamara gurror hi cheen liya” and see the acting and impact that create . and search other coping that dialouge and see the difference you will understand what are we trying to say..

  13. like this they are straching the episode aur acting ki to baat hi na karo kya hai ye sab paakhi is getting on my nerves virat is like dumb fold and his over acting is making me disgust that kaku and her spoons are tooo ahhhh i feel like i will burn them all i don’t know why the writter is forcing sai to live in chawan nivas as per her character she should be leaving till now. like all type on mental harressment and tount are done and even that ex lover is bother for no reason like live that family i really think that friend of sai ajinkya should not be shown this weak i think now he should be shown taking away sai from virat and helping as a true friend . and leaving virat in mentally harassed condition of losing sai forever.

  14. I don’t watch this serial much except when the chemistry of Sairat is shown as they make great on screen chemistry. Since inception, this serial has shown retired army officer and ips officer in useless roles. Characters of kaku , ashwini , sai are played well. Rest everyeones talent is just wasted.

    Would be great to see better shades for each character which gives them chance to show skills. Currently rest all are dependent on hatred dialogue.

    I wish serials like mera dad ki dulhan are made more rather than such rubbish

  15. Mohit was damm good today…i could feel his concern on sai..
    He expressed his emotion perfectly …loved him today than virat

  16. As you all say even I felt some weak points in virat’s acting during emotional scenes. He could have done better . I was expecting more than this. When virat was shot during the mission and in the hospital Sai did brilliant acting and even her dialogue delivery was brilliant. When she was crying outside the OT she was just amazing and even I had tears while watching her, But today when virat was crying i really didn’t feel bad for him.( to say the truth i was laughing LOL) . I am not criticising anyone. And also I really can’t understand why is pakhi not blamed? She is the one who created all this. Why can’t someone give virat a reality check so that he understands pakhi is at fault.

  17. Imagine high profile P.O Virat Chauvan cannot control his anger in a situation and is slow to react, how does he do his job? why does he keep asking Sai to answer his question when she actually is but he never listens? Maybe if incidents happen with Pakhi he will show more emotions.
    Love Mohit, Ashwini and Shivani. Don’t see why someone always shushing Mohit and Shivani? They are adults and can speak, they’re a joint family, rite? Glad he spoke above all for Sai.
    As someone said Mansi was said to be keeping her d.i.l in line but she keeps supporting her also and yes I do beleive Aishwarya is making sure, with producers that her character is on top and no one can go against her.
    Sai should move out and live either at hostel or Pulkit and Devi, do not see or speak with Virat until she finishes college and becomes a doctor, let’s see if bhabi will make it to his bed on screen as she is off screen.
    Aishwarya / Pakhi sure has over active hormones🤭

    1. Very well said

    2. Aishwarya has more followers than ayesha

  18. Thks octobergirl u nailed it like Sais brilliant acting. The last sentence in your 2nd last para said everything. If i say anything some of them do not like my comments n use foul language.

    Thks once again.

    1. "…………………..

      @S, I totally agree with you… there r few who thinks they r mahal n only few of us after that cheap paki.
      I think not only virat , I think cameraman also adore that paki jealousy, that’s why they are showing that cranky face in each and every frame. DISGUSTING .

  19. DUE TO Shameless lady pakhi and three puppets kaku,nina Omar is happened to sai.
    No symthize by pakhi after accident due to her that is why pakhi should be removed or terminate from the serial

  20. @S I know what you mean, we cant help but speak out on that ugly shameless person, she really need to be stopped as she is a disgrace to all women.
    I am now thinking or more hoping that Ninad will bring about some changes in the haters. I say let Mohit deal with Pakhi, only him seem to have some balls!!!🤣

  21. Surprised! How could Pakhi can get away with anything?

  22. I can’t wait for the day patralekha embarrassed chavan family🤣🤣🤣🤣 they will realise they mistake

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